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my new games+old (ranks)

i got new games i got gta iv,sonic nextgen,juiced 2 i love all the games and i will give to my games rank on the blog:

gta iv -10(love this game)

halo 3 -10(this first shooter game is perfect)

sonic nextgen -7.3 (sonic adventure 2 was better and not a lot of problems)

juiced 2 -8.5 (great game better then nfs carboon and pro street only no police ]= )

gears of wars 1 -8.0 (very nice game third person shooter game)

pgr4 -6.7 (lame game and lame multiplayer mode only good graphics)

Daniel662 video games blog

i got today new game for my xbox360 the best online game i ever played(yet) i got halo 3 [; (im a big fan of halo games i got all of them) soon sonic unleashed gon'e get out and i will get it too,check my channel on youtube click here

rate my videos and subscribe if you want(i will be glad to get some)