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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  I hope that you all have a great day today, and don't forget to listen to Alice's Resteraunt and eat lots of turkey! :P


I Cut my hair!

My long hair! Oh no! :P

Well, I decided that I'd had enough of the long hair, and got a nice short haircut...I'm really liking it. I feel much cleaner, and I love how I can dry it in 5 seconds. :P I miss my long hair, though. :(

Paul Newman is dead!

Fast Eddie Felson, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy...All great roles from a great actor, Paul Newman. Easily one of my favorite actors, he died on September 26th, as a result of lung cancer. What a shame, R.I.P. Paul. :(

10 things you didn't know about me

I suppose I have to make one after I was tagged by someone (Curse you! :P j/k).

1. I have an original lobby poster from 1951 of The Day The Earth Stood Still. It holds a nice place on my wall. :P

2. I eat cookies and milk almost every day. :o

3. I spend a good 4-5 hours of my day watching TV shows (M*A*S*H, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Law and Order...Goofy VH1 shows :P)

4. I keep my movie collection (Nearing 300 I believe, may have past that) in alphabetical order. Unfortunetaly, I don't have enough cabinets to fit them all, so some end up on the floor. :P

5. (Here's something I stole from Eddy :P) I have seen each Star Wars movie (excluding Episode III) at least 100 times. Jeez, I AM NERDY! :P

6. I once ate 7 steaks (along with a piece of chicken, and two rolls) at an all you can eat buffet.

7. I can't stand SPAM e-mails. I get so excited, thinking that someone sent me something, and I look and it's a porno advertisment. :evil:

8. I have a Myspace just so I can look at other people's myspaces.

9. I volunteer at the local human society (animal shelter) and play with cats.

10. I find lolcats to be extremely hilarious. :P

Some sad news a bout my kitty...

He went to the vet today, because they wanted to check his heart because he had a murmur, and they found something else out. He has Feline Cardiomyopathy. Let me give you an idea of what that is. Either the heart muscles are too thick, or too stretched, resulting in either the heart chambers being too big or small, which can cause blood clots. The blood clots then travel to the legs where they stop, and paralyze the cat. Here's a link to it, if you'd like to read more.

Luckily it is treatable, not curable, but treatable. They've given him medicine, but unfortunetly the vet told me that with the treatment, most cats only live three years. But, I'm trying to be very optimistic. Who knows, maybe he'll live even longer. That would be great. :)

Thanks for taking the time read my blog. :)

Leaving for Ireland

I'll be leaving for Ireland tomorrow, and I'll be back in two weeks (on the 17th I believe). Talk to you all then :)

Some updates, broke up with my girlfriend.

First off, I got GTA IV, which is taking up most of my time. It's really a great game, I'll probably review it once I finish it (I'm about 40 - 45 % done).

Secondly, I got this book called Brothers In Battle, Best of Friends. It was written by one of the members of Easy Company, 506th PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment), 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles). WWII has always fascinated me and I've always enjoyed learning about the 101st, and after watching all of the episodes of Band of Brothers again, I decided to learn more about Easy company. I'm also looking forward to picking up Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker, probably over the weekend. Here is the NY Times review if anyone is interested.

Next, I broke up with my girlfriend. Never though I would say that, finally got a her that likes me and I'm the one breaking up with her. I honestly feel a whole lot better now that I did though. She had done so many things in the past that I should have broken up with her over, but being the nice guy that I am (or apparently, not so nice), I gave her multiple second chances. Of course, now that she's upset, I'm an ass, have no balls, and will regret it. Of course, the first is the only true statement :P.

I just love how it went though. I guess that's a pretty ***ty thing to say, but it's sort of funny. I tried to be nice about it, but she didn't take it to well. I have never seen anyone go through so many emotions in two hours. Starts off by calling me names, etc., then tries to make me feel bad (or worse) about it, then starts begging me to get back together with her, then she tries bargaining. I don't know who thinks they can bargain there way back into a relationship :roll: Today at school was pretty much hell too...Well, at least when her friends were talking (bothering) me. Apparently because I won't tell them the reasons I broke up with her (because it's none of their business), I don't have any. I guess she also thinks that having her friends text me (texting as in calling me names, or trying to make me feel bad) will get her back with me. I don't know if she thinks I'll just get tired of it and give in, but it really makes me hate her more. And I think it's pretty obvious that I like arguments, and her friends are so dumb, I'm in my glory.

Oh yeah, I'll be leaving for Ireland on Monday, so I won't be back for two weeks after that. I'm really looking forward to going back and getting some music :P Europe owns.

So...Operation Day!

So, I got to the hospital around 8 and had to wait a while (of course, it's the hospital :P). I had to go into a room and talk to this one nurse, then they made me get naked and put a gown on (and a blue hairnet :|). Then the chaplain came in and talked to me for a while, then an anesthesiologist (sp?), then another one, and finally the doctor.

So, they put an IV in my arm because they had to knock me out, and I'm told I was very funny. Everything was all dizzy and weird, and I couldn't talk. I knew what I wanted to say but it came out like a big blob. I do remember being like "I'm drunk! Heeeheee!" and flailing my arms about :lol:

Well, that's all I remember until I woke up in recovery. I woke up with the overwhelming feeling that I had to poop really bad (know that feeling?) except I didn't have to go to the bathroom, I had gas :? (had something to do with how they did the operation). My mom took me to Gamecrazy on the way home though and got me MLB 2k8 and a Subway sandwhich though which was awesome.

So, that was my day...Terribly interesting, I know :P

Hooray for Prep Day!

So tomorrow I get to prep for my colonoscopy...and that other one I still can't remember the name of :lol: I'm not excited. At all. My mom already has two bottles of magnesium citrate (which need to be drank in like 5 minutes), and some Dulcalax. So, I guess I'll be sitting on the toilet all day :lol:

I did get Testament's new album Formation of Damnation, The Universe, and Band of Brothers on DVD so I think I'm going to bring my iPod and a portable DVD player in the bathroom with me :lol:

Well, I'm off to prepare for a ****ty day (no pun intended :P)