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Cursing Sorrowful, Parting Trap

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I've leveled up to easter egg. The fireworks in mario games? All of these are from old issues of Women' World Magazine.

To win an argument, wear pastel pink!
Want to calm someone down or have them see things your way? Wear pink! Just looking at he soft shade reduces hostility and tension for a full half hour. Brain scans show pink stimulates the hypothalamus, which controls our moods, reactions and emotions.

pastel pink hearts

Cutting meat intake cuts diabetes risk
People who eat more than three 6 oz servings of red meat a week, and lots of full fat cheese, are four times more likely to develop diabetes. The foods elevate blood levels of proteins linked to the disease.

red meat

To rev up your relationship, wear red!
Seeing it triggers epinephrine and adrenaline, two excitement hormones that speed up heart rate, rise body temperature and cause a feeling of exhilaration. It's a powerful stimulant that men are physiologically atracted to. No wonder it's the international color of passion and love!


red dress

Bust stress by Reppoting a plant!
Gardening has long been one of the top ten hobbies in America and a new study has pinpointed why: Tiny bacteria in soil activate recepors in the brain, triggering the release of the hormone sertontonin! Dig in the dirt without gloves to increase exposure to the friendly, feel-good bacteria.

To boost everyone's mood, wear citrus!
Warm clors like orange and yellow convey friendliness and warmth, making everyone who sees them happier. Tests show the brain's "happiness centers" are actually activated by exposure to warm, bright colors in fact a study from the University of Georgia found an astounding 94% of people who viewed these colors felt happier in seconds!

orange shirt

Reducing redness with tea breaks!
Drinking as little as 16 oz of black or green tea daily dramatically reduces inflammation inside skin cells, helping to soothe away chronic redness, as well as itchiness, irritation and puffiness, in as little as 14 days, researchers say. Not a tea lover? Sip three glasses of purple grape juice a week instead; its antioxidants including quercerin, kaempferol and resveratrol also heal irritated skin, plus strengthen immunity, helping people recover more quickly from skin infections.

green tea

Erase congesion with yerba mansa!
The leaves and roots of this perennial were used for centuries by Native Americans to calm cold, allergies and even sinus problems. Yerba mansa has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properies that soothe irritated mucous membranes. It's so effective at stemming soreness and swelling, preliminary research shows it can ease symptoms of strep throat!

Yerba mansa


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