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What do you do?

Alright here's a question for all of you, feel free to answer it or not. When you are bored, and I mean really bored what if anything do you do? To make yourself less bored.

1000 Submissions at last!

After working on it for 16 1/2 months I've finally done it! I've reached 1000 submissions! Hoot Hoot! Next on my list 1500. Yep it took be a while longer then I had hoped, but I did it! So now I have a pretty new emblem.

Origin of Surnames

I'm not really sure I guess this could count as people, eh. Anway in case anyone is interested in their family's surname then check out houseofnames.com. Now some of this might seem inaccurated as in might say your dutch, but you know your not.

Just for a laugh

Here's something that I hope will amuse you all from astrologyweekly.com


"The Aquarius loves a party. Anytime, anywhere is their motto. It is not unlikely that an Aquarius will consider a wake a good place to meet chicks. Aquarians tend to be nostalgic about the 1960s because that was the last time they could be naked in public and get away with it. Aquarians love to be naked. It is even better if they are naked and crocked. 97.4% of the Night Train consumed in the past thirty years has been consumed by Aquarians. Almost every Aquarian will claim to have seen Jerry Garcia's image in their Froot Loops at least once. Froot Loops is a very Aquarian cereal. So is Rice Krispies, since it will engage in a friendly chat with the Aquarian as he or she is eating breakfast. Count Chocula is off-limits, however. It belongs to the Scorpios. Aquarians are the only people in the zodiac who can play volleyball with themselves. And they frequently do. Aquarians use the phrase "Dude, man..." frequently when describing philosophical concepts. Aquarians have out-of-body experiences on a daily basis. If you are talking to an Aquarian and he or she zones out, consider the conversation hopeless. He or she is talking to the guy three feet away from you. Aquarians are fun because they channel people. Plus, if you tell them to, they will run around naked. Aquarians like astronomy because they've been to all those places. If you want to know what the food is like on Saturn, ask an Aquarius. They can also walk on water if they try really really hard. This usually happens in the bathtub. Aquarians can allow themselves every possible vice on the planet, and don't think twice about it. That is why they piss everyone else off. They are cosmically entitled to do this. Most rock stars are Aquarians." Sure this totally describes me :roll:

Meaning to your flowers

Since it has been a week since my last blog it's time for another one. Some time back I wrote a blog listing girls names from that of flowers. Well I found a website that list what each flower means should you receive them from that special someone. Not all were found, enjoy or not doesn't matter to me.

1. Anemone for estrangement-"Your charms no longer appeal to me."

2. Bell-Flower for morning-"Meet me tomorrow morning."

3. Buttercup for radiance-"What golden beauty is yours!"

4. Clover (Pink) for injured dignity-"Do not trifle with me."

5. Daisy, Field. Temporization-I will give you an answer in a few clays."

6. Daisy, Michaelmas. Farewell-"Do not write or speak to me; I can never love you."

7. Daisy, Moon. Autumn love-"Choose a lover of your own age;
youth and middle age may not mate."

8. Daisy, Ox-eye. Hope-"I might learn to love you."

9. Fern, Maidenhair. Virginity- "I am heart-whole; you have a chance with me."

10. Iris, purple. Ardour-"You have set my heart a glow."

11. Jasmine, elegance-"How dainty and elegant you are."

12. Jasmine, Cape. Spring-"Better times are in store for us."

13. Lily, Tiger for passion-"My love knows no bounds."

14. Lupin. Over boldness-"Who goes softly goes far."

15. Marigold, african for boorishness-"Refinement appeals to me."

16. Marigold, French forJealousy-""You are unreasonably jealous."

17. Myrtle for fragrance-"Be my sweetheart."

18. Narcissus. for Self-love-"You love no one better then yourself."

19. Orchid for luxury-"I will make life sweet for you."

20. Petunia for proximity-"I like you near me."

21. Red rose for love-"I love you."

22. White rose for refusal-"I love you not."

23. Yellow rose for misplaced affection-"I love another."

24. Sunflower for ostentation-"Things that glitter do not impress me."

25. Veronica for true love-"Nothing shall part us."

26. Violet for modesty-"Pure and sweet art thou."

That's it, and yes I know Lupin is a guy, and so is Narcissus. If you want the pics they are in another blog, later.

Some words in Chinese from me

All right then because I can. Here's some words translated from english to what I believe is Simplified Chinese.

1. Banana-Xiang-jiao

2. April-Si-yue

3. School-Xue-xiao

4. Wood-Mu

5. Friends-Peng-you

6. Milk-Niu-nai

7. Exit-chu-kou

8. Pot sticker-Gou-tie

9. White cloud-bai yun

10. To be polite-Ke-Qi

11. One-Yee

12. Two-Uhr

13. Three-sahn

14. Four-sur

15. Five-woo

16. Six-lyo

17. Seven-chee

18. Eight-bah

19. Nine-jyo

20. Ten-shi

21. Eleven-shi yee

22. Twelve-shi uhr

That's it for now, later.

Sonic The Hedgehog 1991

That's right as some of you may already know today is the day that 16 years ago a little 16 bit blue blur, named Sonic raced across our screens as we played our Sega Genesis or Megadrives. Yep and the games are still around to this day. Here's to you Sonic who's had many different changes in appearance. Thank you Sega and Sonic Team for giving us a memorable icon. Who hopefully 5 years from now won't have died out.

Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehogsonic the hedgehog

The Level system

I know what your probably thinking. "Another blog by some user saying something about the lv system." Well yes, and no. For starters I'm delighted that I am not longer infected, because I'm still trying to reach my goal of 1000 submissions. On the other hand there is still something wrong with my level. The last time I checked I was on Lv 20 47%. Sure the last 4 things were accepted, but now I've magically gained a whole lv? Whatever as long as my percentage goes up for the 20 notes I've just submitted.

I've changed my profile

I'm sure you already know what this blog is about, and well you're right. Since I've finally passed my 2,000 post mark. Now is the time where I change my quote, banner user icon, and profile picture. So if you have any thoughts about it tell me. By the way Kagome's in the picture too hugging Inuyasha.

Graduation day was today.

As many of you probably don't know today was the day that I graduated from highschool. The ceremony began at 9:00 A.M. and ended at 10:30 A.M. because my last name is in the lower half of the alphabet I was in the second to last row. Oh well, I'm just glad that I now have my diploma and its over. I mean I had to wear high heel shoes. I am not a high heel shoes person. My toes were hammering, and the back of my left foot was getting rubbed the wrong way by the strap. On the upside I did mange to find a nice dark blue dress to wear underneath my white grown. Lucky guys got to wear red.