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Married to him?!

Because Sunday was my birthday, My family and I decided to go out to the movies and to dinner. So my older brother, who's 23 was waiting in line to buy the tickets. I walked over to him to talk, and this old lady thought that we were married! I mean I could see why she would think that, because I have dark eyes, hair, and tan skin. Compare to my brother who has medium brown hair, peach colored skin, and greenish, blueish,gray eyes. I've heard people ask our grandmother if we are boyfriend, girlfriend, but that's a new one:lol: By the way we saw the movie "Eragon" I thought it was okay, and I turned 18.

My Top 5 Things for Jan 2007

Because today is the first of the month, and the first of the year, I've decided to do a top 5 Things to Look forward to for this month. (5)New season for some shows that I watch,(4)New chapters in the manga that I read,(3)The end of the first school semester,(2)The restarting of Inuyasha,(1)My birthday.So what are your top 5 things for this month?

My Dream

A few nights ago, I had what had to be one of my strangest dreams. In my dream there were these dolls on  shelves in a store, and when I went to read the tags on them they read something very strange. "This is how ______ died" Then for no reason the dolls become damp with goo, and there was a small amount of blood. I wasn't afraid or freaked, but I may never look at baby dolls the same way again.

Finally! I've done it.

Well after spending about 3weeks non-stop contributing to the Japanese band ELT I am finally the editor Woo! So now I have a catchy new icon. I'm soo happy for me.

CNN News on "In the Footsteps" and Hurricane Katrina

Did anyone seen the news on CNN yesterday? I don't know about the rest of you, but that was distasteful especially on Thanksgiving Day. Same goes for CNN headline news rebroadcasting Hurricane Katrina. I know that a lot of people might not have been watching tv at this time, but I was and these headlines just struck a sour note with me. What's next seeing Saddam's hanging on Christmas Day? So that a year later people will still be talking about what famous event took place on Christmas of '06. The day after Christmas fine, but not on Christmas Day.

500 Submissions!

Well after putting so much effort into this website, I finally did it! I reached 500 submissions!:D My next goal 1,000. Until next time pple.

Disney Movies and the sequels or A.K.A. "They did it again!"

I know that I'm not the only person who notices this bologna going on, but what the heck disney! First you go and ruin a great deal of pretty good to decent movies with your pale part 2's, and now Bambi and The Fox and the Hound 2." Whatever happened to the saying "if it's not broke don't fix it?" The ideas and orginally are now gone, and now what remains is a vast desert of nothingness with wonderous blinded by the sand of others passed accomplishments hoping to drink and become a part of that same oasis of passed stories already told.

Where there's smoke there's no fire?!

Usually I don't talk about my school life, but today I felt the need to. Today in my science class, zoology honors by the way, in the back there were some burners with sugar in them. Well anyway they were already on before class started, and a class last for 50 minutes. So my teacher somehow forgets to turn them off, and yep that section of the room filled with smoke, and the smell of burned marshmellow. Before you know it a hallmonitor, and three other science teachers are checking in, thinking that there was a fire! Word travels fast, I can't imagine my teacher doing something like that. Sure she's unorganized but not crazy!

My Blog

This is my blog what's there for me to say except I'm a nice person to be around I'll try to review and post as much as I can.I'm happy to be on this website and hope that my stay will be long and enjoyable.