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Afternoon people! Good news and bad – can't have everything I guess!

I've had to delay getting my new car now. For once I took the sensible option rather than being really impatient! Because I'm changing insurance companies I have to wait until the year is up in order to not lose this past year's no claims bonus. It's only 100 pounds different if I don't use it but I'd rather keep building it up. It's only an extra nine days and I've been driving this car for three years so it's not like I can't wait to get rid of it! The only problem the MOT on my current car runs out on the 22nd and I can't pick up the new one until the 26th. That means I have to go four days without a car as I don't want to put 12 months MOT on the old car as it's a waste of my money. Thankfully it's a college day so someone can pick me up once I've dropped it off. I'll have to bus it on the Friday but luckily I won't really need it over the weekend.

This weekend is going to be extremely busy as long as the weather's nice. After my good win last weekend playing for the fifth team, I've been asked to play for the fourth team tomorrow which is going to be a bit of a trek. It's another six set match and then Sunday is the start of the Aegon Team Tennis competition which is a national tournament. I had to choose between my better club and my home club and I had to choose my home club – especially as it meant I'd be captain. :) Unlike the other leagues I play in this one properly uses the ratings system whereas the others just let anyone play and in any order. At my home club things aren't looking too promising to have many members this year. On Wednesday night we went to the Indian (which was featured on the BBC show I talked about a while back) and last year there were 30 of us and this year just 7. 3 of them aren't even playing members!

In gaming, it's been another week dedicated to PES 2010. I really should get back to Ninja Blade but I really want to master the latest PES game first. I'm still playing on 4 of 5 stars difficulty which is still tough. Winning on this game though really feels like an achievement and for the first time ever I'm not either doing really well or really bad. I'm doing well in the Champions League but not so well in the main league. The problem is my subs are just not up to the job, especially if I switch out my first team to give them a rest. This weekend won't give me any extended periods of time to go on my Xbox so Ninja Blade is out of the question. PES is much better for shorter bursts so is always a winner!

On tv.com, I shall get round to any unreplied to PMs as soon as possible. I've barely had time to come on here for a few days so things are piling up – especially my sub queue!

As for TV, I've watched:

Gossip Girl 'The Unblairable Lightness of Being'. GG this season has got really good again. It just reeks with quality and sophistication which no other teen drama can match. Plus the episode titles are always, without question, just awesome. :P
Damages 'You Were His Little Monkey'. Only one episode left which makes me so happy! My loyalty to a show I've never really liked is really starting to drift away now and I might not come back for the fourth season.
Melrose Place 'Wilshire'. I've never known a show to have such differing half seasons. The first half of the season was truly awful but then they brightened it up and brought it back and it's been brilliant ever since. I now prefer it to 90210 which I never thought I'd say!
Chuck 'Chuck vs. The Other Guy'. Now that would've been a good series finale! Everything rounded off nicely and for once there's a happy ending in a TV show.
Human Target 'Christopher Chance'. For me this is the biggest surprise show of the season. There haven't been many new shows I've started this season which has been so solidly good throughout. I really hope it gets a second season but at the minute that could go either way by the looks of it.

Good Melrose Place 'Wilshire', Chuck 'Chuck vs. The Other Guy', Human Target 'Christopher Chance', Gossip Girl 'The Unblairable Lightness of Being'.

IndifferentTwo and a Half Men 'Keith Moon is Vomiting in his Grave', Breaking Bad 'Green Light', 90210 'Another Another Chance', How I Met Your Mother 'Zoo or False', Family Guy 'April In Quahog', Legend of the Seeker 'Desecrated', In Plain Sight 'Coma Chameleon', Lost 'Everybody Loves Hugo'.

BadThe Vampire Diaries 'Let The Right One In', 'Til Death 'Ally's Pregnant', Damages 'You Were His Little Monkey'.

My album for the day is Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Steve McQueen' by The Automatic.

My thing to ponder for today is: Why is it when you get from here to there, you're still here and not there?

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Afternoon people! An awesome weekend that will definitely be hard to top…

Thanks everyone for your car advice in my last blog, it was much appreciated! I ended up buying a car from a garage so all those worries have been averted. On Friday we went to a garage and saw a really nice Peugeot 407. It was a slightly older car (54 plate) than I was thinking of getting but it had every gadget on it you could think of so I was very tempted. We were running out of time so we decided to go back on Saturday to test drive it. When we went back the first thing they asked us was whether or not I wanted to trade my car in. Seemed a bit strange that was the first thing they wanted to do. Then they went out and looked over my car. He asked me how much I wanted for it. I had already been offered 1000 pounds at another garage and selling it privately was worth about 1500. They offered my 600 so straight away we almost knew we wouldn't be buying it. The guy I went with was brought along to do the haggling for me so he said if they wouldn't give me a lot for my car, then could they lower the price of the car I was buying. They said no and that they would only do a price match if we could find a cheaper one with the exact same mileage. The one thing that killed the deal for us – they wouldn't let me test drive it to see if the car was too big because we weren't planning on buying it. They said go to a main dealer and try it there and then come back!

So… we went to another garage where we knew they had one. When we got there we saw a much nicer Golf which I ended up buying! They lost a sale just because we couldn't test drive it. This Golf is much more 'me' as it's a nice small car. It's the next logical step up from my tiny Fiesta. It's a Golf 1.9 GT TDi 130 and has exactly double the bhp that my current car has. :P My friend told me he'll put a bet on me killing myself in it and I'm tempted to go in on that bet! The advert doesn't really even do it justice as it's had one owner from new and he's looked after it superbly. It's got full service history and although the cam belt doesn't need changing until 60,000 miles, the guy has already had it done! So despite it's a car from 2003, it's only done 5000 miles a year and is basically brand new under the bonnet and the interior is immaculate as well. We didn't realise until I started getting really warm that it's got heated seats as well! ;)

That's a lot of stuff to read already so just a quick tennis update! Saturday was the first match of the summer season for Boston. This was the first time I'd played for one of their men's teams and the format was three pairs and two sets against each. That's more than I've ever played in a match at a competitive level! It was a really hot afternoon and we were playing Boston's 6th team. I was playing with a guy who I vaguely know but had never played with before. Despite the opposition wasn't too good we worked pretty well together and won our six sets - 6-0 6-0 6-1 6-0 6-1 6-0. You really can't complain about scores like those! I've never dominated a match so much in my life. That's surely a sign of a good season!

In gaming, I didn't plan to but I spent all my time on PES 2010. I'm slowly getting better at it and the difficulty right now is enough that I can compete, but getting a win really feels like an achievement. I played a few games with one of my friends as he was saying how awesome he is at the game and that he will get to number one in the world leaderboard. This is his first PES game whereas I have played it for years. This one is very different though and as he's had it longer than me he still had the advantage. I ended up beating him which he wasn't happy about! His problem was doing the same thing over and over again making use of Messi who's almost unstoppable. That meant I could easily read what he was going to do whereas it's a lot harder to read me as even I don't know what I'm going to do! The funny thing is, he's now gone and sold the game and bought FIFA 10!

On tv.com, this week's podcast discusses two British shows I have no interest in – Dr Who and Ashes to Ashes.

