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Saint's Row Single Player = 100% - Achievement Points

It's all good news today. Over the weekend I finally managed to 100% complete the single player portion of Saint's Row.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the game. The story whilst not too original was still entertaining and did keep me interested until the end (Yes, for anyone who has finished the story missions, THAT ENDING).

A quick thing I want to note here is the way in which Achievements Points have added to the longevity of this game for me. I purchased this game when I bought my console a few months back and the game cost me £50.

Having completed this game I would say that had it not been for the Achievement Points I probably would have finished playing this game around the 85% mark. However, knowing that if I invest a little more time to the game, many notable achievements were well within my grasp, and due to this I probably got another 10 hours out of the game.

This same process comes into affect with the multiplayer portion of the game. As having played a few games over Xbox Live, I know with a little more investment of my time, even more achievements points will be gained.

So whilst this may not be the case with all games, I think in these circumstances the inclusion of Achievement Points (and more importantly, good use of Achievement Points) have added to the value for money factor I feel I have got from this title.

Well done THQ and Volition! :D