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The First of Many

And so it begins.... My first blog. Why the hell am I doing this? **** might as well talk about games with people who actually understand what I'm saying, instead of telling my friends and all I get is a casual "wow" or "oh really?" and maybe a "thats cool". I honestly think I have valuable **** to say and hopefully you guys agree. Anyways, I just wanted to talk about how for some reason I'm not really compelled to finish Assassin's Creed III. Dont get me wrong its a great game. I had tons of fun with it when I first got it. I played a **** load of Campaign and Multiplayer. But for me the main character Connor just isnt enjoyable. Throughout the whole game he barely has emotions. I am a little more than half way through the Story and I've only seen him hella bland and boring or just plain angry. But I was also thinking that maybe, just maybe, I've finally come to that point in my life where video games are starting to get less and less important. Mind you, I LOVE video games. Overall one of the top three things in my life that I care about. Gaming is my life, and I am proud of it. But on the other hand things have changed. I no longer can stay up all night and play a game to my hearts content. Just recently there have been times when I have nothing to do at home and I just don't want to play games. And THAT is what bothers me. Is it just me? Am I changing? Or maybe, video games changed. I have no **** Idea.