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I feel Asleep! ... or do I?

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Finally! I hit level 24!! haha. Ever since I started on this whole level up thingy (back on level 7 I believe) I wanted to reach this level. Mostly because I sleep during the day, and stay up all night long . (literally, I go to bed at around 6-7am) .

So yeah, I am so happy I have reached I FEEL ASLEEP! and now I must take a break from GS. I am living with my girlfriend and I have no time for most of my crap. I have to spend it with her. Which it isnt a bad trade at all! :P I mean if I have to pick between a Hot girl and trolls ... well... you get the idea. lol.

I'll try to come to GS like once a week or so. BTW if anyone knows how to add an extra emblem on my collection, please let me know k?  I MUST get the third row completed. Is part of my first goal as well.


EDIT: Third Row completed. YEAH BABY! haha dont be jealous!

MySpace!!! I was forced to make one...*sigh* Add me?

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Ok Im really not into the whole MySpace thing, but hell my girl was pushing me to death.So I made one last night. Anyway, right now I have like no friends at all... its quite sad, but thats cuz  most of the guys at work dont give a damn about those things. So here's the link and start adding me :P


Come on you know you want to!! haha

I will add some blogs and stuff later on. Im too tired for now.

Well D is bacK!

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ahhhhh home. Finally home. But man do I miss Idaho so bad. It was awesome! I loved the mountains and the lack of trees! oh and the dry weather hmmm... ok no, Im not being sarcastic I really loved that. I'm so tired of the SouthEast!

Ok maybe being 105 F every freakin day wasnt as good as I thought, but hell it was very well worth it. Hey they got Jack-in-the-box there, and we dont :P hehe

Anyway, now Im back, and I see my level hasnt gone up as much as a I wished... actually it hasnt even moved at all ...>.> now THAT sucks... but hell, now Im all fresh for the trolls , I quite missed them to be honest, I hope you guys took care of them for me :D

Oh I do have one request, I have no idea of what big news have been going around for the last 3 weeks. I didnt have acces to the internet over there so Im quite lost. An update would be fully appreciated. thanks!

I'll be gone for good!

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For 1-3 weeks at least :P

See, I have just made 3000 posts with this one, and I realized I need a break! haha

Nah, as some of you may know, I have been planning on this trip for a while, and see it's summer and I need some vacations. Now since I already live in the south I cant go there, so I'll be going north instead, to Idaho. I've never been there before, seems like a nice place. With the only exception that I wont have a computer to get on.

So yeah, I hope you guys take care of the trolls for me. Man I ma miss clicking that report button... The good thing though, is that I wont be getting upset for stupid moronic retarded threads.

Anyway, I'll see you all when I come back, dont get suspended now. bye.

PS. Yeah, just so you know, I'm bringing with me an spare sock with snuggle scent, just in case those two old ladies, from my previous post, sit right next to me on the plane. Although I rather get a lethal injection instead.

People please...SHOWER! Even the Sony duckie likes it!

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It's not hard. Water doesnt kill. The soap is your friend!

Well I had to make a little rant about this because of an awful experience I just had.

See, I live at these apartments in Georgia, which is a very diversified state. There are people from every place in the world (and Im not exaggerating.) Specially on the North-eastern side of the metro area, where I live. And even I fall in that rule, as I am not an American either. English is my second language.

Anyway, I love my apartments but the only downside, is we have to take our clothes every week to the laundromat inside the apartment complex.

So there I was , about to get my clothes out of the dryer after waiting on my car for the clothes to get ready, reading The Green Mile (good book btw). And right before I got to the door, I smelled something awful. I was like 'damn , I must've stepped on you know the brown stuff' , cuz I was still outside. So I checked my shoes and well they're clean, so I decided to go inside hoping the smell would be gone in the room.

Well I couldnt have been any more wrong. The smell got even stronger I couldnt even breath anymore, and then I saw right next to the dryer where my clothes were, 2 old ladies from a place that does not matter (for obvious reasons) , but all I can say is they were speaking a language I did not understand. And thats when I realized the smell was well, Body Odor.