As for TV, I've watched:

24 'Day 8: 6:00A.M. - 7:00A.M.' and 'Day 8: 7:00A.M. - 8:00A.M.' …and the reason it wasn't like this from the start is? These two episodes are almost as good as anything that any previous season has churned out. The end to both of these were incredible and even the normally boring scenes in CTU were pretty interesting.
In Plain Sight 'When Mary Met Marshall'. For a flashback episode this was pretty damn good. Mary hasn't changed one bit! The storyline itself wasn't overly good but the way they told it was really good.
Brothers & Sisters 'Time After Time'. A long episode which started slowly but got better and better as it went on!
FlashForward 'Queen Sacrifice'. No sooner had I tweeted how boring the episode was, did it get so awesome that it actually took me by complete surprise!
Lost 'Happily Ever After'. I know how much everyone is raving about this episode but I literally just didn't care. It only answered questions brought up this season, not things that need tying up from previous seasons. I don't care about the flash-sideways, they just don't mean anything to me and are an unnecessary complication in my eyes.
Ugly Betty 'The Past Presents the Future'. Only one episode left to go! I'm really hoping Betty and Daniel don't get together. I don't think it's where they were ever intended to go and I hope it's not just to give Betty a happy ending.
South Park 'Season Six'. I was slightly disappointed that it didn't feature more Butters episode like I thought there was going to be.
Spooks 'Season Five'. Despite being a pretty dull season thanks to a very average cast, the final episode was excellent!

Good24 'Day 8: 6:00A.M. - 7:00A.M.' and 'Day 8: 7:00A.M. - 8:00A.M.', In Plain Sight 'When Mary Met Marshall', Melrose Place 'Sepulveda', The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Up in the Airport'.

IndifferentLost 'Happily Ever After', The Good Wife 'Doubt', Rules of Engagement '3rd Wheel', Accidentally On Purpose 'Face Off', 10 Things I Hate About You 'Don't Trust Me', Ugly Betty 'The Past Presents the Future', FlashForward 'Queen Sacrifice'.

Bad'Til Death 'Ally's Pregnant'.

My album for the day is Hood Economics: Room 147: The 80 Minute Course by Tinie Tempah.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Breathe' by Leaves.

My thing to ponder for today is: Why do croutons come in airtight packages? It's just stale bread.

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Afternoon people! A lovely sunny day, you just can't beat it…

On Saturday I went to the first football match I've been to in about 6/7 years at least. It was Peterborough vs Newcastle (at Peterborough) and it was a big match as if all the other results went the right way and Newcastle won, then they would get promoted and Peterborough would get relegated. I'm not really that into football any more but I wasn't going to give up the chance to go to a match. I'll go on record now as saying that I hate football fans. Fact. Not necessarily all of them, just the ones that go to games and are over enthusiastic. There was a guy in the front row who was constantly shouting abuse, most of which didn't make any sense. It's annoying as nobody but the crowd could hear him and he was a big guy so had clearly never actually played football before and you can't tell players what to do if you haven't experienced it yourself. Normally when I go to games its 0-0 and I never see any goals. Last time I saw Peterborough play it was 0-0 in the 85th minute so we left to beat the traffic and then the opposition won 2-0 in those last 5 minutes! That wasn't the case this time as Peterborough scored early on. Then Newcastle scored either side of halftime which meant Peterborough gave up. Newcastle got another one and Peterborough got one back so in the end it was 3-2 which I was happy about. I'm not in any big rush to go back and see another game but it wasn't a bad experience. Totally different to the more civilised atmosphere at Wiimbledon – it's not hard to guess which I prefer… ;)

My car hunt has hit a bit of a stalling point I think. I found what I thought was the perfect car – 1.9 06 plate Astra sport which is quick and good on mpg. The problem was it's a private sale so you just never know and don't have the same guarantee as a trade seller. The guy seemed alright though and it's been serviced the last two years. He did say he thought the car does around 40mpg despite the book saying it does 50mpg. That means it might even do less than 40mpg as he won't sell it short, especially as the book says it more than what he told us. We then went to a garage which had a 1.6 08 plate Astra around the same price. It's not as quick and doesn't look as nice as it's the 5 door version. The difference being though that you can get it serviced, MOT'd, taxed etc, plus you get a warranty is case it goes wrong. I'm just not sure what to do any more as there's so much to think about.

In gaming, I made a start on Ninja Blade which is one of the most average games you'll ever play. The problem most people have with the game is that it's too reliant on quick time events, but for me that's the game's strong point. Normally a game like this would drag on but the inclusion of button presses actually speeds up what would normally be a lengthy process. The first level took me ages to complete and I had thought that I'd redo it to get the achievement for completing within 30 minutes but when I saw my time was 55 minutes I thought there's no way I can reduce that by half. It's the type of game where if I get the achievements I do, but if not then it's not worth the hassle of getting them. It's best described as a last gen game wrapped in next gen visuals.

On tv.com, I added the last two episodes to my Ugly Betty guide the other day. It's weird putting them on a guide I edit as it seems far more final than if I just watched it. It's really the only major guide I edit and a couple of years back it would really annoy me that it's ending but now it just means less work for myself! I could say I can use that time for another guide but I know for a fact that won't happen.

As for TV, I've watched:

Castle 'Tick, Tick, Tick...' and 'Boom!' Truly awesome! Not sure I need to say much more but these were two of the standout episodes of any show this season. Beckett and Castle team up so well and the explosion and Beckett getting straight back to work is how it should be!
Gossip Girl 'Inglourious Bassterds'. Far and away the best episode of the season, maybe even the series! The game of Assassin was brilliant and there's not one part of the episode I can find fault with. My faith in the show is restored. :)
Fringe 'Peter'. This has to go down as one of the most boring and confusing episodes of all time. From start to finish I didn't really know what was going on and as it was the kinda episode where I just didn't care about catching up.
In Plain Sight 'Father Goes West'. A pretty solid start to an average show is the best way to describe it. It's one show I can't and will never get excited about, but it's still good to watch.
Criminal Minds 'Mosley Lane'. I've put this one off for ages as it was the weakest of the shows I watch so never got round to it. This episode was actually really good though! I don't think it was the best story wise but overall it was better than I remember it being this season.
Southland 'Maximum Deployment'. Like British shows it's a very short season which makes it hardly worth putting on the air in the first place. It was a vast improvement on the first season which is brilliant as it's a great alternative to all the procedurals that have a ton of money spent on them.
Ugly Betty 'London Calling'. Only a couple of episodes left to go now. I'm not too fussed to see it go, especially as they've had time to round things off properly.
10 Things I Hate About You 'Da Repercussions'. I didn't realise that this was the second half of the first season which seems like a hell of a long gap between seasons. It's just as good as it was before though – not outstanding but still really enjoyable.
Modern Family 'Game Changer'. Nothing like a bit of product placement…
Sons of Tucson 'Episodes 1-4'. As with Human Target I don't get why people don't like this show? It's no better or worse than any of the other 'B' comedy shows on the air and Tyler Labine is actually really good. He's very similar to his Reaper character and he was brilliant on that.
Sonny With A Chance 'Walk a Mile in My Pants' and 'Sonny Get Your Goat'. I'm having real difficulties getting hold of this so I don't think that I'll be able to watch it as regularly as I like. The second episode was just stupid and I didn't enjoy that. The first was exactly why I like it – mindless fun with obvious jokes.
South Park 'Season Five'. This is probably the best of the first five seasons. I'm not sure whether or not I think the end of the Kenny deaths is a good thing or not. The episode where he actually died was brilliant though. As was the season finale with Butters very own episode. He's a much more versatile character than Kenny and is definitely funnier.

