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An Excellent Weekend

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So weekend was good this week with tennis being top of the agenda both playing and watching with Murray doing well and I played well enough to feel I should have been in Australia instead (hehe).

Also hired out some amazing Xbox 360 games in Viva Pinata which is hilarious and I recommend it to anyone who has one and I also got Call Of Duty 3 which looks absolutely amazing and plays just as well once you get into it. I have to admit though the first level of most war games is supposed to be the best but I definitely prefer the slower missions that come later on.

Some bad news though with the loss that Man Utd received from Arsenal especially after Chelsea lost at Liverpool!

UK TV Back With a Vengeance

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So the last two weeks have seen a major improvement in television viewing in the UK after what I feel was a fairly low key Christmas period, I was starting to get worried about what I was going to watch!

Over the last fortnight there has been the return of some of the biggest shows around including my personal favourites Prison Break, 24 and The OC. As well as those we have had some interesting new shows with Blade and Jericho. Also I have watched the two part mini-series Killer Wave which I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.

On top of all of this there have been the programmes which have now become my weekly regulars in Criminal Minds and Lost.

Also there is another new mini-series which has caught my eye which starts next week and that is The Lost Room and has Elle Fanning in it and I am looking forward to see how she compares to her sister!

So after a barren period with not much on, it has definately perked up and now I am spoilt for choice!