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Blog Moving to Tvrage.com

Well after 6 years of idiotic decisions this site continues to amaze me. If you pay attention to the main page tv.com is disabling blogs. According to them blogs are the least used function here so screw it lets cancel blogs. Starting next month you can find my blogs and a lot of me at tvrage. I have been a member of that site as long as here and now I have a reason to frequent it more. Hope to see you guys over there in the future thanks for posting on my blogs it's been great.

Self Improvement ftw pt9!/Tv and me the summer/New Liquor

Hello all don't know about you but it's hot as hell here in Texas. We're pushing 100 degree days here and I wish it was winter :( Well anyway it's the monthly report of my progress or lack there of though life so for the month of June here we go.

Self Improvement ftw pt9!

Out with the old.....


and in with the new


and this is what I had to do to get it


One side kick, one turn around kick, and one punch. My knuckle on my middle finger still hurts when I press it. One day I'll get into Iron Palm conditioning to tough up my hands.

Tv and Me the Summer

As we cook at least now a days we have more than reality tv to watch here's my non rerun line up.


spoke too soon last blog I still have one reason to watch syfy. Warehouse 13 is a fun little show despite it's a typical monster of the week format I still enjoy it and Mika in her jeans.........


Now in it's second season I like it really don't get all the hate. They said it was too bubblegum so they killed a favorite character and now they're whining about the writing I just don't know.


Last but not least down but not out Andrew will be back. What can I say American locales are good for the occasional show but a whole season is a bit much. I however like Andrew so will follow him anywhere can't wait for July and the new season.

New Liquor


Well it's not god awful but it's not great either. Now I know better than to get a huge bottle of liquor for less than 15 bucks but curiosity over came me and I gave it a shot. It's passable I can drink it but really need to get back to JW black.

On a parting note got my CCW this week hope to have more on that next month. So as long as me and the other gun owners can keep Obama at bay should be able to enjoy my new gun rights into the future. Okay folks till next month stay safe and be well.

Self Improvement ftwpt8!/Level 45!/Tv and me the departed/New daysfordanharr?pt2

Okay guys back again closing out the month of May hope all is going good for you all. Hope you're keeping your eyes on the news and the markets nothing is as it seems.......Moving on from cryptic conspiracy laden statements a little happened as I move toward August and zero hour. Lets talk about a few things shall we.

Self Improvement for the win pt8!

Just when I thought I wasn't going anywhere in Jiu Jitsu I got a nice surprise


I got my third stripe and since then have been taking the advanced classes. Yes before anyone ask I committed the martial arts sin of washing my belt. Since you keep the same belt for so long, unless your BJ Penn aka the prodigy, I figure at
least once every six months is fair to wash the belt.

Level 45!

Why the hell I couldn't find a swizzle bird icon to post I have no ideal but I finally made it. I have at least 3 show reviews to do for shows who are ending for me, more on that later, and I have a ton of subs to do for one of my shows.
So hopefully I can get halfway very quickly I really want to get to 50 and close in on the top 100 points holders on tv.com.

Tv and Me the departed

I had a few shows end and I gave up on one here's the details.


Yep it was time cops no better than gangsters and a thrown together feel more and more throughout the seasons. "Horatio we've been canceled" Takes off sunglasses puts hands on hip "My friend it's been written on the wall and now it's a reality"
Yeeeeeahhhhh we won't get fooled again!


Not must see tv by any means I haven't rushed to the tv for Eureka in a long time but I will say it was good for what it was. I really don't get why syfy canceled it and as I've read here on tv.com less scifi for syfy.


Now that one hurt this was must see tv long ago this show graduated from the dvr to day of viewing. That's two of the shows that helped sustain syfy kicked out the door. Wow I just realized for the first time in almost ten years I have no
reason to watch the syfy channel cele vie!


Once again it was time the episode were more slow than interesting. Now contrary to what folks say sending House to prison wasn't the problem. The writers just didn't handle it properly what they gave us post Cuddy was a muddling along House
still doing the same dumb stuff he was doing ten years ago. House makes the right decision for once in his life by choosing to live and walk away from medicine a fitting end to the show imo.


This one had to go I fired it as a program for me. What started out as a hip sexy vamp show turned into Knots Landing. Sorry guys I did my time in nighttime soap land no make up some crap to push the story along for me. Seriously at the last minute Klaus did a body swap and now he's living though Tyler really.

