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My top 5 best and worst games i've ever played.

I did this because I was bored, have a lot of time, have nothing else to do and just wanted to share. Enjoy if you care!

Top 5 BEST games I've ever played:


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Bringing you into a massive open world game with infinite side-quests and a fun main campain. The main thing I enjoyed in Skyrim was venturing into caves and picking off bandits one by one with my bow and arrow.


Saints Row: The Third


Saints Row: The Third, an action packed ridiculously funny and twisted in all the right ways. Going to mission start points with the specter hover bike then skydiving to the location never gets old.


Resident Evil 4


I bought Resident Evil 4 from a bargin bin at Best Buy by a gut descision. Best thing I've ever done. I had no idea what Resident Evil was before and only remember seeing the game when I was in thr fourth grade at Sam's Club thinking it was the worst thing because it was rated M. All in all, i think I counted around seven playthroughs in the original campain, two in seperate ways and one in assignment Ada. I absolutely loved this game. It was also the first game to scare the sh*t out of me.


Dragon Age: Origins


The game that takes number 2 is Dragon Age: Origins, also the game I beat the most; around 9-12 times. Every time I got bored with a game, or completed another I would always go back to this game for some reason and beat it over and over again until I had enough enough money to buy the next game that I wanted.


Mass Effect Trilogy (Mass Effect 3 with extended cut)


The Mass Effect Trilogy had the most epic and attention drawing story in any game i've ever played. It also has some of the most epic gaming moments I've seen in a game I've played. Mass Effect 3 ended with a rather unsatisfying ending but the Extended Cut added more and more closure to what happened to the characters and hope for the future of the Mass Effect Galaxy (perhaps another game or DLC?)

Now for my top 5 WORST games


Driver: San Francisco


I absolutely did not like Driver: San Fransisco. It was basically just drive, cutscene, drive more then "shift" mode, where you fly like a fairy over cars and take over people. The game was an absolute bore.


Far Cry


That's right, I said Far Cry. Opinions are opinions, and my opinion was that I hated this game. It's a relentless struggle through trial and tediously irritating error. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that there's no quicksave! Oh joy!




Before I played this game, I was a little sketchy. A turn based DOOM? No. It turned out to be worse than I thought. A year after playing this game, I still wonder to myself: "Why couldn't id have just made a normal DOOM 2?" It would have been a hell a lot better than this crap.


Dead Rising 2


When I first got this game, I thought it was fantastic, cutting zombies to bits with chainsaws attached to a paddle! The best game ever! But then the horrible truth came alight. The weapons started breaking after a few zombie kills and were killing ME left and right. It's so fun when a boss suddenly disappears into thin air when the mission time runs out. If Capcom wants to make a better Dead Rising, make it without time restrictions and breakable weapons. It would be a lot more fun.


Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing


This must have been a pre-alpha version of the game because it was horrible. The main reason why I got it was because I wanted to see how bad it was. So I downloaded it via torrent and launched the game. It was just as bad as the reviewers said. The only good thing I found in this game was the driving mechanics, alowing me to drive off the maps when ever i want. But even that fun didn't last more than ten minutes, and it's pretty hard to race when there's no other trucks following you.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Review



Here's my review, what'd you think?

