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Unions are ending, and I may leave Gamespot indefinitely

This will suck, but I typically only venture in unions...never in forums. With the latest announcement that the unions are being phased out, this will be the final straw as far as my membership in the site goes. I'll still browse, but don't expect much from me (like you've been expecting a little from me to begin with).

If you still want to keep in touch with me, here's part of my contact information...do note that I keep my friends lists rather tight:
Steam: dalejrgamer
Origin: Tommy44Vercetti
Skype: tommy44vercetti

Don't bother asking me for my Facebook info, I will not give that out. 

Bad Match of the Week: K-Krush vs Hermie Sadler

woo cross-promotion

Yes, this was an actual feud.

To satisfy the redneck audience that then-called NWA-TNA had in their early days, they had gimmicks that embraced the Bible Belt culture...such as making a homosexual tag team heels just so that the crowd will vocally urinate on them. And this one. K-Krush (Ron Killings, who's known now as R-Truth) fueding with a NASCAR driver (Hermie Sadler, quite the unknown unless you follow NASCAR for as long as I have). Due to the location of TNA at the time (Nashville, TN, as opposed to Orlando, FL nowadays), of course they'll make a caucasian motorsport driver the babyface and a black wrestler the heel.

This wasn't a good feud by any means, and it wasn't that good of a match pitting a non-wrestler against a wrestler (then again, what did you expect?). Oh, and they performed the Dusty Swerve in this one (my favorite kind of match swerves), making Sadler the winner to a huge pop.

Could be worse, tho...you could have Kyle Busch and Joey Logano tag-teaming up to go against the Big Show and Chris Jericho. Good thing that didn't happen.

Bad Match of the Week: EXTREME Elimination Chamber

The actual match is less than extreme

The Elimination Chamber is regarded as being more dangerous than the Hell in the Cell gimmick match type. So why don't we make it more dangerous by adding weapons?

Well, it was a really bad PPV that night and this match would be the only match to redeem the entire PPV. And they ruined it. The Big Show is the ECW Champion at the time (a decision that still boggles ECW smarks to this day). Bobby Lashley is in ECW (wat). Really, the only people in the match that screams ECW is Hardcore Holly, RVD (duh), Test, and CM Punk (smarks' new favorite wrestler). And none of them lasted. In fact, CM Punk, in which Bryan Alvarez regarded as the best worker in the match, was ousted three minutes in. RVD was eliminated not too soon after.

With the two out of the picture, the crowd began to take a dump on this match. Chants of "Bulls**t," "TNA," "Where's Our Refunds," and "Let's Go Big Show" (heel) were heard. Even worse is Lashley's involvment in the match. He has a monster face gimmick so he shows his prowless by using the table to break through the chains above him (they're gimmicked, of course) and ousted Test and Hardcore Holly. Anytime you put two big men in the same ring, you know you're watching a trainwreck. Show ends with Lashley winning and NOBODY cared.

Here's the even worse part: this show cost Paul Heyman a job. He wasn't even the booker of the PPV, which would have made December to Dismember about as good as the two One Night Stands they had in 2005 and 2006--if not, even better than the two. He wanted CM Punk to get over as ECW Champ. Even the Big Show wanted CM Punk to leave Augusta, GA as the ECW Champ. Of course, Vince McMahon is a doofus and thinks that Lashley will be over as champion. Boy, that went well, did it?

Bad Match of the Week: John Cena vs John Laurinitis


To build hype for the PPV match between these two, Big Show was used as a catalyst for this match. Show made fun of ol' Johnny Ace's soft, cigarette chain smoker-like voice and gets fired a week later (through constant bullying from Acey Baby). Later that same night, John Cena shows that he's a huge Big Show mark and fully supports him...by not mentioning his name one bit during his promo towards Ace and resorted to bullying tactics to get himself over with the Pittsburgh crowd. B A STAR, everyone!

The stipulation of this match is that if Johnny Ace wins, he keeps his job as GM of RAW and SmackDown!. John Cena wins, Ace is FAHRED!