GoodCastle 'Tick, Tick, Tick...' and 'Boom!', 10 Things I Hate About You 'Da Repercussions', Sonny With A Chance 'Walk a Mile in My Pants', Modern Family 'Game Changer', 10 Things I Hate About You 'Da Repercussions', Criminal Minds 'Mosley Lane', FlashForward 'Better Angels', Damages 'All That Crap About Your Family', 90210 'Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees', Southland 'Maximum Deployment'.

Indifferent'Til Death 'Joy's Mum', 'Dog Fight', and 'Sell The House', Community 'The Science of Illusion', House 'Black Hole', The Mentalist 'Code Red', The Mentalist 'The Red Box', Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Bounty Hunters', The Vampire Diaries 'There Goes the Neighborhood', Ugly Betty 'London Calling', Southland 'What Makes Sammy Run?', Human Target 'Victoria'.

Bad Sonny With A Chance 'Sonny Get Your Goat', Fringe 'Peter', Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'The Zillo Beast', Breaking Bad 'I.F.T.'

My album for the day is My Best Friend Is You by Kate Nash.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Daft Punk Is Playing At My House' by LCD Soundsystem.

My thing to ponder for today is: Why do you have a hot-water heater when you don't need to heat hot water?

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Toy Cars

Afternoon people! A day late but with a bank holiday weekend I won't be blogging again until the end of next week...

So yesterday on my day off I decided to try another coaching lesson. Anyone that's been following my blogs for a while knows that the last one was awful. It was the first one I'd ever had and he tried to change too much and got me to do some far too embarrassing things to change my technique! This one was better as he didn't want to change as much and as I'd been practicing what he taught me last time it wasn't such a disaster. It also helped that we were indoors so the courts suited me better. Weirdly after saying my serve would completely ruin my shoulder in 10 years, this time he said it was ok despite not changing anything! He said there wasn't a lot more he could teach me but I'm not a county player so there's obviously another stage for me to reach.

I'm spending a lot of time at the minute looking for a new car. It's about time for a new one and as I'm only driving a little Fiesta at the minute which is more like a toy car! It's not exactly slow for a little car being a 1.3 but now that it's hit 80k miles it's time to get rid of it before it's not worth anything. I'm looking more at a 1.6, 1.8 or maybe even a 2.0 litre car, possibly in a new shape Focus which are really nice. I'm thinking I can spend more if the finance package is right so can get a car with less mileage already on the clock. Tomorrow I shall have another look after exhausting most of the car places in Peterborough. There's one left which is our destination tomorrow. I'd go later today but I'm going to the first football match I've been to in over 5 years which should be good.

In gaming, I've barely played anything over the last few days. Pro Evo 2010 is doing my head in now. I admitted defeat and turned the difficulty down but that was far too easy. Turning it back up again was far too hard to so I'm not sure what they want me to do!! I already know that I'm pretty much going to miss out on the double XP Modern Warfare 2 weekend as I've got so much to do. I'm planning on making a start on Ninja Blade at some point over the long weekend as well.

On tv.com, this week's podcast talks about Dexter and FlashForward in which I apparently get a mention. I've also been told that the ability to pin and lock threads is now back with editors so have fun with that!

As for TV, I've done my best to catch up on TV which I have done pretty well I think. I can't remember the last time I watched so many episodes from different shows!

Breaking Bad 'No Mas' and 'Caballo Sin Nombre'. I really can't make up my mind whether I like it. It's a lot like The Tudors in that I think I like and won't stop watching it, but don't really know if I actually enjoy it.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
'Ben There, Done That'. An average finale for an average show. It was ok but it wasn't very interesting. Surprisingly this is even further down my list now that Melrose Place has turned awesome, but I don't have the same high hopes for this that I had for that.
'All Children... Grow Up'. That's not how it's supposed to end! :P It's supposed to be all happy! It's a shame it's only coming back for a short season as next season could be really good if they're all of in different places. Unlike Gossip Girl there are still a large number of them staying at college so there's a focal point for them all to come back to.
Ugly Betty
'Million Dollar Smile'. I had thought this might be better as I'd expected them to make a massive thing about her turning pretty, but in the form of a dream sequence, it definitely ruined it for me. I don't care how things might've gone, but how things will go!
'What Did You See', 'Revelation Zero', and 'Blowback'. The recap episode actually made the show look quite good, so much so I was looking forward to the show's proper return. I watched the double episode and it wasn't too bad but I'm still not getting into it like I know they want me to.
Park 'Season Four'. Another great season and far less annoying than the previous ones. There have been some awesome episodes and the show is just getting better.

GoodGreek 'All Children... Grow Up', FlashForward 'What Did You See', 'Revelation Zero', and 'Blowback', Rules of Engagement 'Ghost Story', Southland 'U-Boat' and 'The Runner', Melrose Place 'Mullholland', Family Guy 'Brian Griffin's House of Payne', Human Target 'Tanarak'.

IndifferentBreaking Bad 'No Mas' and 'Caballo Sin Nombre', House 'Private Lives', 90210 'Girl Fight', 'What's Past Is Prologue' and 'Clark Raving Mad', Community 'Beginner Pottery', Gossip Girl 'The Empire Strikes Jack', The Office 'Happy Hour', 30 Rock 'Floyd', Parks and Recreation 'Summer Catalogue', Chuck 'Chuck Versus The American Hero', The Simpsons 'Stealing First Base', Melrose Place 'Santa Fe', 24 'Day 8: 5:00A.M. - 6:00A.M.'.

BadUgly Betty 'Million Dollar Smile', The Vampire Diaries 'A Few Good Men', The Cleveland Show 'Once Upon a Tyne in New York' and 'Brown Knight', Damages 'Tell Me I'm Not Racist', Lost 'The Package', Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Senate Murders' and 'Cat and Mouse', 'Til Death 'Ally Abroad', Rules of Engagement 'The Four Pillars', The Simpsons 'The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed'.

My album for the day is Dirt by Kids In Glass Houses.

My shuffle song for the day is 'My Life Would Suck Without You' by Kelly Clarkson.

My thing to ponder for today is: Could it be that all those trick-or-treaters wearing sheets aren't going as ghosts but as mattresses?

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Afternoon people! With college, it's only a three day working week! Yay...

