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Stupid PC fanboys !

Crytek: Crysis 3 is 'maxing out' current gen

This article showed up and brought a lot of discussion about PC hardware,

check the link:


What you guys think about this conversation? :

hangman000 said:

My PC can fly through the specs. I upgraded it again(because I can).So tell me will it kill my PC with it's graphics?

gamingfrendly replied hangman000 :

maybe if they optimize it like crap and call it rigs killer.

dalua360 replied hangman000:

They make you spend tons of dollars on upgrades because it makes the market heated, ask yourself why there are games with the same technology but one of them doesn't need super PCs to run on it ! Ask your self how developers can make similar games on consoles with 256mb RAM ??? Aren't they fooling all of us ? I think they are !

sammoth replied dalua360:

Tehy don;t make you sped anything. That is your choice. That is why you get a watered down console version. The hardware in PC is differnt from a console. You really need to learn a little more about it before you post dribble. Consoles are dedicated gaming machines. PC's are not they do multiple things at once. Not to mention you can tweak almost any game you get on PC. Only fool here is you for not knowing anything about harware.

dalua360 replied sammoth:

Are you another one of those blind PC fanboys? I hope not, because I was talking about what the user hangman000 wrote: "because I can ".... So, I meant that's ridiculous to be obligated to buy a new videocard to run some games if you can run similar games on high-res with your current hardware with no problem! The console comparison has nothing to do with PC vs Console subject, I know PC is way better even if it's not gaming specific, I meant that developers can milk hardware systems the same way they do with consoles, but the Hardware corporations will not allow that! It's the same reason why we are not all using eletric cars by now? Because the Oil industries won't allow, so.... You should study a little before spitting nonsense!

sammoth replied dalua360:

1st you claimed that only 1 game markets to that kind of hardware. That is false statement on your part. Many games are up on the level with Crysis 2 as far as graphics. Witcher 2, BF3, Skyrim and Farcry 3 just off the top of my head are the few that do. Then you posted some dribble about how they can make similar games on a system with only 256mb of RAM. As I said the RAM is different on consoles then PC's.

2nd The PS3 has 512MB of RAM (256 for video and 256 for system). The Cell chip has 256MB of completely sharable RAM, the GPU has 256MB of dedicated RAM. Now the key here is what type of RAM it is. The PlayStation 3 has 256mb of GDDR3 at 700mhz and 256Mb of XDR at 3.2ghz. So what exactly is XDR ram? Here are some of the highlights: - XDR makes PS3 super efficient - XDR aids in faster cache mapping, both direct and indirect - XDR ram works by a pointer to pointer technology and needs very small bus width for execution - XDR is not just faster than GDDR3 but it is much more efficient - XDR RAM works by breaking down data into several packets which prevents data loss and exceptions The Rambus XDR memory architecture is a total memory system solution that achieves an order of magnitude higher performance than todays standard memories while utilizing the fewest ICs. Perfect for computer and consumer electronics applications. The PS3 has two times as much cache at 2x the speed, making it way faster for direct/indirect mapping. Not only that but it has 512k of L1 cache + 1.7m of L2 cache for the 7 specs. The PS3s GPU, RSX was made to work with the Cell processor, it is not some GPU they took and slotted in. It is made to be compatible with the Cell. More RAM does not mean a faster system it means more data can be stored in a fast access area. Games don't always need 512mb of RAM. The RSX can freely use as much of the 512MB total RAM that the PS3 has because the Cell doesn't need much RAM because its fast enough. And the fact that the PS3 has XDR means that it has faster access to data files.

dalua360 replied sammoth:

Sorry friend, half of the things you wrote there has nothing to do with our conversation, you must be thinking about someone else in another post here maybe! And the other half I didn't even say something about it, and I quote: "1st you claimed that only 1 game markets to that kind of hardware." When did I say that? I was against Crytek's statement! I'm familiar to all this stuff you're trying to teach me here, but it has no relevance to my first point which resumes in: "Milking the Hardwares no matter which type is!". Is it really necessary for you to point out all the minimum correct specs of the hardware in this topic? This is nota place to go deep into technical specs, if we say "RAM" it's just a way to express the differences! I'm a former military and I don't criticize people here who wrongly use military words(slangs) or weapons characteristics! Good for you if you know in depth about hardware, but you're in the wrong website! We were talking about a guy that bragged about a game which isn't all that he's claiming, and I was talking to another guy that we shouldn't be obligated to spend money on new hardware for PCs because of only ONE game, when there are others released in the same month sometimes, that can perform perfectly equal on MAX settings.