It was depressing to see this match. Cena worked Ace over and got carried away, so he does the same bullying tactics to Ace. Mind you, Cena is a spokesperson of the B A STAR anti-bullying campaign, so a lot of of the tactics are actually hypocritical. Heel-like, to be exact. The match dragged on for far too long and the finish was disappointingly predictable. Big Show interfered by grabbing Ace out of the Carolina Hurricanes tunnel (or the visitor's tunnel, can't remember which one) and threw him back into the ring. At that point, everyone knows what's coming. So they waited...and waited...and waited...and waited...and finally Show threw Ace to Cena, who picked him up to perform an FU to Ace, only for Show to throw a right cross across Cena's face. This was supposed to be a comedy match around Cena having some fun at Ace's expense, but all of that came off horribly.

So, Show turned heel, Cena was buried for a bit (yet still has the main event spotlight, something CM Punk made light of recently) and Ace was in charge. The match actually had a negative effect on Ace as RAW ratings declined afterward, even went as low as a 2.7 for one week...this prompted Vince McMahon to appear on TV for the first time in forever to set up a match between Show and Cena inside a cage with Ace's job on the line. Cena won that, Ace gets written off TV, RAW goes above 3.0 on a weekly basis (except for that one week where it dipped to 2.8...which is the go-home show to SummerSlam). Mind you, the weeks of decline occured during the Stanley Cup/NBA Playoff season.

To summarize: Cena should have won...although I was actually rooting for the meteor because I hate them both.

Bad Match of the Week: Steiner Brothers vs Team 3D


This match is a bad match. Scott Steiner is clearly exhausted around midway through and Rick Steiner is clearly out to injure someone...or something iono.

Actually...I've seen worse. Yeah, there were a few botched spots (from all around, including the damn cameraman), but the reason why I'm posting this is this promo.

Yeah, Scott Steiner calling Team 3D "fat." Since he's better on the mic (for comedy reasons) than he is in the ring, I'm just wasting this post on a funny promo. I can't think of anything witty, so that's it for this week.

No BMotW next week because I'll be away from any Internet connection and there's no way in hell that I'm using a satellite connection just to post a bad wrestling match here.

Bad Match of the Week: Viagra on a Pole


Because Vince Russo.

He thought that introducing erectile dysfunction pills to wrestling is such a great idea that they even had an angle based on the drug. And a match.

Of course, this is Vince Russo we're talking about, so he's bound to ruin everything.

The Franchise and Billy Kidman had a match because Kidman showed a part of a sex tape Shane Douglas (Franchise) didn't want us to see...his shortcomings. That fueled fire to this match.

And it was horrible.

I grew up watching wrestling during the Attitude Era, where pretty much everything that is edgy and borderline objectionable was neutralized by the fact that it was actually entertaining (Mae Young's hand notwithstanding...tho, the WWE did have a nice touch following up on that angle on RAW 1000). With women dressing like...*that* and everything you can think of that's violent and adult content, it made for actually good TV when you book it right. WCW circa 1999/2000, however, is the Attitude Era gone wrong if Vince Russo is in charge, and we all know that Russo ruins everything.

Screw writing this up, all you need to know that it's awful.

Bad Match of the Week: Pinata on a Pole


Ah, yes, WCW post-Fingerpoke of Doom. Especially when Vince Russo is in charge. Of course he makes a ____________ on a Pole match. A bunch of spot monkeys taking part for $10,000. Ed Ferrara mocking Jim Ross all the way down to the Bell's Palsy. You know this won't end well.

Among a lot of things wrong, a couple of things stand out: right when the match began, the pinata fell off the pole...and nobody bothered to pick it up and put it back/rip it open. Ed Ferrara mocking Ross in a tasteless manner, including three commentary bits: PINATA! PINATA! PINATA! *later* STICK! STICK! STICK! *later* CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! And Dr. Death interfering and Ed making the segment unbearable.

If you wanna know where Ed got the character from, watch this and try not to throw your computer out the window.

You can make fun of Ross, you can make fun of his botches, you can make fun of his home state...but you should NEVER make fun of his Bell's Palsy EVER.

