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It's all in how you write what you are speaking.

Another Monday, another blog. Here I go.

1. If you use a lot of shorthand
You're a decisive pragmatist! For a no-nonsense type of person, pithy is poetry; that's because you're so intelligent and ableto condense longer thoughts in the blink of an eye. In fact, your knowledge of efficient shorthand is further proof of your brainpower: Only those curious about the world and and observant enough to pick up on trends are fluent in the language of BFFs and LOLs!

beach ball

2. If you write in a speical color
You're a sensitive expressive! Picking anything beyond black says you're not shy about sharing your feelings. Always using the same color shows how dependably warm you are! Idealistic and attuned to the feelings of others your e-mails are never blue- unless that's your color of choice.

the ocean

3. If you are a punctuation maven
You're a bubbly extrovert! You're e-mail probably looks as vivacious as you sound. That doesn't mean you're an exclamation point junkie; in fact, peppering your messages with a variety of punctuation shows your attention to the nuances of communiction.

sea shells and starfish

4. If you like all lowercase
You're a mellow charmer! Small letters spell super-size charm. Possessing the perfect amount of self-deprecating humor, you're the epitome of understated grace. You're love of lowercase suggests you're comfortable with yourself and your correspondent something that always comes across on the receiving end!


5. If you tend to customize your font
You're a creative individualist! Beyond the top favorites, Arial and Monaco, few of us avail ourselves of the many font choices. If you favor an out-of-the-ordinary-style say bold impact or whimsical comic sans. You are visually minded and have a strong artistic flair. Imaginative and strong-willed, you always make a statement in your e-mails and in life!


6. If you love happy faces
You're a playful wit! Using emoticons or symbols reveals a speical awareness of the nonverbal cues that account for 70% of in person communication! Creatively punctuating your e-mails lends them a very human touch, making people smile without the benefit of face to face contact.

sea turtle

This week's song:
A song from the 60's.

Bobby Vee- Run to him


Take care and have a wonderful week.