This weekend ended up going exactly how I wanted it which makes a change. Saturday morning we were back to demolition at the tennis club and we finally managed to topple over the eyesore that was the clubhouse/caravan. I haven't been able to get hold of the guy getting us a new one so I'm only slightly panicked that we won't have it in time for the start of the season which is only a few weeks away. Saturday afternoon I had a game of tennis with a guy who I only ever get to play when he's back from uni. He's always been better than me but each time we play I get a little bit closer to beating him. I went 4-2 up this time but managed to lose it 4-6 which was annoying but I think next time we play in a couple of weeks I might finally be able to do it. Yesterday I was supposed to play but a couple of people dropped out so I didn't play. That was a blessing in disguise really as I didn't particularly want to play after a really busy week so having a day at home was no problem!

A couple of weeks back I downloaded Tweetdeck for my computer but it was only this weekend I really gave it the time of day. I thought that now I'd unlinked Twitter and Facebook I could post more stuff to Twitter without annoying my FB friends. It's every bit as good as the iPhone version and more as it can properly see Facebook profiles and you can get your Twitter profile within it. You can also use it to auto shorten tweets to cut down the number of characters which is handy. One thing it really improves over the iPhone app is differentiating between Twitter and FB. When you post an update from the phone it limits you to 140 characters even if you choose to only post to FB. The desktop version doesn't have that limitation so you really can control everything through one place.

In gaming, I've got a lot of games to roundup today! Firstly I finished off PGR4 by topping the career leader board. Overall I thought it was a pretty good game although not as life consuming as previous racers I've played. I took it online to get the achievements for completing an online championship but I couldn't find a single person online to race against! It may not be the top racing game at the minute (Forza 3) but it's still the latest PGR game and pretty good in its own right. Next up I had a go on Dead or Alive 4 which is so incredibly hard I could cry! My first two fights I didn't even land a punch. I went to options to change the difficulty and found it was already on the lowest – normal. When a game doesn't even have an easy setting you know it's going to be pretty hardcore!

I saw this thing on the Xbox dashboard called Game Room and thought I'd give it a go. I saw two downloads that I thought were free games but it turned out they were only downloads with the option of buying later. It's an interesting idea having a game room where your avatar can wander around and the games don't seem overly priced. I got to 75 points just by doing nothing and it seems there are 80 you can get without doing anything so I need to get the other 5. I don't think I'll bother buying any of the games though. Lastly, I finally decided to give Pro Evo 2010 a proper go and spent about an hour minimum crafting the perfect team to take into the Master League. The game just isn't the same any more as they've overly complicated everything. The one thing that made it better than FIFA was often the fact it wasn't as official and they had more license to do what they like. It's also got at least one spelling mistake and a full stop on one item of a menu when none of the other do which just makes it feel second rate compared to lesser football games. I'm half tempted to sack off the game as a bad mistake and go back to last year's version.

Oh, and I gave MW2 one more go and I didn't enjoy it so I only got through three death matches before quitting...

On tv.com, this week's podcast raised some very interesting theories about Lost which are worth listening to.

As for TV, I've watched:

Human Target 'Corner Man'. Another good episode from a show that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention, despite being better than people thin. No two episodes are ever even remotely the same and it's nice to have a serious show that isn't a straight up cop show, and it's not funny to tread on the shoes of the likes of Psych, Castle, The Mentalist etc.
Chuck 'Chuck Versus the Final Exam'. I didn't really like this one as much. After exceeding all expectations over the past few weeks, this was lacking in most areas. I suppose it was down to it being a far more serious episode than we're used to, but unlike Psych's season finale I didn't think it was pulled off as well.
Ghost Whisperer 'Old Sins Cast Long Shadows'. A good episode from a now poor show sums it up pretty well. I just don't like where they've taken the show this season and Aidan is probably the most annoying kid on the planet. I'm hoping
they wrap this story arc up this season but I'm really only watching it now because my mum and sister like it.
Legend of the Seeker 'Bound' and 'Creator'. The first episode was really good and looking at the preview of the next episode it looked awesome so I decided to watch it straight away. How misleading a trailer can be! I was expecting the best episode of the season but it turns out to be a clip show. I don't care what's happened in the 14 episodes before. It's not like I can't remember!
Melrose Place 'Stoner Canyon'. Again, it was an improvement and shock horror I actually like it now.
The Tudors '4.x01' and '4.x02'. I have to admit the return of this show really surprised me as I hadn't heard it was coming back any time soon. This is the last season though right? I always have had a love/hate relationship with this as I always find it boring but somehow compelled to watch it. The cast has had a pretty big shake up this season, almost beyond recognition.
Parks and Recreation 'Park Safety'. I was very pleasantly surprised with this episode. It far surpassed anything that The Office has done this season. I've never really had good feelings for P&R but it's definitely getting better with every episode.

GoodHuman Target 'Corner Man', Ghost Whisperer 'Old Sins Cast Long Shadows', Melrose Place 'Stoner Canyon', Legend of the Seeker 'Bound'.

Indifferent24 'Day 8: 4:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m.', The Office 'New Leads', Modern Family 'Starry Night', Caprica 'End of Line'.

BadChuck 'Chuck Versus the Final Exam', Family Guy 'Peter-assment', Damages 'Drive It Through Hardcore', Legend of the Seeker 'Creator'.

My album for the day is A-Z Volume 1 by Ash.

My shuffle song for the day is 'This Town's Religion' by The Delays.

My thing to ponder for today is: Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

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Choo! Choo!

Afternoon people! Breaking news – The Bill has been cancelled! Despite not watching it for a few years now it's a shame to see it go…

This week has been crazy busy and before today I hadn't been in the office since last Wednesday. I've been up to Derby for a few days. On Friday they asked me to come up Monday but it was too late to hire a van so I had to get the train. I've only ever been on the train three times before and they were all to Wimbledon and I went with someone else who knew what they were doing. It's a lot scarier than getting the bus if you don't know what you're doing. Having loads of platforms and different trains is quite daunting when you need to be somewhere at a specific time. Thankfully I was able to write down all the places I was calling at, the times of leaving and arrival, and the final destinations of the trains so I was able to check against that. Plus having an iphone meant I could download the trainline app as a backup. It all went pretty smoothly for the first two days but Wednesday things went wrong. I left the office later and hadn't accounted for rush hour traffic so missed the first train meaning I missed all the following ones and connecting trains. I turned up at Leicester station with no idea how to get home! With my phone and a brain I was able to work it out though but I was home really late.

My phone was my saviour though as with Meebo, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube I was able to chat away to people without having time to get bored! I also tried out foursquare which jekyll blogged about as I was interested to see what it was like. Between Monday and Wednesday I posted updates for just about everywhere I went. Because it can post to both Twitter and Facebook separately I decided to unlink my Twitter and Facebook account. foursquare can post more in depth wall posts to Facebook than if you post it to Twitter which then links to Facebook. If you have it connecting it'll end up posting to Facebook twice so I had to go in and delete one which got annoying. With Tweetdeck having the option to post to either/both as well, it doesn't seem necessary to have them linked. Most other sites let you choose as well. I'm sure at some point I will notice something that only posts to Twitter which would've gone to Facebook as well but I can always copy and paste.

In gaming, I've reached #2 in the leader board on PGR4 which means I'm only one or two tournaments away from completing the main game. I'm not sure if there's much point going on to unlock all the cars even though I'm almost there. There really is no benefit to using below par cars. It's basically a case of picking the best car in each category and then winning with those. I'll have a quick go online to see what it's like but I won't make much of an effort. This weekend will be dedicated to MW2 seeing as it's double XP all weekend.