But the funniest thing about this, was the irony. I mean they were about to WASH their clothes.You know what ladies, it doesnt matter how clean your clothes are , if I can smell you from freaking 50 feet away outside a building, unless you are washing freaking Astronaut Suits, then is totally pointless!!

Just a little info, you know the point you wash your clothes, its so they can be CLEAN and SMELL GOOD. And guess what? SHOWERS are like the washers for PEOPLE!. They have the very same concept!

For crying out loud, I dont wanna be getting out of the laundromat with a sock sticked to my nose (because it had that Snuggle smell on) EVERYTIME! .


Speechless... -must see!- Transformers Movie

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Well that's how I got after I saw these things.

See, I dont know about you, but when I was younger I really didn't care much about the cartoons on TV. I watched them if I was bored , but I wasnt much of a fan of a particular one.  I was more of a If I am bored Im going to play videogames instead of watching TV guy.

Anyway, before I keep going on and on with my childhood, I have to say that the other day I saw this blog commenting about this new movie coming out: Transformers. So I was like , meh its just going to be like one of those movies, I'll just wait til it comes out on tv...

But then, while checking the movie times for Pirates of the Caribbean 2. (havent seen it yet so SHUT UP) the teaser trailer of Transformers hit me. And I must say it really did its job, it teased me, very well.

After seing that, I realized that it might be actually cool, I mean, we're talking about cars and vehicles that actually transform into robots, in real life. This is not a cartoon anymore, is an actual movie, with real people. So now I think about it, and I say this movie might be awesome! And then I found what got me speechless , and what makes me want to go see that movie so badly:

(click them to see the pics on full size, HD worth it)

Optimus Prime Vehicle mode

Optimus Prime Bot mode

And this is my favorite, this is how the movie could be:

(if this aint awesome, then nothing is)

Optimus Prime Transformation


(Sorry about the quality, I had to do plenty of things to post it here. The real video is on HD and wow)

Anyway, the movie is coming out on 7/4/07. That's important because its on a holiday, and because its 3 days before MGS4 comes out

If you wanna learn more there is the official site.

New GameSpot Rule... (dont read it if your lover is a troll)

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Well it was early 2005 and Gamespot forums were so peaceful, nice comments and serious discussions were made. You could smell the roses and hear the giggles in the background. Adults and kids coexisting in harmony, teenagers playing with eachother, touching themselves... oh crap my bad :P.

Anyway, everything was fine, but then the so called Next-gen systems started to step in. After that, different conflicting sides appeared and a common denominator was shared by them: Stupidity.

And that started to be a big pain in the ass to the GameSpot moderators. They were used to deal with flaming posts or disruptive posts or the most common off-topic ones. But now they faced a new challenge, a challenge beyond control, a challenge that even though no one will be able to master, ironically every troll gets better at it by the second. The lack of  intelligence. No man can deal with that .

GameSpot guys realized that stupidity had no limits.That it was ruling in their forums, and they couldnt do anything about it. But then, just like that, this guy came and gave an idea. He said he had the solution to the forum stupidity problem, that the night before he had a vision:

In it, all trolls were very organized and kept in one place, away from society. It was a heartening dream.

They just needed, however, to come up with a name for it. Certainly they couldn't name it the Stupidity Shelf, or the Troll Shelf, for obvious reasons; so they decided to go with the newest fad... the console war. It was the perfect scapegoat.

And so it began, GameSpot opened a new forum, a home for all stupid moronic people, called: System Wars.

Now you'd ask what the hell does this retarded story have to do with the title? well then be freaking patient and let me explain.

It is clear that trolling = stupidity . (Now if you didnt get that from what I wrote above, then you are not far from it either.)  No one who has a developed brain will ever spend more than 5 minutes in that holocaustic place. Personally, I'd never post there. Doing so would lower my level to point that I wouldnt respect myself anymore. And I know most people here think the same way. (Check the TROLL HUNTER squad and join it -by putting it on your sig-)

But what amuses me the most, is that there are people who ONLY post there. You check their post history and 90% of their posting is at SW. And sadly, then they come to the regular forums and  pretend it's the same.

