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Points/Progress Update - Annoyance In Halo3

Quick points/progress update from me.

So far this week I have managed to more than double the pitiful points tally I had managed to get out of Forza 2 in 6 months. Forza points stood @ 70 for ages - current points tally is now 195.

Also this week I have returned to the world of Master Chief. Currently playing through the Campaign mode in Co-op on Legendary. Also playing abit more multiplayer for the fun of it.

This leads me onto an annoying occurance that happened to me on Halo3 yesterday. Me and my friend had made it up2 my least favourite mission on the Campaign mode (discovered during my solo play-thru on Heroic) - Tsavo Highway.

After 1 hour and 20 mins of fighting our way to the end of the level. We kill the main brute here at the end of the highway - go to complete the level......and the game boots us to the lobby, we're not disconnected from Xbox LIVE, we're still chatting to each other over the headset, but we're no longer in the game. The game didn't keep any of our progress either. So when the relief I felt to think to myself "I never have to do this level again" is now gone. :(

Ah well, never mind, these things happen!

Cuurent Gamerscore stands at: 13420.