Let me draw for you:

Do I believe Crysis 2 and 3 are the best? NO !

Do I think that RAM is the same to all Hardwares? NO!

Did I compare PC vs Consoles ? NO !

Do I think PC developers help the hardware market with containment of the technology just to make people buy more, the same way that the mobile phone companies do, for example? YES!

So, technology containment is one problem, and the underuse of hardware specs is another problem when we discuss about developers trying to force you to upgrade your PC to be able to run their games.

You can explain all you want about the differences on hardwares, but the fact that consoles came from the computers, and that developers can milk consoles A LOT, only supports my point!

Am I clear now ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

------------------------------ \/

People became dumber than an ass !

Depressing: Kids These Days Are Dumb As $#!7

I'm worried about how kids are becoming super FANBOYS!

Original link from the GS topic:


My first comment:


Dialog between a developer and his publisher:

Dev: I want to create the most realistic combat game ever!

Publ: No, you have to create the best selling game ever

Dev: Ok [sigh], I will transform BF into COD, and all gamers will play it because there will be no other game on the market for those who like realism, and all costumers will be stuck with two CQB games.

Publ: Perfect... what do you have in mind?

Dev: Look this: Battlefield 3

Publ: Now, just to make sure our costumers don't realise what we're doing, put some vehicles and big maps. And lie about this whole Frostbite 2 new destruction system, because no one played Red Faction Guerrilla and they won't realise how outdated we are.

Dev: Done.

djpetitte @dalua360

it is pathetic how clueless you are. It's one of the 4 expansion packs that is coming out over the next year, and the only close quarters one, which does it ten times better then Cod does with twice the detail and destruction. its not like other battlefield games have never had close quarters.. Ever play inside a titan, yeah didnt think so... go back to your little wussy cod, you newbie

dalua360 @djpetitte

omg, shut up kid... go back to your favorite game and mind your own business...I'm not comparing anything to COD, I hate COD, I know it's 1 of 4 DLC, but it's ridiculous to emphasise CQB into a game that promised a whole different thing! I watched all interviews from BF3 devs before releasing and they promised realism, as I'm a fan of such realistic shooters like ARMA or Operation Flashpoint, I expected a very different BF3, not something that is trying to imitate COD just for profit! If you like the destruction, it's because you are very easy to please, your money is supporting lies... go play Red Faction Guerrilla made in 2009 and come back here to tell me if DICE really has the state of the art technology? All BS !! And another thing, imo people that call other people newbie, it certainly has less than 10 years old! So grow up! And read, I say again, READ before spitting nonsense.

djpetitte @dalua360

It truely is pathetic how clueless you are, I had to repeat that. So red faction had destruction which was great, you put them side by side and you will see theres big differences. I dont get what your point is by that? What are you trying to prove about Dices software? I can tell you it's light years better then anything you could ever create. It's closer to next gen then Cod or Red faction. The only thing that can be compared with those two games is they both had destruction, thats it. How many other shooters do you know with destruciton where entire buildings get leveled or interiors on top of all the other things the game does., You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to software. Destruction will make any war game better and anyone with half a brain knows that. Youre basing your entire arguement of bf3 on one expansion pack when they have provided every other type of game play and have several more expansions to come. It one expansion to a game that has variaty, what dont you get about that? if you dont want to play close quarters then why are you on here whining like a little girl, and you say im the young one. Did I use "omg" in my comment? yea i didnt think so. Im probably close to ten yours older and much wiser then you.. how about you learn how to put sentenses together.

dalua360 @djpetitte

If you had the least knowledge of physics and if you really played Red Faction, you would know that programmed distruction on BF3 is WAY different than destructive environment on Red Faction, which involves real physics math to simulate where the building will fall.

djpetitte @dalua360

You're calling the Frostbite two outdate, that is easily the dumbest thing I have ever read on GS congrats newb. Ummmm have you ever heard of COD? Stop comparing frost bite2 to Geo-Mod2, you have no idea what you are talking about. There's many things they both do different.

