Planetside 2 Outfit leader of Quantum Dawn

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Well its been too long since I have made a post but much has changed. Gaming wise I now have a ps vita and a gaming pc. The later of which I am not the proud outfit leader of Quantum Dawn gaming community.  If you're interested in gaming with us join us at or jump on our teamspeak (  We at Quantum Dawn play Planetside 2 as our main game, but we also play Aion, Guild Wars 2, Warframe (Also coming to ps4), CS:Go, LoL, and many others.  Feel free to contact me here or @damann222 for more info.

I also plan on getting a ps2 outfit section going since it will be easy to incorporate that into the ps4 side of things.

I realize most of being an outfit leader is administrative.  I delegate roles to everyone, place leaders, and schedule events.  Less time is devoted to playing.  Still I enjoy it immensely.

Need a new (gaming) laptop

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This past fall my laptop was stolen from my home while I was at work. Now that i have my scholarship money I am in the market for a new laptop focusing toward gaming. I havent been in the pc know for a while so its starting to be frustrating.

I want a laptop that I can game on but not that big. Primarily a 15" to 16" is perfect since I can still lug it around on campus with only a little bulk compared to that of a 17"-18" screen. I like the look of the newly announced asus g73JH-A1 but its size is to much for me. So im (im)patiently waiting to see if asus releases a new 15" laptop with the same specs as the G73JH-A1. Hopefully i can wait that long. Ill keep you posted to see what I chose in the coming month.

Im getting MINE!!!! (PS3 related)

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Well like millions and millions of my closest friends, I also am waiting for the PS3 to launch.  Now about a few hundred thousands are going to get it before Christmas, so how can I get one. 

Well I cant pre-order one yet, but what I did do was pre-buy a ps3 game so when the local EB games gets that call from Sony to start taking pre-orders, Ill be the one that gets that pre-order first.  However they can only take one per household so that means I cant pre-order 2 or 3 like I originally planned (sell 1 or 2 so that one is practically free).  But luckily theres another EB games 5 miles further down the road, and ill get another pre-order from them. 

Now just getting a pre-order isnt promised a ps3 on launch day but its more likely that you will get one.  So to up the odds Im going to be like the hardcore gamers out there (you know who you are) and camp outside the EBgames and make sure that im the first to get one. 

There's just one BIG flaw in all of this, that I see.  I cant be at 2 places at once, meaning I can't be at 2 EB games at the same time.  So i have to have the help of my bro.  He's going to help me (for 10% of the profit on the second one) by purchasing the other one or 2. 

I think this is a sound, fool-proof plan.  Im getting my PS3 no matter what.  So stay tuned for the outcome later on Nov. 17, 2006.

Finished Harry Potter book 6: My take on HPB *SPOLIER WARNING*

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First and for most i would like to say that I enjoyed the book. However, Im now depressed (just like after watching Revenge of the Sith) that i have to wait so many months, maybe years, for the next and last installment.

Before i start off on my criticisms i would like to again warn those who have not read the book that this entry has MAJOR SPOilERS.




I finished the book in around 7-8 hours over the course of a 1.5 days. "HBP" was great but i didn't enjoy it as much as "Goblet of Fire," or "Order of the Phoenix." However, Rowling didnt tell us much more detail in this installment except for the background of Voldemort. The book did put together bits and pieces from previous books in the series, including that Tom Riddles diary in "Chamber of Secrets" was a Horcrux that Voldemort put some of his soul into it to become immortal, but for the most part the novel gave us more questions then it answered.

One of the first things you notice in"The Half Blood Prince" is exactly what has been lacking or, for use of a better statement, what it doesnt have enough of is the adolescent romance that usually goes on in a school setting. Of course you can tell in "Goblet of Fire" there was some hormones raging and obvious relationships in "Order of the Phoenix" but this book has a huge subplot of "who is going out with who." Rowling has done a good job leading the reader into wishing that two characters would eventually get together as "Friends" did with Ross and Rachel. So in book 7 i will be looking forward to if Ron and Hermione become a couple. But the romance in the novel was a double edged sword. The romance felt that it was there in place of the usually enigmas that plagued Harry, Ron, and Hermione, thus making this novel in question of a definite plot.

The fact that Half-Blood Prince turned out to be Snape wasnt a huge surprise to me as in the other books. When the Prince was revealed it was more of an "of course" then an "OMG, REALLY." No, instead the huge surprise became the death of Dumbledore, at the wand of Snape. Rowling said that someone died in this book but i didnt think that it would be a major character as Dumbledore, in fact I thought that I would be Percy Weasley, Cornelus Fudge, or Hagrid who perished in the story.

A few things I like about the story as not to lead you to believe that i hated the whole novel is that it has raised so many questions of whats going to happen in the final story. I have a couple huge revelations on whats going to happen in book 7. One thing is that Dumbledore's death was real but planned. Yes i believe that Snape and Dumbledore made their own Unbreakable Vow, and Dumbledore left many hints and clues to help Harry find the remaining Horcurxes. I have other speculations but ill save that for another entry.

"HBP" does set the base of what needs to be answered in the last novel. I just hope that it will be a last book as worthy as the phenomenon that is Harry Potter.

First Blog: Whatever happened to "The Sopranos?"

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Well im a devout fan of The Sopranos, ive seen every episode to date, but keep wondering when the next (and possible last) season will begin airing. I know its on a hiatus but its been 2 years or so now. HBO doesnt even play its reruns that often. Instead we have lame shows that take the Sopranos time slot. All well, at least season 5 came out on dvd to hold us over until season 6.