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United States Marine Corps...my new life

Well I went to boot camp on September 13th 2010 and let me tell you its quite an experience. Life there was hell for 3 months straight of waking up at 4am and doing some sort of physical work out EVERY day to where your body was sore the next day. Fun stuff. I graduated on December 10th.

Went home for about 18 days then went to MCT (Marine Combat Training) where I got to play with all the cool stuff you only see in video games. :D Actually MCT for me was absolutely miserable. I hated every minute of it because we went during January where it was VERY cold out. At MCT you do a lot of waiting around outside. For example one morning while at the range we woke up 6am (nice little sleep in) went outside in the 20F weather at chow while sitting on our flak-packs (look it up.) The busses were supposed to get there @ 8am but because of the recent snow storm that passed through a couple days prior the busses had some mechanical problems. The busses didn't get there till 10am. So 4 hours of sitting pretty much in 1 spot in 20F weather. Stuff like that made MCT extremely miserable. I graduated MCT on Jan 25th. Literally within 2 hours of graduating I was getting on an airplane from North Carolina to Fort Leonard Wood MO which is where my MOS school is and where I'm currently at.

On Jan25th around 3:45 my plane landed in St. Louis MO. Since there were a lot of us coming in the bus was coming to pick us up till the last Marine got in which was around 10PM. The bus picked us up around 11PM and we drove about an hour and 45 mins South West to Fort Leonard Wood MO. I've been here ever since and I'm just now about to pick up in training. This is the busiest time of the year according to the Colonel I talked to during lunch a couple weeks ago. Life here isn't too bad. I had a bunch of money saved up from boot camp and MCT since you can't buy anything during those months so I bought a 15 inch MacBook Pro and it's awesome! Sold my old MacBook Air and about to sell my 64gb Wifi +3G iPad next week since I got this thing.

Haven't much time to play Xbox 360 in the past 6 months and my aunt will be shipping my 360 to me tomorrow sometime. I need to catch up on my games. The internet sucks here when everyone gets on so XBL games will be a no go. I'll be playing the singple player games with a good story to them like Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, and Fallout New Vegas which I just happen to bidding on on eBay at this very moment. haha

For anyone that's interested in joining the Marine Corps and wants some no bs info on what its all about (up to what I've done so far) hit me up. Somethings I can't tell you because I think you should just experience them on your own. This is boot camp related. :D

I'm back!11!1!!!1

Yes after many years I think I may just be back into the whole PC game. Why you ask? Well simply put my PC is outdated. I found this out when editing and making HD movies and noticed how long it was taking. I'm not a patient person so naturally I need more speed.

My current rig is around 5 years old except my video card which is about 2.5 years old. This is what I'm looking at for my next rig by spring time...or sooner. Oh and everything is still going to be watercooled. To much of a hassle to not watercooler it. DAMN! :D

i7 930 - might buy a good week so I can hit at least 4.3ghz+
Asus Rampage II
ATI 5970
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Sony SATA Optic drive
Artic Silver Thermal Paste
HEATKILLER 1366 Water Blocki7 930
EK Radeon HD 5970 VGA Liquid Cooling Block
Windows 7 Professional 64bit - coming from Vista Ultimate 32bit

My PS3 Preorder Story

Well lets see here. I went to the store @ 845PM and preordered Resistance Fall of Man. After talking to the guy there and confirming preorders were going on tomorrow, and asking him how many people called and know about this (he said a lot of people called) I sat in my car and waited. I wasn't planning on waiting all night, but I didn't know how serious people were about this so I stayed till 1145PM. After no one showed up, I went back home which is about 2 mins away from my EB Games.

Next time I went back out was 2am. Still no one there, so I drove back home, and somehow got myself to sleep for a while. I woke back up at 445am and headed back to the store. I saw a chair in front of the door, and a car in front of it. So I pulled up next to the car and there was a guy waiting in it. He got out of his car and we started talking, I told him that I talked to the guy yesterday and he confirmed preorders. Well the chair wasn't the guy that I was talking to, it was his friend's. So I got my blanket out of my trunk and sat down next to the chair on the ground. The guy's friend came back 10 minutes later and we all started talking. about 30 minutes later, another one of their friends showed up.

Well around 730, the guy in the chair started getting hungry and there was a Burger King 4 stores over, and I told him that if he held my spot, I would go over and get him something because I was hungry as too. Well he gave me a $20 and told me to get whatever I want. So that was very nice. Got a free lunch.

Anyway more people didn't show up till 830ish. Most of the people showed up arouned 9am-930. The manager and one of the employees came outside and started talking to us all about the PS3. The manager said she wasn't too impressed with the PS3. She said she was looking forward to the Wii. She told us that she got a chance to play on both and the Wii is really something nice. She also handed us sheets of release dates for games so we had something to look over while we wait the last couple of mins.