Today I picked up a couple of bargains at GAME who have a ridiculous sale on. Games like Dark Sector, Kameo and other similar games of that standard (older but still pretty good) are all going for around 3 pounds. I had a quick look but walked out noticing a 98p 360 game. I decided to have a look on the way back and saw that it was Ninja Blade for 98p. At that price no matter how bad the game would be it's worth a look. I was expecting a pre-owned copy for that price but it was brand new! I also got Dead or Alive 4 for 4.98 because I haven't had a fighting game in ages. Looking at the achievements though I don't think I'll get many. With 2.50 on my reward card I only paid 3.46 for two 360 games which isn't bad going!

On tv.com, this week is another Lost special. It'll be interesting to see how they react to having no answers to anything so far! There were some queue problems last night I noticed, which was a pain as I'm a bit behind on my queue.

As for TV, with my week away I'm seriously behind on the latest episodes. So much so, that they're even disappeared off the coming up/to watch list on myepisodes.com because they are a couple of weeks old. With that website also being down today I'm a bit in the dark with what I need to watch:

Lost 'Ab Aeterno'. Despite almost being a foreign movie with the amount of subtitles used it was actually a glimmer of hope that they are going to give us some answers. There was no wow moment but little gaps were filled in although those gaps still left unanswered questions. This episode proved you have to have seen all the previous episodes to enjoy it, as if I'd turned this on when channel flicking I can guarantee I'd have turned it off again!
Gossip Girl 'The Sixteen Year Old Virgin'. It's definitely climbing back up rapidly in my expectations as it's really good again now. At the minute it seems less about petty relationship troubles (I think!) and more about proper storylines which is always good.
Being Human 'Season Two'. Despite being behind on everything, I decided with only two episodes left I'd just finish them off and then work on all the new episodes. The second season didn't start off quite as well as the first. Towards the end it got better but I just find that British shows seem to make exciting stories quite boring because they put too much monotonous drama in it. A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire should be an action packed and tense show but they just drain the life out of me when watching – very much like a vampire. :P

GoodLost 'Ab Aeterno', The Big Bang Theory 'The Pants Alternative', Greek 'The First Last'.

IndifferentThe Mentalist 'Red Herring', Two and a Half Men 'Ixnay on the Oggie Day', The Good Wife 'Heart'.

BadCaprica 'Ghost in the Machine'.

My album for the day is My Dinosaur Life by Motion City Soundtrack.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Juicebox' by The Strokes.

My thing to ponder for today is: Do glow-in-the-dark objects stop glowing when somebody turns the lights on?

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Demolition Derby

Afternoon people! Gotta make up for a week since my last blog...

This week has been so incredibly busy I haven't had much time to think! Starting with Tuesday night, I had my second AGM in a fortnight at my other tennis club. Unlike my own club where we discuss things at the meeting, this one was basically a closed shop with everyone basically just there to agree with what they were saying and to accept the captains for the following year. I would've have minded if it was on a different night as they do it on club night so I had to decide what to do. I hadn't been to one there before so I thought I'd have a look but that will be the last time!

Thursday was college once again which was another pointless day...almost. We had time for two lengthy games of football which I haven't played properly for about 5 years. Despite we were only messing around it was still pretty tough going and muscles that don't ache when playing tennis, certainly did after that! Friday was another trip to Derby mainly to pave over the cracks for not having work in my own office by going with someone else that needed to go so I could do some work there. It turned out that the work I did there could've been done but now I have to go back tomorrow to do the work I can't do in the office. Unfortunately this time I have to get the train because it'll get me there earlier. I've only ever taken the train a couple of times and they've always been to Wimbledon, with the person I go with knowing where to go. I'm really not looking forward to the journey as I'm fairly certain I'll either get on the wrong train or miss my stop!

Yesterday it was time to demolish the caravan serving as a clubhouse, ready for the new one we shall be getting. I'm not really one for manual labour but I really got stuck in! It was actually quite rotten on the inside and being mainly made of wood we barely needed hammers as you could just pull it to pieces. We managed to gut it out within a few hours but we ran out of space on the truck to get rid of it so we had to stop. That just leaves the shell to be taken apart which will most likely be the hard part as it'll need to be cut up in order to take it off site.

Lastly – this morning was the final league match of the season with a win guaranteeing that we'd win the league. The last match was against the team at the bottom of the league so if we'd played our best team we'd have wiped the floor with them. The plan had always been to field a weaker team to give them a chance. With the league title at stake it didn't quite go that way as we needed to make sure. It was my turn to sit out which I wasn't too pleased about. The team playing was above average but not much better than our opponents. Like last week though we had a separate four to play in case they had a strong team then we could swap around to make sure we won. I wasn't needed for the match so I was still able to have a game. It could've all gone wrong though as at 1-1 on sets, both pairs went to a tie break. Now if we'd lost those it would've been 1-3 to our opponents at the changeover and we'd have been in trouble. At the end the team captain was saying that a lot was going through his mind like the fact I was playing not too far away and probably should've been in the match but it was too late. Luckily though, they both won so we were up by that score line rather than down. In the end they won 6-2 so we won the league which is a nice achievement.

In gaming, I didn't really get much chance to play on anything this weekend. What little I did get to play I continued progress with PGR4. I'm slowly working my way towards the #1 spot having now reached 8th. It's becoming a bit too much like hard work now without any real reward. Cars are bought in packs which mean you can't save up for a particular car and once you get it, it then feels worth getting. Should only take one more weekend to get it done and then I can move on! The Kudos system does make it more in depth than say Forza but I'm not sure if it's as good as that as far as the driving goes.

On tv.com, this week's podcast talked about Glen Martin DDS and Missing which are both shows I couldn't care less about to be honest. It's annoying to think that they new intern has been on the last couple as I really wanted to go for that position but it really wasn't feasible to do so.

As for TV, I've watched:

