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Not Posted In An Age - Apology and Explanation + My Recent Trip

Hello everyone, once again I must open with “Long Time, No See”.

 This is my first post in weeks and firstly I must apologise, but please take solace in the knowledge that this was for good reasons!! :D

I would like to begin by talking a little about my recent trip which I took through the end of November and beginning of December. For anyone who hasn’t read my previous post, I travelled to the Caribbean to do some activities, but also plenty of relaxing after what has been a very eventful year for me.

Thankfully the holiday was amazing and I managed to see some beautiful places, it was just what I needed. I have attached some pictures I took below, so be sure to check it out.

I will finish all talk regarding the trip momentarily as I could write a thousand posts about the place and the kind of experiences I had, so I will simply say “Once In A Lifetime”!!!!

This was one of the reasons I was talking about before, regarding the lack of updates to this blog. I had no Internet access and thus could not have posted during that time, but the other major reason (unfortunately) has been work.

O yes, that thing!! Boy did I know when I was back home. I landed at Manchester Airport at 4.40am in the morning, was home by around 6.00am and was in work by 7.00am and to top it all off, my car wouldn’t start the morning I got home (I had left the alarm on whilst I was away and this had drained the battery). By 10.00am that morning the Caribbean beach I had been on no fewer than 24 hours earlier seemed like a lifetime ago!

All complaints aside, going away so close to Christmas also meant that in true bloke-like fashion I had left all my preparations for Christmas until the last minute, therefore the last few weeks have been a mish-mash of work, Christmas shopping and playing Gears of War. O yeah, I forgot to mention that Gears of War came out whilst I was away, so I bought it the first day I got home. :D

I hope this summary of the last few weeks will help people shed forgiveness upon my lack of posting action as it has taken a Boxing Day holiday to allow me the time to post (and I am even rushing this, as I have a party to go to).

So anyways, I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and enjoy your time with your families and games.