And this is what links me to the title, we shouldnt have to deal with those people, trolls. Which 90% of them come from SW. So I suggest that:

People who have more than 5 posts at SW shouldn't be allowed to post in regular forums.

That would certainly help moderators to keep trolling posts away, and  make the forums a much better place for the community. Im sure it will also make it a much friendlier enviroment and with more serious discussions. Mature people (regardless of age) simply do not post at SW.

I sincerily hope this rule gets the green light, it's not hard to code, nor expensive, and it will definitely help us all.  Not to mention it will make me very happy cuz it was my idea :D j/k ... or am I?

The AppleStation

by on


Image thanks to Shtinky

Well there you have it folks, the most recent interesting news from Sony that have hit the GS forums these couple of days. Certainly someone had to blog it. (and spicy it up a little bit too with some comments and unanswered questions) :D

We all know the deal, on July 7th Sony updated their site and BANG! it shocked us all! a big ass Apple logo was right in the middle of our beloved PS3. After that, rumours, controversy, chaos and big grins were all over the place...err.. at the PS3 forums at least >.>...

A couple of hours later, with the help of some nerdy kids (honestly dont they have somthing better to do?) , a proven image from a decompiler showed that what we all thought it was a whole new PS3 design, was merely a re-used asset from an Apple commercial and was approx 2-3 frames in its latest flash. Which in regular english means: ... huh? o.O

Anyway, no one really understood what was going on, until later that day Sony came and did the whole Oh **** my bad thing. Claiming that it all was merely an 'external error' and they apologized for any confussion it caused. (yeah like that cleared up all the confussion :?)

Well Hmmmmm.... To me the only mistake they made was making that thing public. As in showing it on their site publicly...

I highly doubt Sony would make such awful mistake (placing a competition logo on its most beloved system) Its just too fishy. Regardless of what other excuses they may give about the frames, I just dont see that feasible. Why would Sony be even using Apple commercial frames in the first place? Besides hell that image was so cool. Gotta admit that it certainly didnt look like a mistake. The logo was very well centered.

I am 100% convinced that by TGS we will get a much clear explanation about that. A little surprise perhaps. Nothing extreme like Sony working together with Apple or the so called AppleStation. But definitely it will be something related to this issue.

I know we all would like a PSP that can download iTunes. Or and iPod (damn! it's really hard to type the i in small case first and P in upper case afterwards, took me like 4 tries, interesting, anyway)  like I was saying, an iPod that can play UMDs.You know what they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well this woud've been a nice kick in the balls to Microsoft. But like I said, its just not going to happen. Or is it? hmmm

Do you think Sony was probably lying about the whole mistake thing? And we would actually get our so called AppleStation ? (hey gotta admit sounds kinda cool, and the logo Shtinky made looks really nice too aint it?)

Well post then!!!


Driving or Flying... help me!

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Decisions, decisions...I really need to hear your opinion on this one.  Its kind of a personal issue, and I dunno what to do.

Anyway, I live in Atlanta,GA and probably by August I will have to go to Boise, ID. I got someone I gotta see there, but the problem is that I can either drive there or just fly.

A flight costs around $500 and I'd be there in 5 hours.

If I drive, I'd have to do some maintenance on my car, change tires, brakes, oil and transmition fluid; all that would sum around $500 as well. But it would take me 3 days of driving.

I certainly love driving. But I have never done a cross country before. what should I do!

Ok Im sorry this wasnt a funny , filled with sarcasm or even game related post ... but hell man, dont be picky life is not all game related! .. ok ok to make this post game related..err $500 is what a PS3 would cost me! so yeah! get it? 500! ha ha ...ha... >.> .. <.<... >.>.. *crickets* ...

oh come on just gimme a freaking break and post.

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