'Naomi/Everyone'. So, that's the end to another cast of Skins. Like the first two seasons, it definitely tailed off to the end. They seemed to lose focus a bit, especially with the Freddie storyline. That shocking scene (must like the death of Chris in season 2) was definitely one of the best but they didn't really follow it up well. Effy and Cook would be welcome in season 5, probably the only ones I'd like to see come back for another season. They very end with Cook was excellent and although different to how they finished off the previous cast, it really was typical Cook!
Human Target
'Salvage & Reclamation' and 'Baptiste'. I heard that this was likely to get cancelled which kinda surprised me as I thought it was a lot better now. The cast is pretty good although it seems to be ever changing at the minute. I'm not entirely sure who's supposed to be in the main cast and who's only having a bit part. Autumn Reeser looked completely different to normal so it took me ages to realise it was her!
'Mr Yin Presents'. Just like the first part of this story arc (whenever that was), this was incredible. It was funny but far more serious than it normally is but the fast paced nature just made it tense and really exciting. It's nice to see a show is able to branch out and change whenever it wants to. A lot of shows get stuck in its ways so if they wanted to, they could take Psych in a whole new direction!
Gary Unmarried
'Gary Unmarried?' Overall I think it's been a pretty successful season. It's definitely changed a lot with the radio station now being a setting used more often. It's seemingly a shorter season than most other shows as 17 seems to be a strange number to stop at.
'Butch and Sundance'. Again I really enjoyed it which still surprises me as it's not my type of show at all. I don't particularly like the cast either so I'm not sure what it is that makes me really like it now.
Gossip Girl
'The Lady Vanished'. After what I thought was a weak return I thought that was a vast improvement. It's not as funny as some of the other teen dramas but it's pretty well rounded everywhere else.
'Day 8: 3:00A.M. - 4:00A.M.'. I had high hopes for this one after hearing good reviews of it and I wasn't disappointed. It was a lot better than most of the episodes this season and the end was probably exactly what I was talking about last time – the season defining moment!
'Recon'. For the first time I actually saw a bit of worthwhile progress in this episode. Sawyer's alternate reality was by far the best this season as well.
'Til Death
'The New Neighbours' and 'The Wedding'. The second of these episodes was a cartoon – any particular reason why I ask? It was really boring and completely stupid and pointless...
'Season 1 episodes 1-10'. After a pretty dull start it's actually improved quite a lot. It looks pretty good for a cartoon but there's just something not quite right about it yet. Can't place what that is though...

Human Target 'Salvage & Reclamation' and 'Baptiste', Brothers & Sisters 'Freeluc.com', Southland 'Butch and Sundance', Greek 'Camp Buy Me Love', 24 'Day 8: 3:00A.M. - 4:00A.M.', The Simpsons 'Postcards From the Wedge', Lost 'Recon', Castle 'The Mistress Always Spanks Twice', Chuck 'Chuck vs. the Tic Tac', Gary Unmarried 'Gary Unmarried?', Skins 'Naomi/Everyone'.

Modern Family 'Truth Be Told', The Secret Life of the American Teenager 'I Got You, Babe', Ugly Betty 'Fire and Nice', Rules of Engagement 'Atlantic City', Ugly Betty 'All the World's a Stage', Scrubs 'Our Driving Issues'.

Damages 'I Look Like Frankenstein', 'Til Death 'The New Neighbours' and 'The Wedding', Family Guy 'Go, Stewie, Go!'

My album for the day is Congratulations by MGMT.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Lost and Found' by Feeder.

My thing to ponder for today is: How do you tell when you run out of invisible ink?

Speaking Out

Afternoon people! Plenty to catch up on today...

It's been an interesting few days for me as I've done things I would never normally do. On Friday as I mentioned in my last blog I took a trip to Derby for a presentation. I wasn't looking forward to it as I knew that afterwards we'd be getting into little groups to discuss issues and how to fix them. I hate things like this as I'm normally quite quiet but with the group I had I needed to talk up otherwise things wouldn't have got very far. My immediate boss happened to be in my group so between me and her we managed to get something done. She wasn't very happy that she'd had to lead the group as she felt someone else should have a go. She pretty much flat out said she wouldn't present the findings to the other groups seeing as she'd done most of the work to get to that point. When it came to our group nobody would do it and normally I'd have just sat there waiting for someone else to do it as I'd never think about speaking up in front of a large group. On this occasion though I really didn't want her to have to do it and to stop us from looking bad by nobody saying anything I just went for it. Apart from the occasional time where I didn't think before I spoke so didn't really know where I was going to make a point out of what I was saying, I think I did fairly well considering I wouldn't normally do it. Afterwards she came up to me and thanked me for not leaving it to her, which can only make me look good in her eyes and others I hope.

On Saturday I had the fun job of painting the toilet block at my tennis club. Everything that needs doing is always left to a few of us and although we don't mind doing it, we do feel it's time for others to chip in. It took us about 3 hours in total and two shades of paint having run out halfway through. We had a slight miscalculation in the amount of paint needed per toilet meaning there's just a tiny patch in one room that has a different colour. If we'd noticed we'd have used it all up on that one room so that was at least just one colour. The other two don't particularly want to put on a second coat but I think we should so I should be able to fix the colour issues if I buy two tins of paint at the same time in a slightly darker colour.

Yesterday I played in the penultimate winter league match of the season. We were supposed to be fielding an all ladies team as our opponents are basically all women, but because of many different circumstances, most of our ladies pulled out we ended up putting a mixed team out. For me it was quite an easy match against the first pair as I was holding back to make a game out of it. This messed me up for the second pair though as they were much better and we lost the first set. Overall we won the match 5-3 so it was much closer than it should've been! We definitely need to win next week now as it's the only hope we have of actually winning the league.

In gaming, I spent most of the weekend racing (literally :P) through PGR4. Once you get going then you can really get through it quite quickly. I worked my way up to the top tier of the leader board (offline) in only a few hours. Getting up to #1 is a much tougher task although it's more a case of time rather than difficulty. There's a major gap between the game's difficulty levels – so much so that you can win on one level without any real competition, but going up another level will see you at the back of the pack. After spending more time with both bikes and cars, bikes definitely seem better for twisty tracks but not for tracks with long straight sections. Pitting bikes against cars is pretty much pointless as cars will win every time. Even on the twisty tracks it's easy to just knock the bikers off and then they'll go straight to the back, there's no penalty for doing that. In comparison to PGR3 it doesn't feel quite as involved as buying cars is a much shorter process as you can buy them in batches. I shall carry on until I hit the top spot but will then move on pretty swiftly.

On tv.com, it seems we have yet to be told who the two new staff members are despite them being in the 'Here to Help' section. It'd be nice to know what they're here to help with… I have yet to listen to the most recent podcast but it talks about Bones and Archer. I'm interested to hear them discuss what is essentially a cartoon as they haven't done that before. Not having real actors to rate should make for a different review.

As for TV, I did my best to watch everything but I fell very short:

Chuck 'Chuck Vs. The Beard'. Quite possibly the episode I've been waiting for as now more people are getting to know his secret it's a lot better. I didn't think he was actually going to say anything or at the end he was going to say it was a lie but thankfully they didn't do that. The Buy More protest was really funny and just added to what was already the best episode this season.
Skins 'Effy'. Despite Effy starting to get on my nerves and it seeming to be a nothing episode, the ending more than made up for it. There's always one shocking moment which concerns life and death. Chris' departure in season 2 was horrible to watch and the end to this one was a bit tough although we don't really know the outcome of what we saw yet.
Melrose Place 'Oriole'. Despite being one of my least favourite shows from the first half of the season, it's come back pretty strongly. It was a much better balance of being a dark drama, whilst still being fun. They're just that bit older than the 90210 cast so it doesn't feel quite so immature.
The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Subway, Somehow'. Another week and another even better episode. This one had a really old school sitcom feel to it. Christine being stuck in the subway had some pretty obvious jokes but it was still really funny. It reminded me a lot of the Friends episode where Chandler got trapped with the model (?) when the power went out. That was a long time ago when that aired and although that was only a small part of that episode, this had a similar feel to it.
Secret Diary of a Call Girl 'Series 3, Episode 8'. So that brings seasonthree to an end and it was disappointing. It seemd to focus on her being a more average girl, which seemingly in turn made the season pretty average...

