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State of the User Address #01

Well. I'm not dead. Alternate blog inactivity doesn't mean I'm dead. I have work to do. This makes Gamespot 13th in priority. I'm hooked to games on my iPhone, more so cause it's with me like some pacemaker. You can't say no to excellent games for 99c! These are really good! I'll try to get some more stuff written here next time.

NOT a GamerTag.

Alright. This here's my new Forum Signature. Let me point out here and now, that it's NOT a gamertag. So don't drop by www.puff-x.com (which is accessed by clicking on this on my forum posts) and expect downloadable gamertags for your signature. This thing's a dandymarsh exclusive (hee). But I'll gladly make you something similar (though, I want to keep mine unique) if you drop a nice, friendly PM (Free-time dependent).

Blitzkrieg Bop Expert Solo 100%!

After much, nay, SEVERAL attempts, I got my Expert 100% on the first song on the list of ROCK BAND vocal solos. Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop". It's a start. This all began when I 100%'d on the Practice session and decided to give it a shot at the leaderboards. I couldn't fill the multiplier on the last line, and would always break it at the end, scoring a 99% instead. Like, 24 attempts later, I scraped through the ending. Joy! Original Blog Post

Prepped for Gamespot Wide!

This user's profile banner and bottom banner has been changed and ready for Gamespot Wide! I love GS's new design. It changes the look while retaining the old Gamespot charm we know and love. The banners are a twist to my 2 pieces of fanart and like the change i made recently, made to seamlessly link the two images together (although it looks kinda strange...) (As of writing, GSWide is still in beta. Check this page out in GSWide here.

GTA IV Story Complete

Made it. Now for the 100% Completion Goal. Took Revenge. They killed Kate, but I don't care. Never dated her. Boo hoo. Killed Playboy X and Francis McReary (but they don't know I did it). Spared Darko Brevic. Shotgunned Pegorino and Dimitri in the faces. This makes another GTA game I've completed. Never finished GTA:SA (game conked out) or GTA:VC. Finshed BTA2, but that was easy. I actually found GTA IV easier too. Good Cover System and Cop-get-outed-ness.

Neeko Bellic.

I got GTAIV many days back (launch date). That's one heckuva game. You already know the rave reviews about the game so I shan't rave here. Admittedly, I'm a wimp at GTA (not 2, I pwn in GTA2). I can't take down gangs with heavy fire without having my heart pound into overdrive and even if I can do so, I won't survive half the time. I'm taking my pace with the game. Which is possibly why it's on the PS3. Ditch the achievements. I can't do the game in 30 hours, you loco?! The things I like to do are still driving around like a maniac (like I do in Burnout Paradise) and smashing into people at the ATM. Same goes for the vigilante missions. Just run over that one son of a gun twice and whoa, free money. I also drive like a maniac to heat up the car till it catches fire and momentarily explodes, setting off a chain reaction with nearby cars and killing everything near it. Try driving a flaming pre-wreck into a RON gas station. No prizes for guessing what happens next. (Warning: The preceding entry should not have been read to those easily traumatised by flaming cars and people on fire. Whoops shouldn't have mentioned that either.)

My Worthy DS Games of 2008.

Consideration to Purchase: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Long Overdue) The World Ends with You (Already Out) Myst (13/05) Guitar Hero DS (18/06) N+ (08/07) Sonic Chronicles (TBA 2008] Noteworthy are GTAIV (Tuesday!), MGS4 and Spore (meh.) Time to save monies. Anything else worthy on this list?

Good use of Space.

Banner? Blog Header? No problem! I took my fanart and chopped to accommodate a pseudo-link between the banner and header. Enjoy!

Almost Catched them all.

Let's see... Dialga, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Rotom, Cresselia, Giratina and with today's adventure, Heatran. Completing the collection of Legendary Pokemon you collect yourself. Regigigas and Spiritomb remain. Not to mention the paper-thin chance of getting an event Pokemon at a nintendo event.