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A Weekend In Leeds & Got My First Job

Well to begin with, I've been away from GameSpot for a few days as I travelled upto Leeds for the weekend. I went there for a family party and it was really good. The drive is only around 90-100 miles, so it only took just over an hour on the motorway.

I got really drunk on the Saturday, but it was free beer so I have no regrets :D

Woke up on Sunday and had a bit of an hangover, which is rare for me as I don't usually get them, no matter how much I have the night before (Personally I think it was the Champagne).

We stayed Sunday afternoon to have a BBQ and then travelled back late Sunday, all in all a good weekend.

To top all that off, I went into work Monday morning and found out that I had got the promotion I went for a few weeks ago. I've been working at this place for 2 1/2 years now, working part-time whilst I was studying for my degree. Now I have my degree I went for a big promotion, that is well above anything I could have hoped for without my qualification. I didn't really hold out much hope of getting the job as there was some really strong candidates who also applied, so I was really shocked and pleased when I found out that they had given it to me.

There is one down side to this news tho. I will now soon be working full-time hours, which will mean I will have far less time to spend on here at GameSpot. :( 

Pirates of the Caribbean & Miami Vice

I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on sunday night and I really enjoyed it.

A few friends of mine had already seen the film and said that the beginning and the end was good, but the film dragged abit in the middle.
I did not agree with this at all!

OK, so the film is quite long, we went for the 8.30pm showing and it was gone 11pm when we left the cinema, but I was almost sat there waiting for the film to hang in the middle. For me, this never happened. There always seemed to be something going on and I just never tired of Johnny Depp, who was great as Captain Jack Sparrow once again.

I would recommend this film to most people and I definately wasn't wondering why I had spent the money for the ticket come the end of the film!

Also, out very soon is Miami Vice. I'm really looking forward to this film. So much so, that I nearly made the fatal mistake of purchasing the PSP game before reading a review. BUT, don't worry. I never did purchase the game as I'm waiting for the verdict from GameSpot before I splash the cash. Movie tie-in games are usually a load of rubbish, and despite my better judgment i'm holding out hope that this will be the exception to the rule.

All I need now, is for GameSpot to hurry up and review the game. It's been out a few days now and need to know if it's worth the coin!!

Graduated From University

So on Saturday just gone (15th July 2006) I graduated from Manchester University. After finally finishing my Honours degree in Information Technology, I got my award from the Dean of the Faculty. Above is a picture of me outside Bridgewater Hall where the ceremony was held, just after receiving my award.

Below is a pic of me receiving my award on stage. Was quite a scary moment, coz they called you from your seat when it was your turn to go on stage, then u had to wait at the side of the stage, they would then announce your level of degree, the subject you studied and then your name, then you had to walk up the steps and across the stage. The crowd was 3 stories high and there was around 4000 people there!!

But in the end it was a great day. Really enjoyed it and had a party with my entire family in the evening to celebrate.

I received a 2:1 in Information Technology and my title is now:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Honours

So now when I get letters through the post they read:

Mr. Peter Jones BSc (HONS)

Crazy Stuff!!

To finish off this rather long post here is a pic of me and my girlfriend after the ceremony!

A Need For Speed Is Taking Over My Life!!

Yes that's right! Right now it seems that EA are invading my private life with their Need For Speed franchise.

Firstly am currently working my way up the black list in Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Am currently 5th on the black list and gettin ready to take on JV. Current favourite cars include my Lamborgini Gallardo and Aston Martin DB9.

Also this week, GameSpot had some gameplay footage and a developer interview for Need For Speed Carbon, the next game in the series. EA in their wisdom have decided that the PSP game should be built specifically for the PSP and will be a different gameplay experience to the same game on the other platforms. Whilst this is no bad thing, it means that I will be getting the game for both the PC and the PSP.

Now with all this talk of a new PSP Need For Speed game it has given me the determination to finally try and 100% Need For Speed Underground Rivals on the PSP. The first game I bought for the handheld and one that I have yet to finish.

To top it all off, if I do ever complete NFS: Underground Rivals, I have NFS 5-1-0 on my wish list!!!

.......Will this endless Need For Speed ever end?



World Cup Is Over......But Gaming Going Steady!

So the World Cup has come to an end with Italy lifting the cup (in some part, thanks to the help from Zinedine Zidane)!