New days for danharr pt2

Well I've taken another role with the company until my real role ends. I go around to Radio Shacks and help with Verizon information. It nice not being stuck in the call center stress levels way down and the freedom is great. Had an interview will let you all know if that pans out.

Okay folks that's it for now get ready for the hottest summer in over a hundred years and lets hope the world economy doesn't fall by September. A guy pointed out to me you don't go by the markets being down for that day you add how many times they've been down for the month to get a true picture. Yikes on that note see you soon.

Self Improvement ftw pt 7/Tv and Me the Return pt2!/Music/New days for danharr?

Hello all glad to be talking with you all again. It's election time in the U.S and the same guy is running on both sides. Yeah the same guy just looks a little different lol. Not much this month I've been paying off bills and looking for a new job but more about that at the end.

Self Improvement ftw pt7

Well folks it appears I'm good at one of my martial arts here's the proof.


I'm blue high now and check out the crazy fight dance I have to do now


In other news I switched kickboxing schools. My Jiu-Jitsu school expanded into all aspects of MMA. I can take kickboxing for 40.00 a month added to my Jiu-Jitsu membership. Before I was paying 115 at another school so total win for me financially. This school is way more cardio than kickboxing the opposite of my first school but it's a shirt soaked workout.

Tv and Me the Return pt2!

Well for me Mixed Martial Arts made it's triumphant return first.


Jon Jones keeps his title again and man people suck. Watching this guy stay champ had me on the edge of my seat. Why people say it was a boring fight is beyond me. Jones and Evans were cautious neither wanted to get KO'd by the other. The whole time I was waiting for that final blow it was intense.

Then the sweeter side of the new sweet science


The new all women fighting club I saw most of their first event at invictafc.com and they fight again on 7/28. Check it out folks the women most of the time are better than the men :)

One last note I'm catching up with Fringe finally. I hadn't watched any episodes for 2012. There are 4 known universes I've seen so far yea that show is a handful and it's gets one last season next year.



and to show they can be awesome without freaking you out


Florance and the Machine frakking awesome can't believe I slept on their first album Lungs. I will be getting both soon love this band totally.

New days for danharr?

Well since last we spoke found out my call center is closing and then found out our jobs were outsourced. So I've been looking for a new job hence the light blog. I've decided to pay off as many debts as possible before my job goes bye bye. The only people I want on my phone are job opportunities. Well that's all for now be back next month with hopefully more fun stuff and good news.

Are you prepared pt7/new weapons/Tv and me the return!

Hey you guys it's that wonderful time again. We all meet to see what I've been up to for the last 30 days. Anybody know how I can make my monthly meanderings profitable please let me know. Anyway not much this month change in work coming that I'll discuss at the end.

Are you prepared pt7

More from my efforts to make life a little easier when the zombie, Mayan, economic, dirty bomb, nuke war apocalypse comes......


Did I mention I do can goods as well. Allegedly these have shelf life but I can tell you. I've cracked open and cooked cans from 2009 and they were just fine. I don't know still trying to work my way up to spam the final frontier for me :(


Also stocking up on pasta and grains. I figure anything you can add water to and heat up is an asset. Post apocalyptic spaghetti sounds delish.

Now for the future garden


those were pea seeds


more seeds and some para cord which according to survival people you always need cord for surviving.


That is a window punch. It's use to break out car windows in case of emergency. I can't eat it and wouldn't use it as a primary weapon but it is a survival tool so I put it in this section of the blog.


Always get flashlights and these tiny ones let you handle a weapon and shine a light at the same time.

New Weapons

Yeah it's still knives for now got a lot of business to take care of before I can get new guns. Here are my latest acquisitions.



and after


The one on the left is another neck knife and this one I could see coming from under your shirt and shanking someone with. It's a little monster and the one on the right is a standard folding knife.


That is a magazine carrier. So if you're carrying a gun you have a back up magazine damn son preppin ain't easy....

Tv and me the return!

We'll I'm happy to say I've found a way to view my favorite tv shows despite America's war on the internet. I've caught up with Justified one of the best damn shows on tv period. Next I will catch up with Fringe and try to remember what universes we're dealing with now. On April 9th Anthony Bourdain No Reservations is back my favorite non-scripted show please support it Bourdain is great.

That's all for this month folks sorry no tv pics. I was full of Del Taco when making this and very lazy. Hope to hear from you all in the upcoming months till then.