GoodChuck 'Chuck Vs. The Beard', Psych 'The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode', The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Subway, Somehow', The Office 'The Delivery' and 'St. Patricks Day', How I Met Your Mother 'Of Course', Community 'Basic Genealogy', Melrose Place 'Oriole'.

IndifferentSkins 'Effy', Caprica 'The Imperfections of Memory', Gary Unmarried 'Gary Tries to Find Something for Mitch', Parks and Recreation 'Woman Of The Year' and 'The Possum', Rules of Engagement 'Snoozin' for a Bruisin'', 90210 'Rats and Heroes', The Good Wife 'Fleas'.

Bad24 'Day 8: 2:00A.M. - 3:00A.M.', 30 Rock 'Future Husband', Secret Diary of a Call Girl 'Series 3, Episode 8'.

My album for the day is Hold Me Down by You Me At Six.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' by Jet.

My thing to ponder for today is: If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

Watching Frenzy

Evening people! No wonder I never get anything productive done... ;)

This week is a crazy one for TV as almost everything is airing at least one episode. It seems to be a culmination of having caught up on so many shows over the past few months. This week I have 40 new episodes airing, as well as watching catch up shows during the day which is quite a task. I'm pretty sure I'll get behind this week though and next week I have 37 new ones I think so that's not helping! Here's a list, sorry that it's messy but it'll take too long to sort out:

08-Mar-2010 20:00 Chuck 03x09 Chuck vs. the Beard
08-Mar-2010 20:00 House 06x14 Private Lives
08-Mar-2010 20:00 How I Met Your Mother 05x17 Of Course
08-Mar-2010 20:00 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 02x22 Good Girls & Boys
08-Mar-2010 21:00 24 08x11 Day 8: 2:00A.M. - 3:00A.M.
08-Mar-2010 21:00 Gossip Girl 03x13 The Hurt Locket
08-Mar-2010 21:00 Two and a Half Men 07x17 I Found Your Moustache
08-Mar-2010 21:30 Rules of Engagement 04x02 Snoozin' for a Bruisin'
08-Mar-2010 21:30 The Big Bang Theory 03x17 The Precious Fragmentation
08-Mar-2010 22:00 Castle (2009) 02x16 The Mistress Always Spanks Twice
08-Mar-2010 22:00 Damages 03x07 You Haven't Replaced Me
08-Mar-2010 22:00 GRΣΣK 03x17 The Big Easy Does It
09-Mar-2010 20:00 90210 02x13 Rats and Heroes
09-Mar-2010 21:00 Lost 06x07 Dr. Linus
09-Mar-2010 21:00 Melrose Place (2009) 01x13 Oriole
09-Mar-2010 22:00 Southland 02x02 Butch and Sundance
09-Mar-2010 22:00 The Good Wife 01x16 Fleas
10-Mar-2010 20:00 The New Adventures of Old Christine 05x16 Subway, Somehow
10-Mar-2010 20:30 Gary Unmarried 02x16 Gary Tries to Find Something for Mitch
10-Mar-2010 21:00 Criminal Minds 05x17 Solitary Man
10-Mar-2010 21:00 Human Target (2010) 01x07 Salvage & Reclamation
10-Mar-2010 21:00 Modern Family 01x17 Truth Be Told
10-Mar-2010 21:00 Scrubs 09x12 Our Driving Issues
10-Mar-2010 22:00 Psych 04x16 Mr. Yin Presents
10-Mar-2010 22:00 Ugly Betty 04x15 Fire and Nice
11-Mar-2010 17:00 Skins 04x07 Effy
11-Mar-2010 17:00 The Secret Diary of a Call Girl 03x08 Series 3, Episode 8
11-Mar-2010 20:00 Community 01x18 Basic Genealogy
11-Mar-2010 20:30 Parks and Recreation 02x18 The Possum
11-Mar-2010 21:00 The Office 06x17 St. Patricks Day
11-Mar-2010 21:30 30 Rock 04x14 Future Husband
11-Mar-2010 22:00 The Mentalist 02x16 Code Red
12-Mar-2010 20:00 Ghost Whisperer 05x16 Old Sins Cast Long Shadows
12-Mar-2010 22:00 Caprica 01x07 The Imperfections of Memory
14-Mar-2010 19:00 'Til Death 04x18 The New Neighbors
14-Mar-2010 19:00 'Til Death 04x19 The Wedding
14-Mar-2010 20:00 The Simpsons 21x14 Postcards From the Wedge
14-Mar-2010 20:30 The Cleveland Show 01x15 Ship'rect
14-Mar-2010 21:00 Brothers & Sisters 04x17 Freeluc.com
14-Mar-2010 21:00 Family Guy 08x13 Go, Stewie, Go!

Not a lot else has happened this week. I had a couple of days at work where I didn't really get anything new to do so I was able to race through a few college assignments as I'm really behind this year. Despite not getting anything complete, it did put my mind at ease that I was able to get the bulk of it done. Yesterday I had to make a trip to Derby which I didn't particularly fancy but had to do all the same. The weekend is here though which isn't going to be easy. Today we have the fun job of painting the toilet block at my tennis club. We've got some sponsorship money for a new clubhouse (well summerhouse) so we need to spruce up the existing toilet block as a summerhouse won't have one. Whilst that might not be exciting, the hard work will be rewarded! Since the old clubhouse got burnt down we've been managing with a really old caravan which is disgusting now. It can't be taken off site in one piece so we get to demolish it. That should be fun! I've gotten plenty of ideas watching Top Gear over the years! ;)

In gaming, although I still can't really get into it I've managed to get through a large chunk of the achievements in PGR4. It really does look nice and the weather effects are incredible. Despite being really hard – driving around the Nürburgring in the snow has to be seen to be believed. My one sticking point so far is that the career mode is really hard to get into. The game doesn't make it easy to get to grips with and choosing championships and races seems to be restricted which is a step back from the last game. Also, the constant changing of car cla.sses needed for each championship makes it hard to know what car to go for, especially seeing as I spent most of my money buying something needed for a 5GS achievement! It's great for dip in/dip out gaming as you can play for as long as you like, or for only a few minutes. My eBay payment for Gears of War 2 is pending until at least tomorrow as something went wrong so I won't be playing that any time soon.

On tv.com, I found out another piece of the jigsaw as to what the guy at tennis does in relation to the BBC and Spooks. Speaking to one of the other guys there he apparently was either the owner or a major shareholder in the production company Kudos who are responsible for just about every great British TV show – Spooks, Hustle, Ashes to Ashes, Life on Mars and many more. When it was sold to Rupert Murdoch's daughter a couple of years back, I think he made a mint from it and now runs his own production company from what I can tell. He still seems to have a major part in most of the shows that Kudos produce although I don't know exactly what yet. He's going to come in handy though as I've asked him to get me an episode list for one of my shows so I can work out where it's gone wrong.

