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For the record, this is still happening, six months later. It's particularly bad on review pages. I've an idea where the problem stems from, it seems to be connected to all the external sites Gamespot links to. I tested this by using an adblocker to block all the Facebook, Twitter and other social networking buttons, with each one I block the problem diminishes, so that now it only pauses for about 5 seconds every time a page loads. If I could track down the last components the page is loading I could probably eliminate the issue altogther, but clearly this is still troublesome.

And before you raise an eyebrow, I do have "allow some non-intrusive advertising" enabled so the normal banner ads still appear. I'm not adversed to those, as long as they don't get in the way or affect page loading times.

You can pretty much see it in action, the page loads and then about 10 seconds later the social buttons finally appear, which is what tipped me off in the first place. Best guess is that whatever I've missed is loading further down the page where I can't see it. In the meantime the browser freezes completely and you either have to wait, or deal with IE9 trying to recover the page (which just starts the problem again).

I guess if this was last reported in Sept 2012 and yet still hasn't been fixed, Gamespot's tech guys either think it's solved or could do with looking a bit more closely! Either way it's a bit of a shame as I visit this site pretty frequently.

Lots of people still use IE9, including me, simply because it starts instantly on W7 rather than the 2-3 second delay that Firefox and Chrome always have before loading. The default "switch to Firefox" jibe that inevitably follows (I do also use Firefox, but not as my primary browser) is fine for some, but not for me!

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Well, that's just bizarre. It wasn't like I posted on GameFAQs initially, you'd think that if I found a forum on THIS website and posted on it, it would be preserved just like anything else. Makes absolutely no sense, in my mind, but if that's the way it is, well, there you go.

Thanks for the search tip, anyway, unlikely a method as it is, I can actually find my posts using Google. Pretty surreal that I have to use a 3rd party to track my contributions, but it's something, I suppose.

Ah well. Thanks for letting me know, anyway. Nice to know that something as massive, well-known, and supposedly "game"-focused as GameSpot doesn't actually take ownership of a large chunk of game-related content that it features on its own pages. I guess that's the price for being such a massively sprawling entity.

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Um, I'm confused, didn't you click the link I provided? The thread is still there, and very much on GameSpot. I didn't post on GameFAQs, I posted here. The thread is locked, sure, but then all threads are locked after inactivity, but it's still present and all the posts are visible, including mine.

It's pure luck that I found it in the first place, I just happened to be browsing topics and stumbled across one of my posts. I've no way of finding any of my other 34 posts as my posting history has nothing in it.

I'd be grateful if you could look again at this issue, as it seems like you answered a different question to the one I asked.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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My Forum Posting History comes up as empty, despite the fact that I have posted on numerous forums. Here's one, for example:


Mine is the last post in the thread.

But when I go to my profile to view previous posts, it says there's nothing, and tells me to "get cracking". The post above is less than 12 months old, so it's hardly ancient. Is there a time limit to how long you keep track of contributions? Surely if the thread is still there then my posts should still be recorded.

Can you assist?