Are you preparedpt6/new liquor/Busa Busin on Dem Foolspt10/new weapons/SelfImpr6

Well I'm back folks hope all has gone well February was an interesting month for me. Took care of a lot of business and had some fun and I was happy to see some bloggers back towards the end of the month telvisnostic I'm looking at you lol. Ok lets get it started only so many blogs left before the 2012 gets us oh the horror!

Are you prepared pt6

Well my yearly bonus and tax return allowed me to get back on track with my preps since one can't eat guns and ammo there's more to prepping than weapons. Still focusing on food but in the future I'll have to get on track with medical preps but for now


Just starting my water preps I'll be getting two cases a month until I run out of space.


More matches next to the tactically placed kitchen flashlight gotta start fire if the power goes need to be ready.


Look at all that ramen um um easy to cook and last for years I need an Asian wife......
I got more save it for next blog mostly the same stuff just bulking up on what I already have. Next of course on my blog an ode to good alcohol consumption I take the hit so you guy don't have to and this month I saw the light.

new liquor


I'm converting to paganism because a liquor this good is poof that Dionysus exists and the Romans had it right where else could a liquor this good come from. I have been sampling Johnny Walker Black since January and it was so damn good I had too


bam! get a big bottle oh man I'm not going to say I'm done experimenting Jim Beam Black was on the list before I ran into this beauty defined but yeah I'm going to be good friends with JWB for a long time.

Busa Busin on Dem Foolspt10

I questioned putting this one up but guess there's more to busa busin than actual guns as is having guns is more than just the weapons so some things I got this month.


yep the one on the top is by blackhawk! and when I wear it I can't see my glock 17. Right now I'm practicing at home since I don't have my ccw yet but I did do the paper work I have till the end of the year to take the course and your buddy will be packing heat at the mikey d's!and finally I've dealt with the issue of storing the non go to guns


Yep got my first gun safe and I hope to fill it up and buy another one this time next year it's fairly heavy so not a lot of chance of someone walking off with it.

New Weapons


that's what they look like safe and now when they are scary


The little one is a neck knife it's secured around the neck with a lanyard and allegedly can be used for self defense but most speak in terms of using it as tool only. I personally can't see reaching under your shirt and shanking someone but given the right situation it could be done I suppose. The big one goes without explanation it's big it's gnarly its bad azz but
the picture on amazon showed a compass that fits in the bottom of the handle. Mine didn't have compass I want my damn compass!

Self Improvement ftwpt6

Well my road to awesomeness continues as you can see


and this is what I had to do to get there


those are the remains of two boards I had to break one with a side kick and one with a turn around back kick. Now I'm a blue belt if you want an ideal of the pattern I have to learn and all the ones before it check out one of my instructors

youtube channels http://youtu.be/b_rzU3SfXcs

Okay that's it for now as I watch my slowly growing level which hopefully with a break from classes I'll be able to do something about take care.

Are you prepared pt5/new liquor/Tv and me pt4

Well hello all it's that time again glad to be back blogging and talking to you all. Glad to see those of you who have stayed with us since people are fleeing the site like a sinking ship :( I for one don't see what the problem is I still like this site just fine and look forward to more people being active again. Now for what you all came to see some guy on the internet and his meanderings.

Are you prepared pt5

Well I been preppin slowly but surely will kick into gear this year since a lot of debt will be out of the way freeing up my pay. I'll need ramen noodles for floatation devices when the big 2012 tsunamis come..... and now for the real part of the blog.

I start 2012 with supplies and for now it's flashlights I'll be getting more but right now I have one for each room but I plan to get more small tactical lights that you can carry with one hand and have a button on the back for easy activation. I forgot the water but I need more cases so when I've got a lot to show off next month you guys will see.

New Liquor

Drinking was fun this month and as I partake as I write this it's still good here's the reasons why.

I think I screwed the pics so if you can't tell that is a bottle of gentleman jack and it was yummy it just shot to the front of the list before Jameson for me.

That is johnny walker I started with red the original before jumping to black and it was pretty good burn though gentleman jack was so much smoother going down.

