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Mario Kart Wii! *Friend Code*

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I got the game last night! It's FANTASTIC! The online mode is very smooth and fast to find people.

1289 8597 7816 Mario kart Wii FC

Nintendo needs a CLASSIC comback

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I really really really miss the good 'ol fun days of my early child hood of the 90's, playing such great SIDE-SCROLLING games like Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island and of course the Donkey Kong Country Series. I have soooo many great memories of playing those games with my cousins and mom and aunt. But those days are all gone. No longer will we see great simple great games like those. So what I believe is that Nintendo should make another side-scrolling adventure with Mario for the Wii with downloadable levels and soundtracks, and of course updated with beautiful visuals and to keep the simple gameplay mechanics of the great games. They could easily do this since they do have the ****c Controller which obviously resembles the SNES controller except for the two control sticks. I just wanted to speak my mind because thats what has been on my mind for a while when I think about video games. What do you think?

Brawl Friend Code!!!

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YAY! I bought brawl with this super awesome trade in from Gamestop! The trade deal was trade in two of there select games on a list, and the two I had were Resident Evil 4 and Mario Party 8. I traded both of those in and bought Brawl for only 10$!!! I also put a down payment on Mario Kart Wii which should kick a$$!!!!!!!!!!!

My Brawl Friend Code is: 5284 1118 3507 Lets exchange friend codes!!!

TV is going to kick a$$!!!

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I am so excited for the first few months of TV! January through September will be my favorite time for television! American Idol starts this month, golf and NASCAR will begin this month, Ghost Hunters International begins on the 9th, Flavor of Love 3 begins February, Rock of Love 2 starts next Sunday, Hells Kitchen will most likley begin in a few months, hopefully 24 will begin its 6th season pretty soon, an all new game show from FOX will start and it looks pretty awesome, and a spin off TV series of Terminator begins this month on FOX! So I am so damn excited!!!

I dont know what I would do without Televison!8)

NRS2003 Flip Over!!!

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Pretty real looking flip over from NRS2003! Enjoy!


Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Online Comments

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Well I got this awsome game for Christmas and let me tell you, if you own a Wii and are looking for a great ONLINE multiplayer game then you MUST get this game because it is absaloutley great fun when playing online and theres always a match that you can go and join in. So far I have dedicated about 4 1/2 hours of online play and i have gotten pretty good at it. Theres always action online and rarely is therea moment of silence or no action... (that is though if your playing with at least 12 to 32 people). The only downside to the online play is that there is no voice chat to go along with the great action, and voice-chat is a must for many gamers out there who play fast online shooters like this game, but Nintendo has said that they are looking into it for 2008.

EA has really set the bar high for other developers because they are showing everyone that you can really have a fun expeirence online with the Wii and also showing thatit is possible to make a great FPS that controlswell and looks good.

I am soooooo looking forward to Heroes 3 (that is if they are going to make it, which they probably will since the feedback has been great). Hopefully Nintendo will have voice-chat available by the release of Heroes 3... 8)

Resident Evil! What a great Series!

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I just have recently have gotten into the Resident Evil series now that im old enough to understand how to play the game correctly and appreciate the somewhat slow gameplay of the first three of the series. It all started when I picked up Resident Evil 4 Wii edition and started playing it and very quickly fell in love with the game. But I wanted to enjoy what a real Resident Evil expierence is, so I picked up the REmake for the cube and quickly loved the game and actually really enjoyed the goofy control scheme. After about pissing my pants a few times playing that game i wanted to pick up the original, so I got Resident Evil for the DS and loved it! I played the original mode and liked it alot! Now im hyped up for RE5 and cant wait for the game to come out. I only own a Wii so ill probably buy the PS3 or 360 just to play RE5.

Now about the Resident Evil movies. I watched the Resident Evil movies for the first time and enjoyed them for the great action and stuff, but was disapointed that it was not a scary movie. Instead of making it an action movie they should have gone for the creepy style and i think that would have made it more like the game and made the movies' actually scary. :roll:

Im really looking forward to getting REUC for the Wii cuz it looks **** awsome! But I wish that one of these days that they will make an original RE game for the Wii that is not a FPS.

Dale Earnhardt Jr has a turnaround Week

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After having good cars the past few weeks then having bad luck with his engine, Dale Jr finally has a good race weekend at a track that has not been his best to expect a good race weekend at. Dale Jr had a great qualifying run that gave him his first Bud Pole since Kansas MotorSpeedway in 2002. The only negative that happened was happy hour practice when he was only 13th and 27th quickest. The race would get the greenflag but he would not lead a lap untill somewhere in the 100's. He had a great run though struggling with a loose car most of the race and would spin out becase of that. He would replace his springs that was causing him the ill handling race car and restart in 26th, the last car on the lead lap. He would work his way back up to the lead but would give it back to Kurt Busch who dominated the race and easliy took the lead. Dale Earnhardt Jr would finish second.

Dale Jr is out of the chase by 8 points

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