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GS Level 25 - GHIII Progress Update

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Not all that much of an update this time. I'm currently just working through Assassins Creed and Guitar Hero 3, the 2 games I got for Christmas.

Currently about 50% of the way through Assassins Creed (on the verge of getting a lot of points out that me thinks)! :D

Guitar Hero 3 is going well. I'd never played a GH game until I got this one for Christmas day, so the skill of playing the game was all new to me. I have since completed the Career Mode on Easy and Medium and have managed to 100% a few songs on the Easy difficulty setting. One thing I was pleased about was getting the 250,000 point achievement. I managed to get this by finishing "Through The Fire & Flames" via Quick Play on the Easy Setting.

On another happy note I have reached Level 25 here on GameSpot, so I'm happy about that. Altho I do look back and wonder were the past 4 years have gone since I became a member of the site. Its making me feel old! :D HaHa

Gamerscore currently stands at: 13,950 (So close to 14k....will update blog when milestone reached).

Till Next Time!!