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Diablo III

Now, I know this post is gonna be like thousands already out there on the tinterweb, but I don't care! It's finally official:



I hope other Diablo fans are excited as I am about this. I have been wanting this game for years. Eagerly awaiting the announcement that its in development. Seeing the release of Warcraft 3, Warcraft 3 expansions, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft expansions and even Starcraft 2, just made the wait that little bit more unbearable. I think deep down I always knew it would come one day, its just too popular and too lucrative not too. However from all the preview coverage I've seen, the decision to create a new addition to the series appears to have been the result of love for the series and creative desire as least as much as monetary rewards for big-wigs in suits. Which brings me too my next point, and arguably the most exciting. This looks (so far, still early doors, lets not get carried away here) to have been implemented and executed brilliantly. From the drop-in, drop-out co-op to the destructible/interactive environments, its like Diablo 2.0....or is that Diablo 2 2.0........or Diablo 3.0 :D HaHa

From what I've seen, this is shaping up to be the new Diablo, that personally, I always wanted. For one I didn't want this to be some MMORPG type effort akin to WoW. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed playing WoW and millions of people around the world can't be wrong, but it just wasn't the experience I was wanting from my next Diablo installment. Now inevitably, there will be detractors. Those who were maybe hoping for the aforementioned MMORPG experience or those who think this is a 8-Year Old Rehash with little innovation here and there....but all being said, you can't please everyone. I'm just happy that I'm one of those who seems to have gotten what they wanted. Hmm, its like Christmas come early!