Never before have I loved a game as much as Borderlands, Dragon Age: Origins and Resident Evil 4. Mass Effect 3 will be the fourth game I give 10/10. But only with the extended cut DLC.
Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is the exact same game until Shepard reaches the beam that takes him/her (her for my Shepard) to the citadel. I now know why Joker was "running away" from the fight and how certain characters got onto the ship. The Extended Cut also makes it easier to get all endings, including the one where Shepard survives. Another addition is a fourth ending where the reapers continue to harvest the intelligent life in the galaxy and everyone dies. If you don't want this ending, don't shoot the catalyst.
The Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut ends Mass Effect 3 with more closure. It shows the future of every species and that 'everything' can be repaired, this probably includes the Mass Relays, so everyone can go back to their planet.
Overall, the Extended Cut for this amazing game left me with more closure and less questions than answers. Although I wish they had cut out the pointless star gazer scene.
After the Extended Cut, Mass Effect 3 is a definitive 10/10 game that will have a special place in my memory.
Here's my original Mass Effect 3 review before the Extended Cut (9/10)
Gameplay: 9/10
Great, the gunplay and cover system is really polished and works great. Most of the time. Sometimes it's easier to get into cover and not out. Shepard also cannot carry around heavy weapons, she (for my character) could only pick up loose heavy weapons on the ground and once the ammo was depleted, Shepard just drops the weapon. This is problematic, but thankfully, most of the game I used the assault rifle.
The controls are still the same; WASD and space bar to move and interact with objects.
Now the ending; not all sh-tty like people have been complaining about. I will not lie though; the endings are a bit depressing and take a while to sink in. I had the endings stuck in my mind for hours after I beat it. It takes a while for your mind (or at least mine) to process the ending. Although I was definitely hoping for a more happier ending, like at the end of Dragon Age: Origins. And see what happens to the characters.
Graphics: 9/10
Even better than Mass Effect 2. The characters of the game are more detailed and buff, something that they weren't in the last two titles. Shepard, Kaidan, etc., all have muscle tone and no longer look all delicate as they did in Mass Effect 1 and 2. The Reapers, the menace with questionable motives are displayed gorgeously and freighting. Expect to get overwhelmed by their power and your need to kill them all. Depending on your choice, they will.
Overall gameplay and graphics
Cannot carry heavy weapons like the first two games and Questionable endings - a bit depressing, I do support the petition for Bioware to change it but if they don't I won't complain if they do not. The creator of the game has his own right to his vision of how Commander Shepard's story should end. Even though it sucked.
Overall: 9/10
Not a perfect ten, but really close. While I was hoping for a happier, more heroic ending, the game itself was a freaking blast.

Overall, the Extended Cut provided me with a happier, more heroic ending than the original. But if you want everyone to die and have a depressing ending, you've got that choice too. 10/10

Help with computer upgrade

Okay, i'm a real NOOB at system reqirements, upgrades, etc. I have my eye on the GTX 580 or 590 graphics card. My current specs are:

Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 4350


CPU: 750GB (Now down to 340-400GB)

64-bit operating system/ Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz 2.34 GHz

Would this Graphics card even work? I want to upgrade my PC to where it can handle Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 or Resident Evil 6 in full resolution. ???

Please Help!

Improvements Bioware Can Do With Dragon Age 3


Let's face the hard truth, Dragon Age 2 was a big dissapintment from gameplay enviorment to graphics.

First off; get rid of the cloned Mass Effect dialogue system. It worked out good in Mass Effect, but I and allot of other Dragon Age fans liked having more options of dialogue.


Use the old, Origins engine. Why?It ran well andit looked great. The Dragon Age 2 engine however, looked a bit muddy and dry andlooked a bit dull.


Keep the Dragon Age 2 combat system, but keep DAO's finishing moves. The finishing moves in Origins were cool and looked better than a bunch of exploding darkspawn.

4rth- Actually have some darkspawn!!There were hardly any missions is DA2 that included darkspawn! And what is with that dumb albino version of darkspawn? The old character models looked allot better and more threating.

Comment if you have any other ideas.

Possible Morrowind, Cyrodil, or other province DLCs for Skyrim

If you're like me, you're probally eagerlly awaiting the new Skyrim DLC. I found this news story that says that the new DLC might be in Morrowind or other provinces, since Bethesda seems to have created the lands already.

Read the article here:


Wouldn't that be great? The Elder Scrolls VI should ne Tamriel or Nirn. That would be a major improvement.

And also, What happened to Ralof after he left in Riverun? Did he die or something?

Skyrim System Specs!

Skyrim System Specs! LOW!


  • Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
  • 4GB System RAM
  • 6GB free HDD space
  • DirectX 9 compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher).
  • DirectX compatible sound card
  • Internet access for Steam activation


  • Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
  • 2GB System RAM
  • 6GB free HDD Space
  • DirectX 9 compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
  • DirectX compatible sound card
  • Internet access for Steam activation

New Spartacus and Game of Thrones Seasons!

The Spartacus new season: Vengence comes out January next year!

From watching the teaser trailer on Starz.com, there is much more violence :D and Lucretia somehow survived Crixus's stab wound to her belly. Liam McIntrye takes over Andy Whitfield's place as Spartacus, since Andy Whitfield tragicall died on September 11, yet another reason why to hate that day.

Game of Thrones Season 2 comes out April next year.

I don't know anything yet, only the date. Can't wait since the first season left me in a cliff-hanger.