Rovelius @djpetitte

Didn't bother reading the argument but Red Faction does have much more impressive destruction than BF3, that's just a fact

punkhawk29 @dalua360

Ok first off i see your point they are getting way to much like cod but why wouldnt they? Some days i want to play a huge map and snipe, fly around or blow crap up with a tank. but other days i want to be in non stop action where i get shot at every step i take. Thats the point of these new maps to give people variety COD has no variety. Secondly never compare red faction destruction to BF3. red faction has the most unrealistic destruction i have ever seen. is it fun? YES!!! realistic NO! buildings dont fall apart block by block. and u cant hammer a wall down in real life. oh and some building can stay up with one wall! BF3 is going for detailed destruction. would it be fun to bring down a 10 story building on BF? yes but can an xbox 360 or ps3 handle that no! red faction could do it cuz you were the only one playing and the building were just walls. i am done!

dalua360 @punkhawk29

I agree with you that variety is good, I like to play CQB too, I'm not saying that BF3 sux because it's not focused on long range shooting (my favorite type) I'm not saying that, I just don't think that variety is good to one game, is good to have variety of options, not a game that wants to do everything. Games should be specific focused, then these games would have their own fan base. Like Splinter Cell and Hitman. If you like Stealth action you will play MGS, Hitman or Splinter Cell, if you like CQB you play COD or Rainbow SIx and so on, because if a game tries to do everything in one game, you will get only a regular experience of everything, and I want the best experience of each thing separately. Today, all devs only think about money and profit, with that, they try to imitate what sells more, which is Call of Duty for example. All hardcore games are becoming more "accessible" to all kinds of players, and this disease is destroying the original fan bases from those games.

Forget about the BF vs COD, I didn't compare them at all. And about Red Faction, you people will only understand what i'm saying if you have a good knowledge about physics, because I'm not talking about visual quality or camera effects which I've already sad that BF3 IS THE BEST right now. When I say better physics I mean that the engine simulates different vectors of force applied in different points with different reactions, and BF3 has only pre-programmed destruction. Would consoles support this technology? How can you be so sure? Red Faction has multiplayer mode with 12 players(if I remember) and you can destroy everything! And that's not even the point, which is the fact that DICE stated that Frostbite 2 was hundred times better than the previous engine(considering destruction specifically) and I don't see that.

This is not for you:

Once again, I feel that I'm losing my time trying to explain something conceptual to a bunch of people saying the same thing "My favorite game is better!"...

dalua360 @djpetitte

Where in this world I compared frostbite to COD? I told it's outdated because it's based on programmed destruction! In 2009 Red Faction already had an engine where whole buildings could fall differently depending on where you destroy first, that's real physics buddy.... Tell me if you can destroy all buildings on BF3? NO, you can't, it's pre-programmed, and it will always fall the same way... on Red Faction your building will fall to the weakest point!!! Stop being so blind due to your your fanboy feelings.

djpetitte @dalua360

Its hilarious how bad you are missing the point, its really making me laugh pretty hard. Are you that mindless? What point are you trying to make about Red Factions destruction and Frostbite 2 destruction?And what does it even mean? it has nothing to do with your orignal whine fest, all you are is nothing but a hater. You call me blind. I never said you compared frostbite to Cod, you are saying frostbite 2 is outdated, which in comparison to games like Cod or Redfactions geo-mod they are both dated much more then frostbite in terms of technology. I did play red faction and it was an awesome game, but it doesnt do half the other things bf does, and doesnt look nearly as good as bf doing it. I may be a bf fan boy, I dont really care nor see anything wrong with that. There's many other older more mature people who grew up playing pc games that will agree with me. now go back to your hole and try to get smarter before you say anything that makes and sense.

