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Summary of Gaming Goodness

OK, so its been a while since my last blog post and quite a bit has happened on the gaming front for me. For this reason, am going to have to just summarise everything, to keep the blog as short and sweet as possible. So here goes!

  • Completed CoD4 campaign on Veteran and all 1000gp unlocked. Still enjoying the multiplayer alot. :D
  • Gamerscore has surpassed the 17k mark. This happened a few weeks back and am not too far away from 18k.
  • Completed Silent Hill: Origins on the PSP. Was very impressed by it. I'm a fan of the series and it gave me just what I was looking for - same old silent hill experience on my handheld.
  • Very pleased that God of War: Chains of Olympus has lived up to my expectations. I have pre-ordered it pending its release on the 28th March in the UK. Hopefully will receive it 1 or 2 days prior to release date, as has happened in the past. CANT WAIT! :D
  • Got the Xbox 360 Aficionado emblem on my GS profile. Chuffed about it, but not that bothered. I used to have the PC Aficionado emblem, but when I sold alot of my games and updated my GS profile to reflect this, they took that emblem from me!!

Finally, I saw Rambo IV a few weeks back.....still quoting memorable lines from it to this day!! HaHa

"Live for nothing, or Die for something"