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Animals at the zoo.

According to an article from a Women's magazine, "DB why do you read those?" Umm, yeah I am a young woman, well that and my grandma sometimes buys the magazine anyway. According to the article when you go to a zoo the first animal that you go to see says a lot about your personality. I wouldn't really know since I've never been to a zoo.

Seals or Walruses: You're a playful Charmer! Adorable, with a penchant for tricks these seagoing charmers mirror your own easygoing spirit. "You love sports just as much as high-brow cultural events because both arenas capture emotion and encapsulate life," In other words you not only fit in everywhere, but you're also the life of every party.

a seal


Apes and monkeys: You're a super-smarty! Like our ultra-clever and always sociable primate cousins, you're as introspective as you are outgoing. it's a duality that shows how complex and confident you reallly are.


Ape with baby

Elephants and giraffes: You're an adventuroous leader! Far from the big-game hunters on safari, you're an adventurer of a different stripe, looking for experiences instead of prey. "The sheer size of elephants andgiraffes is daunting to most people but to you, it represents your wildly varied interests," Strong willed, you're also a great leader who's always up for a challenge!


Giraffe mother with calf

Bears and polar bears: You're a mysterious nutrurer! Like a mama bear, you're fierce protecter of loved ones, but just as approachable as a stuffed teddy! Maybe that's why you relate to children as well as your peers. Generous as you are, you also need time to yourself much like hibernating bears, and while your kind heart may be plain as day, you still keep a mystique swirling about you!

baby polar bear

Grizzly bears

Crocodlies or reptiles: You're a free-spirited artist! Physically, they're the least like us, so a love of reptiles means your're someone who look for appeal that's more than "scale-deep." It's no wonder you tend to be a highly creative, out-of-the-box thinker.

Warning sign


Another warning sign


Corn snake

Blue spotted frog

Yellow spotted salamander


Sea turtle

Lions and Tigers: You're a sensitive introvert! It's not the outgoing flok who are attracted to look-at-me lions and tigers it's more often the most soft spoken. "You're drawn to the big cats because they represent the wilder part of yourself" Just like the royals of the animal kingdom, you exude a regal, sophisticated persona. Quiet, but sure of your own voice, you're as captivating as the most ma jestic of cats.



Well that will be all for now, later *Brings down a curtain*