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GamerScore breaks 16K - DMC4 - Fifa Street 3

Hi Everyone,

Another GamerScore focused blog from me (which I can understand might be getting a little tedious if ure not into the whole "points" game. I apologise for this, but I seem to be racking up the points recently (not quite sure why? :D) but current GamerScore now surpasses the 16K mark.

In other news, I was directed by a friend to this interesting article on PC World.com about MS. It claims that MS were well aware about the faults with the X360 prior to launch, but took the decision to go "LIVE" anyway, based on the numbers (which from a purely business perspective, makes total sense, sucks for us consumers tho, who have to go thru all the heart-ache).


This past week, I also tried the new Fifa Street 3 demo and Devil May Cry 4 demo. I'll actually start by talking about DMC4 as this has got me really excited. I have to be honest and say that I was looking forward to this title anyway, but having played the 2 demo levels a few times, I am even more excited. I was really impressed with the little bit of content you get with the demo and now its fingers crossed the finished article matches the quality of the demo content. The graphics were superb and altho some peeps are disheartened by the focus on the new character Nero rather than old-favourite Dante, he seems more than able to hold his own. He also appears to have some of the same dry-wit and dark humour of his brother.

The Fifa Street 3 demo, I was not so impressed with. I played around 5 or 6 times, and altho it was great fun and I enjoyed it, by the end of my last go, I was already starting to think I'd seen most of what it had to offer. Now this is a major concern, as the biggest problem with the previous two outings was a lack of depth and variation. I'm getting the inclination that this issue still haunts the franchise. :(

Anyways, I'll sign off now by wishing everyone well and till next time......