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Heavy Rain

I can't believe that i gave this game another chance.... but it turns out it was woth to try. Multiple choices that this game allows made a different perspective than when played before.


Quite addictive - I like the variety of attempts and possibilities to finish the mission. Can't wait to finish and play it again different way

Killzone 3

I was really suprised how great was to shoot some hellghasts :D now back to Deadlight :D

Trials Evolution

So much fun and well improved sequel - downloading user track makes this game endless!!

btw I`m just fed up with Skyrim... I think of getting Max Payne and Witcher 2...


Well - two hundred hours of playing Skyrim and not even through a half of the game... THAT`S EPIC

xxx GTA V ? xxx

Hell yeah - this suprising message made my day! Can not wait to see the upcoming trailer. I`m curious what kind of engine will it use and who will be the main protagonist. Still there is a whole year to wait for the release on august the 2nd 2012...

Driver, Forza, GoW3...

As usual the time of autumn spawns tons of titles... A little boring and repetitive Driver with huge city to play and hundreds of same looking missions. Somehow this game still gives me fun and satisfaction. Forza 4 -almost perfect graphics but enclosed around the few racetracks. Demands to master the vehicle in totally different manner than DSF. Finally Gears of war III - is there anything new in the world of Marcus Phoenix? I think not... stil going through one and only path covering from locust bullets. What else should he do? hehe