Tv and me pt4

Well me and tv have had a odd relationship. First off since I got into the martial arts and jumped headlong into mixed martial arts. I find myself watching people fight more than scripted tv so for reasons unknown at the beginning of the tv
season. I simply never came back to Bones or The Mentalist and since the state of online tv viewing has changed I may never come back to those shows. Speaking of tv online changing when I wondered why I couldn't find my shows like I used to

I saw this

See I used to use a site called sidereel that had links to all the "posted" tv shows online and most of the good links came from megaupload.com and for those of you who are news savvy. The mega sites were taken down cause the U.S government
needs to fight plants that people smoke in the privacy of their homes and tv uploads go America! Well this had slowed my tv viewership I will say that tv station sites have stepped up their game with tv shows being online the next day which is great for me but makes me question the ratings for my shows......

Speaking of kicking people in the face

Mixed Martial Arts is taking most of my time and the ufc is just one example. You guys can watch ufc on Fuel Tv, FX,

Fox a few times a year and reruns on Spike Tv. On Showtime you have Strike Force and M1 Challenge and if you can get

it HDNet which over 50 percent of their programming is mma.

Well that's it for now things are in the works so I have more news for you guys next month I remember when my blogs

were kinda awesome now they're about so so but I hope to change this fact in the future and yeah there will be guns which are just tools it's people you have to worry about see ya'll!

Are you prepared pt4/new liquor/Self Emprovement ftw!pt5

Are you prepared pt4/new liquor/Self Improvement ftw!pt5

Well hello all I'm back I took the month of November off from everything but I have to ring out the year with you guys so Merry Christmas, Solstice, Ramadan, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and whatever boring stuff atheist do this time of year lol!

Are you prepared pt4

Well I'm still getting ready for the zombie/fall of the government apocalypse or as the most credible man in the world Glen Beck said the take over of a muslim theocracy......

First up


and finally

No I'm not preparing for an exciting career in arson this is my winter/outdoor cooking prep in case the power is out I can still keep warm and cook for myself.

Some light dust mask will help with minor breathing impairments nothing big but better than nothing. Hope you guys are preparing to I mean when I think of president Gingrich I crawl into a fetal position and pray for death so scary :(

new liquor

Well still have no liquor delights to try had mostly disappoints over the last two months they weren't bad just didn't live up to my expectations.

first up

With a bottle that awesome I had fantasy's of being a pirate cutting into a bottle liquor with my cutlass. The red top I believe simulates melted wax which was used to cork bottles a long time ago. The taste however was meh and since I'm a sipper instead of a shooter now the bar has been raised a lot.

then there was....

Not bad but not better than Jameson imo although Jameson does have an aftertaste I didn't care for but still as far as initial taste I'll stick with Jameson.

Self Improvement ftw!pt5

Well my extra curricular activities have been limited thanks to a 10-7 shift but I've still been able to work out a bit and here's the result.

Well I'm now what's called Green High belt in Tae Kwon Do oddly enough the patterns we have to do get more complex but easier at the same time.

Well that's it for now hope to see all of you in the new year don't give up on tv.com I personally don't mine the facebook
if facebook were a sissy look we have now and the bugs do pass eventually so stick with it folks see you around.

Level 44/Are you prepared pt3/new liquor/Self Improvement ftw!pt4

Well It's the time we've all been waiting for danharr's monthly blog. All I can promise is a good time can't guarantee an

after glow but wish you all luck. Hope all has been well with you guys since the world at large just keeps getting crappier

and crappier so here's to solitary accomplishments.

Level 44

Not the tv.com symbol but you guys get the ideal and all I did was post a lot with very little submissions but whatever as

long as that level keeps rising.

Are you prepared pt3

That is a open face ski mask since during the deep freeze of last year I damn near froze my face off and during those

winter months my head and sides of my face will be warm win win.

I got a black hat to cover my eyes, soak up sweat, and keep me cool. One of those white blobs is a box of surgical

gloves, the smaller blob is a bag of gauze, some more seeds on the side for food and sunglasses. I'm building my survival

arsenal hope to complete it soon and just add to it instead of needing things.

new liquor

Well I've had the pleasure of drinking........Well drinking some more diverse stuff I should say and here's what I've


disgusting was so glad to be done with it a mix of scotch and whiskey no thanks I'll keep my liquors separate nasty stuff

this was.

Good stuff JD never disappoints so look for Jack Daniels in the green bottle it's friggin delicious.

Self Improvement ftw!pt4

Well I've completed 3 of my martial arts goals now I just added this month

Yep those are boxing gloves so I can now add kickboxing to my resume of awesomeness and boy does it work. My breathing

is much better and I've gone from 230 to 219 pounds best shape of my adult life.

Well that's it for now folks happy Halloween and see you all next month take care.