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My Great tit

It has come to my attention, that some females are more larger chest then I am. However I do not feel inferior, because I have these My Great Tit

Still waiting

Just like the rest of you here, my percentage hasn't changed in an entire week! Regardless of the fact that my last contributions have gone through. This website with all it's glitches and bugs gets on my nerves. There are over 20 new things that I would like to add to different shows, but can't because of this! Please  let this end soon.

Happy, yet a little ticked off.

First off let me say this I'm happy, because I have finally started my spring break. However I'm "seeing red" because of my english teacher. Why am I mad well in late February, my class had to choose a book to read, then  everyone had to write an essay on the book of their choosing. I go to all that trouble plus rough drafting, and she tells me "that I've decided not to grade thoses" WTH! It was two sheets, five paragraphs, 7-14 sentences, for each paragraph. I spent the better half of a weekend plus that following Monday, and I get nothing out of it!

What do you think about this?

While in my science class yesterday I overheard someone ask another girl if she would want scientists to find a cure for cancer. In which the girl responded "no" When questioned why the girl claimed that if their are more people overcrowding the Earth, then that would lead to pollution, which would lead to Global Warming and hurt the animals in the wild. Then she went on to say that she'll never help a human organization, but she'll help the animals.


As many of you know today is St. Patrick's Day, but more importantly it's my one year anniversary since I joined this site. Cheers for me, I've done so much, and still have a long way to go.


What's this topic about you may ask? Oh not much just your sibling or siblings for thoses of you who have any. So how do you get along with them? If you don't have any actual siblings, then tell me about someone who is like a sibling to you.

New Banner and Cerals

This is the blog where I'm going to be talking about cerals, and how yummy they are. Along with my new banner based on the new card series from Inuyasha entitled: Keshin. So eh share with me your favorite breakfast cerals if you have any, and tell me what you think about my new banner. If anything, oh and did I mention that its time to talk about ramen :)

Listening for what?

I was wondering something for thoses of you who listen to music. What is it about certain artist and bands that you like about them and their songs?

Broken Tape

Talk about bad luck, as of late I've been recording episodes of Inuyasha. So I'm already on my 3rd tape which would have been episodes #37-#54, and of all the things to happen my tape gets ripped inside my VCR! I don't believe this! It's bad enough that I've missed recording 8 episodes, and the last time they played these episodes was over 3 years ago! I just hope that I won't have to wait another 3 years for them to replay the 2nd season.