Bad Match of the Week: Vader vs Shawn Michaels

Sorry, but this wasn't Vader's time

Nowadays, Shawn Michaels is a devout christian and turned away from his evil ways. Back in 1996, he's an egotastical douchebag. It shows here.

Here's a little comparison that I would like to draw up, based on the Bad Matches, Good Memories entry on Botchamania: I've been a fan of Digimon for a bit (until the 4th season, which was awful) and what I like about the last portion of the first season is the Spiral Mountain storyline. Essentially, the Digidestinend (split into groups) had to scale a weird-as-hell mountain to get to the top, only to fight against Apocalymon, and tell me that he wasn't a bad dude (insert Bad Dude reference here). He won, and he won with authority. It's a great way to build hype for the closing episode (you watch it yourself because I've spoiled enough already, even if this aired over a decade ago). A lot like SummerSlam 1996, really, in which Vader won the WWF Champio--wait, VADER DIDN'T WIN?

Well, I won't sit through 30 minutes for this match, so I'll just jump ahead to the finish: Vader wins via count-out because Vader absolutely destroyed HBK outside the ring. O WATE, TITLES CAN'T CHANGE HANDS VIA COUNT-OUT. So Mr. F**K THIS COMPANY (Vader's manager at the time) dares Shawn Michaels to restart the match and he did. Hahahahaha, stupid Michaels. So Shawn grabs Cornette's tennis racket and clobbers Vader with it, resulting in a DQ. O WATE, TITLES CAN'T CHANGE HANDS VIA DISQUALIFICATION. So Mr. F**K THIS COMPANY dares Michaels to restart the match again and he did. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES *repeat for 2 minutes*.

Michaels hits Vader with Sweet Chin Music for two. YES! Vader powerbombs HBK for two. NO! Vader, instead of going for the Vader Bomb, went for the Vadersault after hitting a Twink Pancake. But he misses and HBK hits a bad-looking moonsault for the finish. F**K THIS COMANY

It's bad enough that Vader's push was screeched to a full stop at the PPV and went back to mid-card hell for pretty much the rest of his career, but even worse that VADER WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN THIS MATCH. You heard me, Vader was supposed to win. However, Shawn Michaels was a complete douchebag in 1996 and convinced the creative team to book a match in his favor. It was supposed to be Vader winning the title at SummerSlam and HBK getting it back on Survivor Series the same year. However, Shawn and his ego had great veto power and said that he wanted the title throughout. It's no wonder why no one in the back liked Michaels. It would be the equivilant of Tai and co. beating Apocalymon the first time seeing him...which would piss me off. Why bother introducing a monster heel if he's gonna be beat the first time around? The point of having monstrous villains in any story is to show that the good guys can be beat to build up hype so that said good guys can beat him the second or third or so time around.

Thankfully, Digimon is not WWF circa 1996.

Bad Match of the Week: Team 3D vs Beer Money, Inc.

Part 1
Part 2

It's no secret that TNA in 2009 was a disaster on top of a disaster that leaves you to wonder "why do they still exist?" Between the inept booking and generally bad storylines coupled with even worse matches, no one would take TNA seriously. Case in point: Beer Money-Team 3D.

It was actually a good match until the finish when Beer Money DQed themselves to save face. That's when Jim Cornette objects and made them go back to the ring and restarted the match, this time no-DQ...only for Robert Roode to pull the ref out, carried James Storm out of the arena and count themselves out.

Basically, what happened is that there's a BS finish that was rectrified only to have an even more BS finish.

On pay-per-view.

With championship belts on the line.

No wonder no one took TNA seriously.

Bad Match of the Week: Silent Night, Bloody Night


It's Christmas in 2007, and you're bored. Chances are, you're watching TNA because you're alone or all the gifts are opened and sick of all the Christmas specials. And this match comes up. Sounds giddy?

Short anser: no.

5 days until the holiday, TNA held their special. It was bad, but this is the worst match of the program--if not, worst match of the year. It's three monster wrestlers and one comedy wrestler battling in a 4-way. With weapons. And a barbed wire Christmas tree. And an overbooked mess.

I can't describe how bad this match was, so I'll let Bryan and Vinny give you brain cancer.