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Support on Youtube

Lol ive been gone for a good year.. :) If u guys have a youtube account could u find me? My utube name is kildazombies9 and i post cod vids weekly.If u could support that be great. Also, if u have a ps3 and a mic i be glad to add u!! :D Thanks for the support!!!

Der Riese is out for the iphone Ipod touch!!

i made a video on this map and if u guys want to watch it go to youtube and type in Kildazombies9 and search for the one with cod Der Riese. If u want to co op then just pm me and we can play. :D This is for the ipod touch iphone!!

ola 2009

here come a new beginning and some fireworks! :lol: hope every had a good year!!

Here We Go!!

Here come the new year which is a new beginning and to wash away all the guilts that you had this year. i hope everyone had a great time during Christmas because i did. :) Finally hope everyone had a good end of the year!! :D

new game

Man i can't believe that winter break is almost over but i had a good one. First to kick off i got the new super mario bros. wii and it was sorta easy so im at world 8. ;) then i got to watch avatar 3-D and it was uncomfortable. if you watched a 3-D movie for too long the eyes feel weird. And then i ate toomuch popcorn so i was not really focused on the movie. I PAID 55.00 BUCKS JUST TO HAVE A BAD STOMACH WHILE MY BROTHER DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY AND LOVED THE MOVIE!!! :evil: IT GOT WORSE WHEN I CAME BACK.. I threw up. ugggh~~~ well besides that i went on facebook and folled around. hopefully you had a good winter break.


I can't wait to eat turkeys i addicted to them and im going to church to eat how many of you eat turfey?


How many of you have facebook? if you do.... i need friends so can you find me? find dan hsiao and i have a naruto picture which is he holding a kuniai and is smiling. Naruto is in his grown up form.

Bye Bye Halloween!

Halloween is gane and here comes turkeys. Also how many candies did any of you guys recieve? Which were your favorite? Mine were butterfinger and sweets tarts. I'm kind of hyterded these days due to the candy.

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