dalua360 @djpetitte

Kid, you're just rambling, you didn't say anything technical to support your comments. You keep saying BF is better BF is better.... that's not arguing my friend... I mentioned the differences between how the physics work on both games and you kept saying the same old thing, that BF is better [sigh]. The fact that Frostbite 2 was recently released doesn't justify any superiority in terms of destruction system, you can say better lightining, better sound, etc, but not destruction. I started this discussion because I think BF3 didn't deliver what they promised, which is (by DICE words) state of the art combat simulator, and secondly, I don't think that CQB focused maps should be in that game because BF should take a different path than what COD took from the beginning. And then after that, I found you insulting me because I have a different opinion than your super fan feelings toward BF3. I really think that BF3 IS the best game that's in our disposal today, but I know that DICE focused toward COD costumers and forgot people like me, people that was expecting realism, not run and gun without sense. I'm not hating anything... I'm just saying that all gamers are stuck with two options, BF3 or COD. Think about it... How many people play video games today? Millions right? Do we have only two types of shoes available on the market? NO, and that's because people are different and have different preferences, then why should we be cool to have only two types of games and one of them is copying the other??? I gave you facts, and I just hear from you that your game is the best... that's not a conversation.

djpetitte @dalua360

You can call me kid all you want but is quite pointless since I was born in 83. Maybe to you Dice didnt deliver what they promised but to me they did and much much more, so dont play it if you dont like it. Your original comments about transforming Bf into Cod is just plain rubbish. So they have one expansion pack of close qaurters/interior maps, and you say they are transforming the entire game into Cod, thats absurd and over reacting. Dice has been specilizing in online warefare since 1942 , they know what they are doing. One of the next expansions is supposed to have the biggest BF maps ever created, thats variaty. The point is there is serverl types and flavors of game play with Bf, which is more then most games have. Its absurd to chalk the entire game of BF being transformed into CoD becuase of ONE Expansion pack. I know several people that have been playing BF since 1942 and to this day I still play with them that can easily go join a server and find the gameplay style they prefer playing and the core of it has not changed much. I realize red faction has mainly focused on destruction since the early days, well those games got quite repetative in my opinion and a lot of other peoples opionions. There's a reason BF games since 1942 have been the game to test the latest PC hardware and caused people to upgrade their computer hardware, I do not need to pinpoint tech to you, so dont call frostbite 2 outdated either cuz that is also rubbish, its HD destruction.

dalua360 @djpetitte

" they did and much much more" what? - Gigas of updates to correct the buggiest and most complaint reported game of all time?

"they know what they are doing" - I agree, that's why they are billionaire taking the money from "all types of gamers" (oh the irony).

"The point is there is serverl types and flavors of game play with Bf" - Exactly, that's why it's not a good game, because nothing in the world can be 100% good for so many different tastes! got it? And people still defend this game like if they had stocks invested on DICE, very weird!

I'm man enough to assume my opinions and say in front of all you fanboys that I'm not happy with this game because it was made to fit "all tastes" and THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN LIFE, people are becoming zombies.... I bet that you are very picky when it comes to some other things in your life, and people seems to forget to be like that when it comes to video games, that's my whole point here! Do you see lots of cars on the street that have various colors and are fitted to off road, luxury, heavy duty and family SUV at the same time? Or it's more likely to find specific cars for their specific jobs with individual colors? If we always choose our preferences in real life, why people swallow everything the publishers say it is good for them? Once again, I repeat, BF IS the best thing we got at the moment, and that's the problem..... I don't like to buy this or that because is what everybody is buying and there is nothing else.... Do you listen Justin Bieber because the TV say it's cool? because everybody listens? ( i'm sorry if you happen to like it, just an example), if not, I'm sure there are other options right?

djpetitte @dalua360

You basically just sound like nothing more then a nay sayer. I think you are the type of person that does nothing but point out negatives and find something to complain about no matter what it is. Dude, it's a game! nothing more, so if you have that much to complain about then dont play it, its simple as that. No ones twisting your arm. Me and a lot of my friends play Bf on a daily basis and I have never heard one of them complain like you have, most just have fun playing a GAME and have been since 1942. Calling BF a BAD game because it has several different ways to battle is assanine "The point is there is serverl types and flavors of game play with Bf" - "Exactly, that's why it's not a good game, because nothing in the world can be 100% good for so many different tastes! got it?"....

