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What's on your Christmas tree

*Walks back onto the stage* Yep another article from another magazine. Since Christmas is next Friday this is the best time to share such a thing. This did come from a woman's magazine, but its not like men don't have Christmas trees too.

If your tree is decorated with...A single theme, such as snowflakesor Santa Collectible you've amassed over the years. Ornaments that match other decorations around your home. You're an Explorer: Wanderlust may be your middle name. How to explain your tree's well-thought-out-theme? It reflects your foresight, a quality that comes in handy during your travels after all, anticipating bumps in the road is the best way to dodge them! Truth is, despite your travels, you're a homebody at heart: Soaking up all the world has to offer helps you appreciate your everyday world all the more!


If your tree is decorated with...White lights, Ornaments of roughly the same size, a hint of tinsel. You're a disciplined go-getter! You approach tasks with amazing focus and refuse t be undistracted until every detail falls into place. In fact, your light decorating touch shows an unpretentious aesthetic that's further proof of how disiplined you are: For you, anything excessive, such as over-the-top baubles only gets in the way. No wonder your tree is just about as tasteful as nature intended!

Silver and blue tinselornaments

If your tree is decorated with...Heirloom or tradional family ornaments, baubles your kids picked out, photos of loved ones. You're a compassionate confidante! Your warmth and good judgement have everyone looking to you for advice. What's more, they know that they can count on your words to be even-handed: Rather than reflect one aesthetic, your tree shows off the tastes and experience of your whole family, revealing an open-mindedness that makes you the wisest of confidantes.


If your tree is decorated with...multicolored or blinking lights, cartoon inspired or humorous oranaments, a unique scene-stealing tree-topper. You're a creative whiz! An imaginative and quick-witted, you delight friends with you humor and cleaver ideas. You have creativity oozing out of every pore and are always expressing it: Just look at your tree! That's why you're the go-to-person for out-of-the-box ideas and swift solutions to nagging problems.

Snowmanthe naughty kid

If your tree is decorated with...Garlands galore, strings of popcorn or cookies, faux snow or glitter you spray on. You're am ultra-flexible dynamo! Not one to be slowed down by obstacles large or small, your adaptability keeps you moving foreward. The whimsical popcorn and cookie ornaments that give your tree its character are a nod to the kid inside part of the duality that makes you the flexible thinker you are. Able to change your plans on a dime and tap into your childlike enthusiasm, you can get anything done in a flash!

string of popcorn

Well I hope that those of you who celebrate Christmas have a merry one, or Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Chanukkah.