As for TV, I've watched:

Gossip Girl 'The Heart Locket'. I had expected this to come back a lot stronger than it did. There was nothing wrong with the episode but it just didn't go anywhere.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
'Good Girls & Boys'. Far better than it has been this season. I really like Ben's dad, he's such a good character and I know he's been designed this way but he's almost like the perfect father. Understanding, knows what and when to say the right thing, and has respect for almost everyone.
The New Adventures of Old Christine
'Sweet Charity'. I think this is slowly rising to the top as one of my favourite comedies. Since it started it's always been one of those shows that's never stood out as being great but has always been consistent. This season with other shows having some truly awful episodes this has stayed damn good all the way through.
Being Human
'Season One'. Over the past month or two since I've been watching a lot more UK shows, my impression of what we have to offer has definitely changed. I've always been of the opinion that everything we do sucks compared to the US but it really isn't like that. This show has far more in common with Misfits than it does Heroes in that it's not about their powers but how they can deal with them. With the episodes being the full 60 minutes but only over 6 episodes so it's a lot to take in each time, but then it seems to be over quickly. I got through the first season in two days and with season two having 8 episodes I should be through that as well by the middle of next week.
Park 'Season Three'. That's another season knocked off – only another ten to go! It seems to be getting better although there have been some really stupid episodes. Not funny stupid, just stupid stupid. The Simpsons episodes didn't age well but at least they are still good. South Park seemed to rely a lot on catchphrases and the same running gags throughout the first few seasons. I'm just waiting for the newer regular characters like Timmy, Jimmy, and Butters as I know the show is quite good with them in it from what I've seen.
Sonny With A Chance
'Season One'. Now that I'm rapidly running out of 20 minute shows, I've turned to a teen show! It's pretty much what you'd expect – attractive teenagers with over the top acting where the jokes are very obvious and so in your face that you can't miss any of them. I chose this one not only because there's only one season to catch up on, but because I have a strong liking for Miss Lovato… ;)

GoodThe Secret Life of the American Teenager 'Good Girls & Boys', Greek 'The Big Easy Does It', The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Sweet Charity', The Big Bang Theory 'The Precious Fragmentation'.

IndifferentGossip Girl 'The Heart Locket', Damages 'You Haven't Replaced Me', Two and a Half Men 'I Found Your Moustache'.

BadLost 'Dr. Linus'.

My album for the day is Phantom Power by Super Furry Animals.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Crazy Crazy Nights' by Kiss.

My thing to ponder for today is: What happens if you drive at the speed of light and turn your head lights on?

Off The Radar

Afternoon people! Strange coming back to work for a rest after the weekend…

This weekend has been one of my busiest in a long time. I knew it was going to be but not as hectic as it turned out to be! On Saturday I took my sister into town to get a new phone. Despite being quite close we never really do anything together on our own, not since she got together with her boyfriend and had a baby a while back. So it was nice to do that which was a nice change from my usual Saturday morning. She ended up getting a Blackberry which is pretty nice. I tried to persuade her to get an iPhone but she didn't fancy another touchscreen phone. After that I went to order a few more hoodies for my tennis club. After getting a number of orders early in the season things have tailed off a bit now with most of the winter players now owning one, so I'm hoping once the summer season kicks in then we will get new players to buy even more! I finished off the day going down to the club to measure up for a new clubhouse. We've been surviving with a grotty old caravan since the old clubhouse got burnt down and it really isn't nice to look at. Luckily one of our newer members is a manager at a McDonalds so he's been able to sort us out some sponsor money.

Yesterday was even busier as I left at 8.45am to go to an away match where we gave them a good thrashing winning 7-1 on sets. Me and my partner got progressively worse each set but as started with a 6-0 we were in no trouble winning 6-0 6-1 6-2 6-3. The courts were awful as there was no runoff behind them so if the ball hit the baseline then you barely had a chance to return it! After that I headed back to Boston for a hit with a friend before having another doubles afterwards. Following that we went out for a Chinese where I felt bad once again like I did last time. It was just down to how much I'd played so I didn't eat a lot. I enjoyed it but it was an expensive meal for hardly eating anything! Having left at 8.45am I didn't get in until 10.15pm so that was Sunday over with!

In gaming, I thought having someone I actually know that has Xbox LIVE would be a good thing – turns out it's not. Seemingly every time I turn my Xbox on, I get a ton of messages from him wanting to play a game when all I want to do is get on with one of my own games! So on Saturday I just took my wireless adapter out to get some peace! It allowed me to complete Left 4 Dead which I was a bit disappointed in. With pretty much a complete lack of story and very segmented and short sections, it just felt like a bit of a let down. The fast paced and satisfying nature of getting a full auto shotgun and going to town on the hordes of bad guys is pretty fun stuff. I might have a go at getting a couple more achievements but I'm no too bothered. I had thought that I'd start PGR4 properly but I just don't feel in the mood to spend all my time on a driving game at the minute. Unless Gears of 2 appears before I next need a game to play on then I'll move onto Batman: Arkham Asylum.

On tv.com, I'm sure I had something I wanted to say but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was! This week's podcast talked about Married Single Other and Modern Family. Next week will have Archer on it so need to get watching that!

As for TV, I've watched:

How I Met Your Mother 'Hooked'. I'm glad it seems to be getting back to how good it used to be. The last few episodes have been based around like a theory or something similar which is always funny. There have been a lot of episodes lately that didn't seem like they had a point and weren't as funny.
Chuck 'Chuck vs. the Fake Name'. I'm confused – so is Jenny not Sarah's real name? I thought she went to her actual reunion and that was her name? Can anyone fill me in on what's going on?!
24 'Day 8: 1:00A.M. - 2:00A.M.' I'm now even more bored of 24 than I am of Lost. This season is complete tripe! I'm not enjoying any of it as it's just boring. It's only eight episodes in so there's still time yet. There always seems to be a season defining story – like CTU blowing up, the White House invasion, and then the outbreak at the hotel, as well as the poisonous gas being released in CTU. Every season has one pretty much so I'm waiting for that to change my thoughts on the season so far.
Rules of Engagement 'Flirting'. This is the show that I think 'Til Death really wanted to be. All five of the characters are brilliant and the way they interact is pretty good as well. I think Timmy is the under the radar character that needs an even bigger part. He's just so funny and compliments Russell really well.
Skins 'Season 4 episodes 1-6'. It's amazing that a show can go from being happy and funny to being quite dark and serious in the space of only a few episodes. I'm constantly surprised how many famous UK actors that show up in some form or another. Will Young being the most surprising seeing as he's not an actor! He did a good job though and didn't seem out of place on a show like Skins.

GoodHow I Met Your Mother 'Hooked', Chuck 'Chuck vs. the Fake Name', Two and a Half Men 'Tinkle Like a Princess', Rules of Engagement 'Flirting', Community 'Physical Education'.

IndifferentLost 'Sundown', Gary Unmarried 'Gary's Big Mouth', Caprica 'Know Thy Enemy', Burn Notice 'Devil You Know'.

Bad24 'Day 8: 1:00A.M. - 2:00A.M.'

My album for the day is Under Great White Northern Lights by The White Stripes.

My shuffle song for the day is 'Annie' by James Blunt.

My thing to ponder for today is: If Cheese is made of milk why is it yellow?