I have to admit that's quite a the jaded view of "world" if I have ever heard one. You can have whatever jaded opinions you want about bf, but I love it and always have. I have never yet been let down by dice, yes I have dealt with lots of bugs and issues.. well I work for a medical software company and we have just as many if not more bugs then most games do, so you need to understand software better. No matter what software it is, it wall always be getting updates and new versions that fix bugs and introduce new bugs, that software plain and simple Ever heard of windows?

dalua360 @djpetitte

In my line of work, there's no room for failure, although the govenment teaches people to live their lifes accepting the failure as something good and normal. People today are being taught to get used to the error, of course that you learn from your mistakes, but you can't expect to have failure all the time like if it's so normal. Military softwares are much more stable, why? It's obvious don't you think? Aircrafts fails all the time? (not talking about drones) it would be acceptable? Everything in this life is about money and what the consumers want, if the consumers ( people in the world ) are getting stupid, all the companies will take advantage on that, that's why all games today are getting released like if they were not finished, then we just wait to the updates, this is becoming normal, don't you see how bad is that? My knowledge about software is enough to understand that bugs happen, I worked earlier at IBM, and in my military career I had my share too. But we have to have good sense about how much is acceptable.

And to be honest with you, I'm not here because of video games exactly, you're right about "if you don't like, don't play it", I just want to see how people are dealing with these "mind controlling marketing schemes" that the gaming industry has become.


Games NEED TO BE STUPID to sell more!

Nuns, Guns, And Agent 47 - Hitman Absolution E3 Trailer


This is not 47, he is genetically enhanced, he would never get beaten by girls. And girls dressed like that with those weapons in the street? It's just plain ridiculous! If this was Saints Row The Third there would be no problem, but it's not. What would you think if Kratos had military weapons to defeat his enemies? It would be totally incoherent with the series, and if you thought for a second that this could be cool, then you're contaminated too.

Comments from this topic:

dalua360 commented:

OMG THEY RUINED HITMAN! I was praying to not let that happen to Hitman but I think no one escapes from this current contamination of stupid modern games trying to put absurdities just to call kids attention!

oxrs in reply to dalua360:

How? Because they used costumes on women that are perfectly in line with those that have appeared in the series before? Because they used themes of 47 being hunted by superior numbers, as they have before? Or are you just being reactionary and judging a game based on a non-gameplay trailer for absolutely no reason? Hm.

dalua360 in reply to oxrs:

Because I'm playing Hitman since the first game and I'm a former military. By that, I can't stand the ridiculous. If you see ninja nuns with RPGs and sexy lingerie please take a picture. If you like those types of games, I don't. Your opinion, my opinion..... just opinions.

One thing that supports my first argument is the difference of opinions when you compare this topic to the opinions given on real fan forums, which you can find more mature people hating this video. Hitman is trying to sell more with this marketing approach, but almost all the older fans are complaining because we can see where this is going. All hardcore games are trying to become more "accessible", like Splinter Cell Conviction, Battlefield 3, Deus Ex, etc... That means profit for the developers, thanks to all clueless gamers that buy anything, but that means frustration to hardcore gamers because we can't find games without childish or arcade features anymore

And below some other opinons from Gamespot audience:


this trailer have every thing! guns, explosions ,chics ,fighting ,sexsy chics more fire!!!



I promised myself i'd only buy games because of gameplay.... but on the other hand


I liked that he punched one of the women in the face, after strangling her and before she hit the ground.


Great trailer :)


Aaawwww Yeahhhh! :D


Now those are some twisted sisters.


Arguably the greatest short film of the year. The themes are rich, this tapestry of a bald man murdering sexy nuns for no reason, this is brilliant on so many levels. SOLD.


those nuns are so sexxxxxyyyyy


" No words, just mouth open from the sheer badassery in this"

This is just one small example of one area of society where young people are alienated and without discernment, but in general we can carry this ideal to all scopes of life, where we see the quality of studies and values of young people being so deteriorated that it's very hard to be hopeful about our future being handed over to people so empty and manipulated.

Kids... They watch too much TV.

I was watching a trailer from the game Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, and I wanted to comment my opinion regarding how bad this game will be if City Interactive don't fix their major mistake from the first game, which was making a Sniper focused game that had nothing about snipers at all! Then I posted a comment agreeing with the comment of a colleague when he started trying to show me how he's experienced in his "military career"

link of the video: http://www.gamespot.com/sniper-ghost-warrior-2/videos/sniper-ghost-warrior-2-the-sarajevo-urban-combat-trailer-6378130/#lf_comment=26587330

Read my conversation with him below, and take your own conclusions:

DITHRICH commented:

