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With a thrill in my head

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Another week another blog.

1. Easy foot-pain RX
If you've ever had plantar fasciitis you know how important fast relief is! Researchers have a fix: Sit cross the affected foot over the opposite knee, pull back your toes, and hold for count of 10. Repeat 9 times.

2. Soy helps prevent breast cancer! Women with the highest levels of ann estrogen-like compound found in soy are 65% less likely to develop breast cancer than women with the lowest levels. Check with your doctor before adding soy to your diet.

soy milk

3. Smile more! It's an instant facelift! Repeatedly contracting your facial muscles makes them stroner, helping your skin stay firmer.

ice cream smiley

4. Roll over! Sleeping on your tummy and pressing your face into the pillow can create creases. Try sleeping on your back.

sleeping cat

5. Sip water! Staying hydrated is key to keeping skin smooth and elastic. Drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water a day.

6. Relax and notice the unexpected! Lucky people see unexpected opportunities while unlucky people can be so focused on a task they don't notice anything else. Unlucky people are generally more tense, which disrupts their ability to notice the unexpected. When you feel yourself too absorbed in something, take 3 deep breaths. The extra oxygen goes right to your brain, making you more mentally aware.

7. Avoiding a D-ficiency!
Vitamin D protects against several types of cancer diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease and back pain. Can also ward off the blue feelings that come with PMS, seasonal affective disorder and depression!


1. Eating Strawberries

A farmer was driving along the road with a load of fertilizer. A child playing in front of his house saw him and called, "What are you hauling?"

"Fertilizer," the farmer replied.

"What are you going to do with it?" asked the child.

"Put it on strawberries," answered the farmer.

"You ought to live here," the child advised him.

"We put sugar and cream on them."

2. Visiting Australia

These are from potential visitors. They were posted on an Australian Tourism Website and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a snide sense of humor.

Q: Does it ever get windy in Australia? I have never seen it rain on TV, so how do the plants grow? (UK).
A: We import all plants fully grown and then just sit around watching them die.

Q: Will I be able to see kangaroos in the street? (USA)
A: Depends how much you've been drinking.

Q: I want to walk from Perth to Sydney - can I follow the railroad tracks? (Sweden)
A: Sure, it's only three thousand miles, take lots of water.

Q: Are there supermarkets in Sydney and is milk available all year round? (Germany)
A: No, we are a peaceful civilization of vegan hunter/ gatherers. Milk is illegal.

Q: Please send a list of all doctors in Australia who can dispense rattlesnake serum. (USA)
A: Rattlesnakes live in A-meri-ca which is where YOU come from. All Australian snakes are perfectly harmless, can be safely handled and make good pets, especially The Taipans.


3. Truths About Life, learned by young children...

1. No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.

2. When your mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair.

3. If your sister hits you, don't hit back. They always catch the second person.

4. Never ask your 3 year-old brother to hold a tomato.

5. You can't trust dogs to watch your food.

6. Reading what people write on desks can teach you a lot.

7. Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.

8. Puppies still have bad breath even after eating a breath mint.

9. Never hold a vacuum and a cat at the same time.

10. School lunches stick to the wall.

11. You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.

12. Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts - no matter how cute the underwear is.

4. Marriage Vows

My Dad and I were talking the other night about love and marriage. He told me that he knew as early as their wedding what marriage to my Mom would be like. It seems the minister asked my Mom, "Do you take this man to be your husband."

And she said, "I do."

Then the minister asked my Dad, "Do you take this woman to be your wife," and my Mom said, "He does."


Good old 80's music. I'll just get stuck in my head and have to either sing or hum.