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A to do article/blog

From an article in a woman's magazine, not mine, really but I do read them sometimes anyway here is the blog.

1. To solve problems better: Surf the web!

When you search the Internet, you wade though a lot of information at once and filter out what you don't need-and new research from UCLA has found this actually exercises your brain, so you wind up smarter! Researchers compared brain scans of folks who either searched the Web or read a book-turns out, using the Interent fires up twice as many brain cells, engages more neural connections and even activates more lobes in the brain, including the ones for decision making and complex reasoning.


brain scan

2. To think faster: Play video games!

Playing video games improves your "fluid intelligence,: which is the ability to sort out patterns and process new information. Because of the quick decision-making that's needed to do well at a ame, your brain becomes able to analyze information at a quicker pace. In a study, folks who regularly played video games processed information faster and counted objects 13% more accurately than nongamers. "In a video game, you have to think strategically," "ANd that makes you smarter"

Videogame characters

3. To boost empathy: Watch Gossip Shows!

Can hearing the latest scoop on Brad and Angelina make you smarter? Yes! Studies find that reading or watching the latest celebrity gossip imrpoves empathy, emotional intelligence and social skills. Because the brain doesn't distinguish between real-life relationships and those we read or hear about, we get the same mood boost from both! And thinking about celebrities boost self-esteem: A study of 348 people found their self-confidence and mood dramatically imrpoved after they wrote about thier favorite stars!

US weekly

4. To get more done: Play computer Solitare!

Playing games like Solitaire, Hearts or Free Cell at work isn't a time-waster-in fact research shows it makes you more effective at your job!

Free Cell