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back again

im back,,,, i havent been on gamespot in a while.... like atleast a couple of years. hell i figured my account was toast but alas its still here and im going to check out the site once again hope to see you there


i love burnout paradise, if you like arcade racers then you owe it to your self to play this game

nuff said

thoughts on kane and lynch, just try the game out

so tonight my friend and i played through kane and lynch, and beat it. yeah one night...

6.5 is my score for it.

contols..... sucked

story..... not bad

graphics..... not bad

online game.... pretty neat concept

other than that imglad my friend bought it and not me, save your self the trouble and just rent this game:) but you should atleast play it to understand the troubles of the controls especially in co-op

it is what it is, andreallyshould not have caused all this hoopla on the net, really its just sad:(

mario zapper fun

im sitting here playing mario galaxy, man i love this damn game it reminds me when i was a freshman in high school sitting in my parents basement playing super mario 64, it brings back the flood of flashback to when life wasnt all that bad and gaming was all there was to do.
if anybody has a wii this should be a marquie title for their collection you wont be dissappointed, does anybody else have the same love for the game as i do?? let me know

also the best wii zapper game by far is Ghost Squad, leave RE umbrella chronicles for the fanboys. Medal of Honor heros 2 isnt that bad either. Ghost squad just feels right even though its a really really short game it still is fun to play over and over, even with upgrading you weapons and choosing different paths and online leaderboard its a fun and cool game. i just hope that they continue to make cool games to support the zapper, i believe the only way to dial the pheripheral in is to continue to work on new games,

let me know what you think

sorry for the spellin again.....its late

sorry for all the good ppl

Im sorry for Ryan ,Alex, Brad, Kevin, Jody, Justin, Brian, Brenden, Tim, Tor, Jason, Aaron, Guyand of course Vinnie.

i feel bad for them because they have to wade through all this mess and still wonder if the company or website that they work for still have credibility after this even if the rumors are not true, The team with jeff i thought were a excellent source for my info and reviews but im going to wait this out and see if the truth is out there :(.

again i feel bad for those that are left in this mess i think that it is unfair for them and unfair for all the hard work that they do for ppl like us to make dicisions on buying games with the few dollars that we have to spend for our enjoyment.

Its to bad if all this is true, im curious to how this will effect the industry as a whole regardless if it is true or not.

games and money

wow i don't know what to do... this holiday season for gaming has been awesome and i have been fortunate enough to purchase all the games that i want to buy, i hope that its the same for you

with all the games that i have some how I'm stuck on one for now which sucks because i want to play them all :(

call of duty 4 is that game and all i can say is wow that game is so intense on every level and it starts with a bang literally. and the multiplayer just kicks complete ass too. hopefully i have time to dive into the other games, be it uncharted, bioshock, mass effect, guitar hero 3, rock band, orange box, skate, pgr4, and finally super Mario galaxy.

this truly has been a great gaming season for me and it looks like i will be busy well into next year:)

hope everyone has a good holiday and keep gaming

(by the way this is post number one, still feeling this out lol)