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this thread is ridiculous, 90% of console gamers arent experience enough with Graphics to notice that Darker does not= Better, Yes the xbox one will always look better to the Noobs because of the Higher Contrast, but the xbox one Totally Crushes the Details, while the ps4 version looks closer to the PC version.

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a 460 will run battlefield 4 at Medium/High settings fine with no AA.

You might want to OC the GPU a bit tho.

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Lolmama: actually the 6700 is not better than 5850 after that generation.

Mrrubienjo: you will be able to run battlefield at Medium settings

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Who cares? She has a point. It being mysogonistic isn't a good thing. I realize it's a parody.. did they go too far? I don't know... I haven't played it but the point is valid. It could be a turn off to some who are sensitive. I hope it doesn't influence kids in a bad way... our world is too messed up. We need more things that lift each other's spirits in this world. GTA5 is fun, but older and sensitive gamers may get turned off by some tory elements. That definitely deserves some kind of review consequence.


you do realize that this is what Makes GTA, GTA right, the volence, Racism, and everything bad in the world, is what makes this game so popular and fun to play with, a reviewer cant just mention one bad thing and forget the others. thats why this review has mixed feelings/Biased. she/he mention mysogonistic but what about the discrimnation on everyhting else? what about the racism what about the sex etc.

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was watching the review till i heard the word 

  •  misogynistic.

seriously this is a pretty biased review, you cant lower a game score because you believe that there to many men or because the game is racist or misogynistic, this is what GTA is all about, Gamespot get someone else to do the review, The person who did this review has no idea what GTA is all about.

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abby, you wont even be able to run it at the lowest settings unfortunately.

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generations and storm 3 are button mashers for sure, but storm 2 is not, Storm 2 takes alot of strategy because is easy to substitue so you have to think what your oppenent will do before he doe sit.

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here is a built around 600bucks that will run the game Max in 1080p, and play most games at High-max settings. will last you for a very long time.


a i5 3570k=170$ microcenter only

asrock z77 pro 3= 80$ newegg

a amd 7870= 240$

500w corsair Psu= 60$

8gb ram any really= 30-40$

computer case= 30-40$

After market cooling= hyper 212+= 20$


heres is 400$ built that will run guild wars 2 high settings.


AMD built

AMD FX-6300 Vishera= 140$

AMD 7770= 120$

500w PSu= 60$

8GB RAM= 40$

Computer Case= 30-40$

1TB HDD= 60-70$, 2TB=100$ saves you money if you already have  a HDD

Am3+ Mobo= 50-100$ depending on the features you want and  if you want to OC and have DUal x16/x8 slots for CF or SLI in the Future.

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THese parts will run Supersampling, sorry for the misunderstanding. was thinking of a different game..

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here are some parts that will run the game at max without supersampling on, supersampling is an equivalent to Uber sampling from witcher 2.

i5 3570k currently around 170$ on Microcenter original price is mid 200s, or grab a 3770k if you render videos with Vegas or Premiere or planning too. price is 220$ on microcenter, original price is mid 300s, in my opinion you should grab this awesome deal now.

a z77 motherboard, Asrock xtreme gen 4 are rather cheap

8GB of ram, 16gb if you wish.

128GB SSd, 2TB HDD

a AMD 7950 or 7970 depending on the your budget, but these 2 GPUs are the best bang for your buck atm.

a 650w or 650w+ Psu, For Future proof

a Hyper 212+ Evo stock cooler for Overclocking if needed.

and a Computer Case you like.

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