Not sniper talk..... In training they teach to squeeze the trigger never pull! Snipers in gaming are never like real living ones, this are shallow, low life's who blow sh*t up..... At sniper school they teach you to push your emotions down but never to be a loose cannon or to take video game shots at fuel tanks. hopefully, this game like the other will show better thinking at its next trailer or at the game itself...

dalua360 in reply to DITHRICH:

Once more City Interactivy showed their huge lack of knowledge about what is to be a real sniper, and this is a sign that this game will fail again like the first one! I wish not, because I would love a sniper exclusive game, but I don't see that coming at all! This is all COD and BF3's fault, they set this stupid base line and now everyone wants to follow that! Not that I don't like COD or BF3, but it's time to have something like ARMA or even better, it would be awesome to merge the destruction of BF games with the cinematic of COD games in a game that is more realistic like ARMA. There is even a mod where you need to dial your clicks on the scope to compensate wind and gravity! Long range shooting isn't 300 yds, it's more like 1500 yds or more!

DITHRICH in reply to dalua360:

First of all i said noting about the game being a fail, unrealistic sniper experience sure but not a fail. and by the way, snipers use the metric system, even Americans, me myself took part in many military operations involving recon, package security and clearing hostiles, 300 yds thats like 250-270m? its not cqb it is a range for a marksman with a scoped rifle or a grenade launcher. its not long range but its mid range since assault rifles become useless with out optics or marksmanship abilities from 200m, snipers come to the picture from a long range and or usually they go first, clean the area and then provide support for the on going team and even join them. marksman provide cover, snipers are the front line in urban areas or a semi "jungle" area. the only thing i wish for Ci's games that they will dig deep although i enjoy there games, i get disappointed from there lack of study, mainly graphics showing engine, and no depth. Hopefully i am wrong, i wish i was wrong a lot....

dalua360 in reply to DITHRICH:

Hey buddy you're talking with a former marine here, everyone here knows that, so I just don't understand what is wrong about my opinon? I used the yds system to make easier to understand to US people. I can make shots at 250m to 300m without scope if you want, how do you think the past wars were fought? With trijicon scopes? lol. But that's not important, I was agreeing with you, I just gave my opinion, there's no need to get all worked up about my comment!!! By the way, Marine recon or sniper don't clean the area like your saying, it's more of a 0311 job, we overwatch and pass intel to our OC giving support if needed after the situation deteriorates. If you're talking about ARMY, then it's a different thing. Like I said, it's just my opinion about a good game, because if you like 300m shots, you don't need a new game, there is plenty of them at your disposal already.

DITHRICH in reply to dalua360:

I am sorry mr former marine sir(semper fi), alloow me to introduce my self, former IDF warrior for the 7th armor division recon and surveillance, currently joined the British special forces, i never said anything about the marines. In my line of work i do not babysit ground forces, i give intel of the area, as well as you blokes do. and back at the day of ww2 many "snipers" didn't even had any scopes......a well know sniper known as "the white death" used his iron sight for distances. all i was saying is that even with Americans we used the metric system. If you think i offended you by my comment Mr jar head, i am sorry since i didn't mean to. call of duty is an example for "cqb sniping", at least battlefield tries a wee bit. and in my line of work i have cleared many sectors with the help of my team. we usually send a scout in, the scout is armed lightly with a rifle, a pistol, coms and etc. We only "eliminate" HVT's on our own and lets say this is risky line of work. me myself not long ago gat shot in the leg what leaves me here.

dalua360 in reply to DITHRICH:

And again, I must say that I agreed with you from the first time, so, your need to show up your military knowledge is totally unnecessary here, there was no reason for that type of explanation in our discussion, because I didn't say anything against your first statement or anything wrong, I just wanted a game with long range capabilities, and you started to teach me tactical approaches of 300m snipers?? Long range shooting means more than 1000m and I quote you "in my line of work". I don't see coherence in this discussion, which was about having a good realistic military game focused on the sniper role. I just don't understand why you started this whole talking about your skills. I didn't even say what I was or what I do now and you suddenly assumed that I had to be taught? I suggest to you Mr British Special Forces to save your rich military knowledge to military forums, or ask people if they want to learn something new from your vast experience before starting this extense recruiting class. [sigh]

DITHRICH in reply to dalua360:

well i thought yanks like hearing something about proper military work? nahh i am kidding, i enjoy seeing your work. and your absolutely positively right, games do need some long range shooting, but there comes the problem in making a game fun and realistic, they usually don't go together.