10am rolled around, and they let 4 people in at a time. 2 people ahead of me and I was number 3, so I'm pretty siked. I made about 4 friends that night/day and they were all veryu generuous giving me food and drinks. I will say though, that the 3 friends that showed up that I was talking to most of the time all planned on ebaying the console. They also said that they are camping somewhere else on the 16th to get another one.

Made my decision...getting a PS3

After seeing some of the game videos has convinced me to get a PS3. I'm really impressed by Motorstorm which is a game that I really really want and since its PS3 exclusive is even more of a reason to get it.

I plan on getting the $599 model with Motorstorm and most likely another game. I'm not sure of the launch titles but I'm sure they'll be a few more that I'll want and another controller. My main conern it getting the console.

Only reason I get a 360 end of Novemeber last year was because I got extremely lucky, so I'm not couting on luck to get my PS3 this year.


Well I thought that I wanted to be a computer tech. So far I'm doing pretty good for myself but I don't exactly enjoy it all the time. Course there are very few jobs that are enjoyable all of the time.

Anyway I've been thinking of becoming a State Trooper. There's a place by me in Bel Air that does the training so I would be set. It takes 25 weeks to complete the training and you get 66 college credits on top of that. So if I ended up not liking it I would atleast have a lot of credits to aid me else where. Chances are I will be doing this at the exact same time and place as my best friend.

Also one of my options is becoming SWAT, but I don't think I'm ready for that this early in my life.

Pay isn't amazing for the first couple of years, but all the benifits you get easily make up for that.

Being a cop is something that I've always thought about growing up. Now it seems that I can make this a career.

State Trooper academy is no joke. My friends dad is a cop and I was talking to him about it. Tells me that it's easily comparable to military boot camp which is fine.

I went to military camp for a whole summer like 5 years ago or something and I adapted just fine, so I have know worries about this training. Of course I will exercise like a mofo 2 months of so before the training begins to make all the exercises easier.

Now none of this is written in stone so to speak. I like to keep my options open for other things.

I will most likely start training around a year or less after I complete my senior year. So we'll see what happens. I might even start it as soon as I finish if I really don't feel like working at my current job anymore.

My new car

Well I was planning on getting an STI but insurance made that practically impossible. ($13k a year or $6500 per 6 months :( )

Anyway I started looking at other vehicles that would be nearly as high as the STI and I ended up with a 2007 SS Supercharged Cobalt.

I'm still surprised how fast this car is. I wasn't expecting much out of it but it definately packs a punch. :D

Alright so Here is the car that I was driving a little more then a week ago. Good first car but I had my doubts at times if it would make it to where I needed to go with 100k+ miles on it.

And here is the car I drove home today last week. (Pics are from the following day) One thing I did find odd though, was there was no temperature guage. But I found out later that there is a read out in the dash that tells you the coolant temp so I just go off that. I don't get on the throttle till its reaches average temp which is about 180F.

I'm getting the windows tinted this weekend. Next mods include HID's for the headlights and fog lights. Lowering springs are next after that then the GM Stage 2 kit which keeps the warranty and adds about 45hp. :D

Here are pics of my new Treo 700P

So far I've had my Treo 700P for just over a week and I'm loving it a lot more then my Sidekick 2. Battery life is much longer, the screen is much clearer. The web browser is a lot faster, and the camera takes much better pictures.

I also like the interface a lot better. The interface on the SK2 is extremely boring after owning it after 2 months.

I'm pretty sure this is the best PDA phone out at the moment. Before I got this I had plenty of time

Verizon $ucks

Well Yesterday my dad and I went to the Verizon store by me. Anyway we were there so I could get the Treo 700P and add it to my dads family plan. Right now I have a T-mobile sidekick 2 and I need a PDA like the Palm for work and the SK2 isn't cuttting it anymore.

So they guy sets up almost everything and said that I just had to pay for the phone and then go somewhere else in the store to open and make sure it's working.

Well before any of that happens, he said that Verizon won't let him add another line because of the bills that was due got messed up somewhere in the past. What happened is they added an extra payment somewhere so they tried taking to much out. Well my dad called them the other day to arrange them to withdraw the funds on 7/2 (next month in 4 days). My dad also asked if this would affect adding another line to his family plan and the woman said it wouldn't.

So the guy at Verizon told me that the soonest I could come back up and get the phone would be after the payment was made, so sometime on the 2nd.

Yes I know its only 4 days, but I was in there for 2 1/2 hours and came out with nothing. That and the fact that the customer support woman lied to me and my dad telling us it wouldn't affect adding another line.

Only good thing about this is when I go back to get my phone, all the stuff we did yesterday setting up the account and all is saved, so all I have to do is pay for the phone and get the hell out of there which should take 15 minutes tops.

Just venting because I've been wanting to get this phone for a while and made certain arrangements so I could get this phone yesterday and it was all for nothing.

Rig update

Updated on my rig:
X2 3800+ OC'd to 2.87 (faster then what my FX-55 could do on water :D)
Zalman 6 fan speed controller
Cooler Master Stacker side window
UV reactive lights

I think it came out pretty well. Has the look I wanted it to have.
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