If anyone watched the game, they would most likely have been as suprised as me. I was really shocked by what he did and I thort that he had a great tournament up2 that point and had single-handedly dragged the french into the final, considering the guy is most definately past his best, just shows how much of a talent the guy was.

Also today I saw some pictures of the upcoming Rocky movie and I have to say that I am mightly impressed with Sly's physic! For a guy of 60 to look that good is just scary....I can't wait to see that film coz i'm a massive fan of the series and have all the films (including Rocky V) ;) in my DVD collection.

Speaking of Boxing, we had the commonwealth heavyweight clash on saturday night between the champion Danny Williams and Matt Skelton and although the fight was good, it never really lived up to the first fight between the two. The first fight ended in a suspicious / suprising split decision points win for Williams (despite him seeming to lose the majority of the rounds) so I wasn't suprised to see Skelton make sure the victory was his this time around. He now faces the prospect of fighting "The Beast From The East" for the WBA World Heavyweight Title in a few months time....should be good stuff!!

Also I want to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie asap.....that film looks great and I loved the first one, so gonna try n catch that as soon as possible.

Finally to finish this (rather long) post, my gaming at the moment is mostly split between my PSP (Fight Night Round 3) and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (PC). I never got to play the game on the PS2 but I did complete the original, so am enjoying this one at the moment.

England Out of World Cup.....but a good race in Indianappolis

What a weekend!

Unfortunately, despite believing otherwise this year, England were again robbed of a place in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Due to the language restrictions in force here on GameSpot I'm not gonna comment on Cristiano Ronaldo in this blog, but let it be said that I will no longer support him (even if he remains a Manchester United player) :(

Further from that we had the F1 American Grand Prix which was a fantastic race with many accidents a big pile up right at the start of the race. With fewer than half the original grid line up passing the chequered flag it was an eventful and exciting race! Again the result wasn't what I wanted with both McLaren cars and Jenson Button failing to go the distance, but David Coulthard again put in a strong race to finish in the points again!

All in all......an eventful weekend of sport!

P.S. Not much happening on the gaming front with me at the moment. Having completed a lot of games recently, it's kind of subsided a little now. Just been dividing my time between Madden NFL 2005 (PC) and Fight Night Round 3 (PSP).

The Godfather (PC) - 100% Completed

As the rather self-explanatory title suggests, I managed to 100% complete The Godfather on the PC.

The game is really good, altho a little repetitive (especially when trying to extort every business in the city and become Don of NYC).

BUT...with that being said, I did enjoy the game and managed to achieve the rank of Don of NYC.

I managed to 100% everything in terms of collectibles, side quests and owning the city in 26 hours 18 minutes. Not bad, as GameSpot predicted a time of closer 40 - 50 hours to achieve this. AND I DID NOT USE ANY GUIDE OR FAQ!!! :D

I really am on abit of a role at the moment. In the last 2 weeks or so, I've finished F.E.A.R. - Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and now The Godfather!! 

Level Jumps

GameSpot has decided to reward me with an extra level, why am not sure, but I ain't complaining!!

It has taken me a good few visits to the site to get myself from Level 15, including me reaching 99.87% for about 24 hours or more (and at the top of the page where you find your log-in details it had me as Level 15 (100%).......crazy)

ANYWAY......upon returning to the site I had finally been tipped over the Level 16 edge.......but only to find that I was at 93%......a jump of nearly 100%!

Not thinking much of it, I simply shrugged my shoulders and continued on my way......upon returning to the site a few hours later, I was shocked to discover that I was now Level 17 (2%).

Therefore....in the space of around 24 Hours (only around 2 of those, spent using the site)....I had gone from Level 15 (99.87%) to Level 17 (2%).

CRAZY STUFF....and GameSpot.......if your reading this.......you aint having 'em back :D

Completed Medal Of Honour Pacific Assault

On abit of a role at the moment. After finishing FEAR earlier in the week, I have now completed Medal Of Honour Pacific Assault.

The game was great and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't quire as impressive as Call of Duty, but still a very good game....and the best Medal of Honour game to date in my opinion.

I have Call of Duty 2, but was waiting to finish this before installing it. Think I might just do that now, and I have high hopes for this game, considering how much I enjoyed the first game!!