Conclusion:Proper military work? pfff. In my opinion this guy is a kid trying to show off his knowledge learned from the Hollywood movies.

Next gen not needed until 2017, says Heavy Rain dev

Quantic Dream's David Cage says he has yet to face a PS3 hardware limitation, believes industry lacks creativity; games too focused on violence.


The next generation of consoles won't be needed until 2017, according to Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream founder David Cage. Speaking to Develop recently, Cage said existing platforms, like the PlayStation 3 (for which Quantic Dream develops exclusively), are powerful enough to remain relevant and capable for another half-decade.

Cage isn't interested in next-generation technology just yet.

"I'm not that interested in technology or the next generation of consoles," he said.

"If we could continue with PlayStation 3 for another five years it would be fine with me."

Cage went on to explain that the main limitation is not in hardware (he says he's not yet found something the PS3 can't power), but rather a lack of creativity on the part of developers.

"As an industry we have pretty much have been building the same games for 50 years, despite the platforms changing," he said.

When the next generation of consoles do arrive Cage expects them to have typical trappings of updated technology.

"What do I expect from the next generation of hardware? You know, the usual," he said. "More polys, and higher resolution texture maps, and, horsepower, and, stuff. Wow. It's so cool and exciting."

Cage also sounded off on the present market. He said the industry is oversupplied with first-person shooters and role-playing games, and is too tilted towards violence.

"The industry is too far balanced towards kids and teenagers. It's too focused on violence," he said. "There should be games for all ages, all tastes. Whatever is possible with interactive entertainment should be explored, and I don't think we're seeing that right now."

My Comment:


oh yeah Cage, there's no violence on Heavy Rain right? And the sex and nudity? You're a f***** hypocrite! For example: a woman squirming and screaming as she catches on fire; a man impaled in the chest with a power drill; a female attacked in her own home by masked male assailants (the scene is prolonged); and a man shot (shown in slow-motion) by police officers; Ethan, is forced to cut off a segment of his own finger with several instruments (saw, scissors, knife, etc.). The game contains sexual content and nudity. Shower cutscenes, if players control the female character, her breasts and buttocks are also briefly visible; the player-character is asked to strip; at gunpoint, she dances topless in front of the man. The game also contains a prompt-based love scene (kissing and rubbing) in which players match on-screen cues to angle characters? mouths, remove shirts and blouses, unhook bras, and lower to the floor; a woman briefly appears topless amidst the dark shadows and heavy breathing. Very instructional Cage, very creative !!!

I've never read so much BS in one text in my whole life!! I like to have story or creativity on games, but not alone those things can make a good game, I like good graphics too, I like to have state of the art features at my disposal and I don't see a great evolution on technology coming from 256mb RAM ! Based on his lack of interest about new technologies, and his unfortunate comment about how games are the same since the last 50 years, all we can assume is that this guy is desperate, he has something behind that stupid thinking that he's not telling us, maybe they spent so much money on R&D to learn how to work with the PS3 system that they are affraid to lose all that money to start all over with a new system. Make a comparison between the specifications of the 6 years old consoles and the newer PCs and you will see the huge gap in technology they have, which we are not taking any advantages right now due to this delay on releasing new gen consoles. I'm sure there's only two excuses to not release new systems earlier, one possibility is because all the clueless gamers are still playing consoles and they're not migrating to other systems or complaining about, which it keeps heating the consoles market until now, the other one is because they know the world will end this year! Pick your choice !

Shredwolf in reply:

Game Industry who is in hurry getting to next generation console need to be slapped across the head with 2 by 4 plank. Making games cost a ton already and fools themselves whinging about used games and not getting enough revenue say the games need to have better graphics. Are they serious? Not only that we are not quite out of recession, that we, consumers don't blindly buy any games and consoles. There are number of decent companies getting laid off because it's hard to get by. I must say the majority of game industry is just delusional. David Cage is one of a few developers who seems to know what's going on in the industry. Say whatever the hell you like about his games, but I agree with the man, the games need some more variety, especially triple A titles. His games are very flawed but at least he tries to experiment. Every games he is involved in, it honestly catches the eyes. Nowadays, hardly anything interesting catch my eyes. All I see are the same old 3rd action adventure, 3rd person shooter or 3rd person RPGs that are all sequels and only ones that I see that are actually mature I can count on my fingers. "Games are art" my ass. These sort of reactions I read only seems to support my argument.

dalua360 in reply to Shredwolf:

If we start a discussion about economy, I think it would be really futile to argue about video games since the world have bigger problems. Although, you are right about the lack of variety and the huge cost that the developers are facing today, so, the least we could do is to not buy generic games, sequels verging the "expansion" category, that would force them to invent new fresh ideas, but I think this is almost utopic since the most part of its customers are kids.

