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Level 20 - And goodbye blog header =[

Well the last time I was here I remember there being a level 20 glitch. The glitch was quite disturbing. You basically went through level 20 about as slow as possible gaining about 1% of level each day. I don't know if this glitch still exists but even if it does I'll do my best to get through it.

I also would lkike to note about my blog header. Earlier this week Miguel Tejada was traded to the Astros from the Orioles. I also learned that he has been suspected of using steroids. I'm not 100% sure that he was using steroids, only he knows that but I have removed my blog header simply because I do not belive in performance enhancing drugs. Maybe when I get time I'll make a Cal Ripken Jr. blog header instead. I may also make a Marlyand Terrapins basketball one. It's been a while since I last designed anything anyway so I'll probably need to watch a few tutorials again. =]

Hey! I'm back! Only on weekends though =]

Hey everyone. I'm kind of back now. I'll b mostly in the NCAA Football Union and NFL Union though. And I'm only going to be here on days when we have no school. My reasoning for this is because I have too much on me now. I have been receiving an intense amount of homework latelyfor some odd reason and between that, basketball practice, Xbox Live, and my job at my Pap's I don't have much time for other things like this. Fortunately, Christmas break is coming in a few weeks and I believe we have a week or two off of school. By the way, I got Guitar Hero III for my,new 360. I love it. The games I currently have are Madden 08, NCAA 08, Guitar Hero III, and Forza Motorsport 2. That's not much but considering I just got my 360 amonth ago It's not bad. I'll be expecting a few 360 games for Christmas anyway so I can't wait! =]

Top 5 most viewed sports videos on GameSpot

Yes that's right. This video right here has nearly 21,000 views. It's in the top 5 videos for views in the sports category. That's awesome guys thanks so much. By the way I'm not back, just a little visit. Oh and how about my Cowboys? 4-0. =] Well, here's the video. Quite an amazing catch. Watch it. And thank you guys so much.


Hello Again... Brady Quinn owns!

Hey guys. I'm back. I just came back to say.... Brady Quinn did what last night against Detroit? He played for two drives. Both of those drives, he lead Cleveland to a touchdown. Now remember what I said to you all about him becoming so great? Still doubting? I'm sure you are because "It is just his first game, big deal." Well, wait until his next game, and his next, and the next one!!! He is going to be great I'm telling you!!!!!

Addicted to RuneScape

A few days ago I made an account for RuneScape just to see what the game was like. No more than 10 minutes into the game I was addicted. Yes it is sad but I'll come out of this sooner or later. That's why I haven't been on GameSpot for the past few days. Anyway, I'm back for good now ut I'm not going to stop playing RuneScape. My username is Dc3 Chad if you want to add me.

Joe Theisman Breaks His Leg

On Monday Night Football Lawrence Taylor (Giants) tackles Joe Theisman (Redskins) and bends his leg in the wrong direction causing it to break. Warning: If you don't like seeing things that make you hurt just by watching them, then do not watch this.


Vote For the ESPYS!

I put in my votes for the ESPYS today. You guys should go over and vote for them. Here are my votes:

Best Male Athlete
Tiger Woods
LaDainian Tomlinson - My vote
Roger Federer
Peyton Manning
LeBron James

Best Female Athlete
Lisa Leslie
Taryn Mowatt
Lorena Ochoa
Candace Parker - My vote

Best Team
Florida Gators Basketball
Florida Gators Football - My vote
Indianapolis Colts
San Antonio Spurs
St. Louis Cardinals
Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball

Best Moment
Tiger Woods Cries at the British Open
Saints return to Superdome and beat Atlanta on Monday Night - My vote
Super Bowl's First African-American coaches (Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith)
Derek Fisher being a father

Best Championship Performance
Peyton Manning - My vote
Jimmie Johnson
LeBron James
Serena Williams

Best Record Breaking Performance
LaDainian Tomlinson - My vote
Bob Knight
Michael Phelps
Kelly Slater

Best Break Through Athlete
Kevin Durant - My vote (hard decision between Durant and Hester)
Devin Hester
Ryan Howard
Morgan Pressel

Best Game
Oklahoma Statebeats Texas 3 OT (Mens Basketball)
Boise State over Oklahoma in Fiesta Bowl - My vote
Colts over Patriots in AFC Championship

Best Finish
2007 Daytona 500 - My vote
Dodgers over Padres
Division 2 Basketball Championship (Mens)

Best Play
Travis Pastrana double backflip (almost got my vote)
Boise State 2pt. conversion in Fiesta Bowl - My vote
Darrelle Revis return
Dwayne Wade shot
Endy Chavez catch

Best Coach/Manager
Tony Dungy - My vote
Billy Donovan
Jim Leyland
Pat Summit
Gregg Popovich

Best Upset
Florida over Ohio State Football - My vote
Tigers versus Yankees
Golden State over Mavericks
Rutgers versus Duke (Womens Sweet 16)

Best Sports Movie
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - My vote
Invincible (Almost got my vote)
We Are Marshall

Best International Athlete (Male)
Dirk Nowitzki - My vote
Albert Pujols
Didier Drogba
Roger Federer

Best International Female Athlete
Justine Henin
Lorena Ochoa
Maria Sharapova - My vote (God she's so sexy...)
Annika Sorenstam

Best NFL Player
Drew Brees
Peyton Manning
LaDainian Tomlinson - My vote
Larry Johnson
Jason Taylor
Brian Urlacher

Best NBA Player
Kobe Bryant
Carmelo Anthony
Tim Duncan
Steve Nash
Dirk Nowitzki - My vote
LeBron James

Best WNBA Player
Lauren Jackson
Tamika Catchings - My vote
Diana Taurasi
Lisa Leslie

Best Baseball Player
Ryan Howard - My vote
Derek Jeter
Johan Santana
Justin Morneau
Albert Pujols

Best NHL Player
Sidney Crosby - My vote
Martin Brodeur
Vincent Lecavalier
Scott Niedermayer

Best Fighter
Miguel Cotto
Randy Couture
Quinton Jackson
Floyd Mayweather - My vote
Manny Pacquiao

Best Driver
Kevin Harvick - My vote
Jeff Gordon
Jimmie Johnson
Sam Hornish Jr.
Tony Shumacher
Dario Franchitti

So that's just a sample of my votes. Here is the link to the ESPY voting.

Well I'm Back

I was away for a while as you probably know. I have been moving into my new house so I had no internet connection for a while. I still don't I'm just at my uncle's house right now. So I'm just letting you guys know why I have been off.:)