Landsharkk replied cr8ive:

Better graphics don't make a fun game better, they just make it look better. It doesn't effect gameplay. I'm not saying better graphics are bad. I just mean they really aren't needed to have better and more creative games. I think that might be what Mr Cage is trying to express.

superlick in reply to Landsharkk:

I don't think that is what he meant. From the sound of his quote especially. "More polys, and higher resolution texture maps, and horsepower, and stuff. Wow. It's so cool and exciting." He's insinuating displeasure with the trend. The trend to sell visually striking games. While this isn't all bad. I agree with him that, in that trend, there is a lack of creativity. If we step back for a moment and review gaming, its origins, and what games kept us coming back. Most of the true glory days of gaming never required system's close to today's PC standards. And I guess that leaves me wondering why so much emphasis on the graphical engine? Sure it looks better, ascthetically speaking. But games should have an iconic nature which is based on more than just their graphical muscle. For example just take BF3 on 360. Obviously through that game we can observe 360's ability to handle a heavy payload. Within that range it is widely possible to create new and innovative genres. There is a demand for higher performance, but obviously the need is greater creativity.

dalua360 in reply to superlick:

You are completely right about that, but I just think that the consoles are holding up new technologies that we don't even have idea it's possible yet, because if you take a look at the console's system specifications and compare to the latest PC system available, there's a huge difference and I'm wondering, if they can make BF3 with 256mb RAM, what they could do with GBs more ? I don't see publishers trying to make the new "Crysis", I mean, they are not spending money on super PC exclusive games, and there's a reason behind that.

Free Radical founder says Call of Duty and Battlefield are only profitable FPS

Free Radical founder says Call of Duty and Battlefield are only profitable shooters on market, publishers afraid to pursue projects that don't follow established formula.

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- dalua360 commented:

Posted May 3, 2012 9:54 am ET

First of all, if all gamers tried to support the gaming community a little, we wouldn't have tons of clueless gamers that buy anything that comes with the label EA or Activision. I love FPS games more than other genres, but I'm man enough to admit that MW3 and BF3 are the cheapest thing ever made just to keep us busy, that's it, and before you guys start to thumbs down me, I mean that all developers are trying to please too many types of players with one game only and that's impossible and this is what's making today's games become mediocre. Take "FarCry 2" or "Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising" for example, those are two games with focus on specific things and there are people that hated but there are people that loved like never before, and that's what the games should do, they should focus on their specific public to make them 100% satisfied. What do we see today? We see two major games with this huge community but with this huge amount of complaints around the web. So, people is still playing it but there's no 100% of satisfaction, it's just that we don't have anywhere else to go, we have millions of people playing only two games, but don't you think that people have a lot of different preferences? Do you see only two types of shoes on the market? I don't think so! Crysis 2 did the same and that's why they didn't sell as expected, they didn't keep to its roots.

- vaibhavp commented:

Posted May 3, 2012 10:06 am ET

Crysis 2 did'nt made any money? I thought it sold like in excess of 3 mill. If this much sales is not profitable maybe you need to work out economics better.

- dalua360 in reply:

Posted May 3, 2012 10:27 am ET

@vaibhavp If a game costs $100 and the total sales is $101, that's profit already, right? The problem is the baseline of today's market is set to the hundred of millions, anything less than that is not acceptable for them. To achieve that, they need to target almost all types of gamers, and this is causing the whole problem. The gaming industry prefers to launch generic games with huge profits, but they know that the gamers will be pissed with something, the problem is that they just don't care because we will still spend our stupid money with their stupid generic games. The gaming community should get together and make some sort of strike against the market, but this type of commitment is too difficult to achieve when we're dealing with kids