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Harry Potter?? :O

I just got the book this evening and read the first ten chapters *yeah, I'm a fast reader with no life:roll:*. I'm not trying to spoil it for other readers, but basically I'll say that now everything's gone to hell in a handbasket:(. So much craziness has happened I can't stop thinking about...



I'm Back!!!!!!

I spent like the last four days fixing and buying the right things for my computer, but now I have internet and I'm back on Gamespot! Granted, it's been about like 3 or 4 months since I've last been on here, but here's some of the stuff that's happened to me:

I Got A 360!!!!

Yup, I got a 360 for my birthday since I dramatically pulled my grades from the gutter. I also got a copy of Gears of War and Crackdown too, but now XBL account yet. I need to get a wireless adapter and one of those subscription cards first. Expect and update when that happens.

I Got Guild Wars: Prophecies!!!

Yeah:lol:, my first MMO and I see why people like these type of games so much. If you readers also play, hit me up with like a friend request or something like that or invite me to an awesome guild *capes that match withgreen are a plus for me:wink:*. My profile name is: That Luke Guy. I'm a Ranger/Necromancer!!!!!

Happy Belated 15th Birthday To Me!!

Yeah, it might have been like a month ago, but I think it's still blog worthy:lol:.

Yeah, so those are some of the big updates. Basically now I'm just trying to clean up my friends list and Collection now.



Be Back In a Few Months...

Yeah, I think I should tell you all why I haven't been on in months:

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was grounded off the computer cause of my bad math grade.  While I was off of the computer, someone else in my house had gotten my old laptop infected with Spyware and noone did anything about it for 2 weeks.  Eventually, the thing just shut down and we had no computer for a few days.  Later that week, I got my birthday present early from my grandparents in the form of a new Windows Vista desktop computer!!  Pretty cool, except that I won't be able to get internet on it until the Summer begins *parents think it might interfere with my grades:roll:* so this is probably the first time in a few months that I've been back on and I gotta say this:


Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that:lol:.

See you all again in the summer!!!


Does This Sound Like A Good Idea???

I'm going to keep this short since I'm sneaking on the Pc to type this*got grounded because of report cards:roll:* so here's my question: Does this sound like a good idea??

I'm thinking about making another union called The Online Gamers Connection. Here's a link to a description that I've typed up a while back.  PLEASE look at it!!  And please say if you like the idea or not.

Man, I can type REALLY fast now:lol:


A Career In Games??? Say It Isn't So!!!

Planning For The Future...

Yeah, I kinda realized something that I should've a long time ago this weekend: I want to have a career associated with games:lol:.  After years of changing my mind with other possible jobs that I never really thought "Why would I want to do this".  I've been trying to plan out my school courses schedule to incorporate with this decision*better to plan ahead:wink:* and I've basically came down with two possible career choices.

Game Designer

Not all that kind of technical stuff *numbers make my head hurt:P* but kinda like a Writer or maybe a Lead Designer.  Writing because I always come up with sort of fantastic storys for writing prompts in my English classes; and I love to tell stories:lol:. 

Lead Designer kinda for the same reasons as a Writer, but then I can make all of the major decisions.  See a vision or idea all the way through to the end.  Maybe it will be the next Gears of War; or disappoint like Superman 64.  I love the feeling of making people feel happy and totally satisified with what they got in the end and creating a rewarding experience that they'll remember for a while:D.

Or maybe....

Game Retailer

Yeah, I know there's an EB Games, Gamestop, etc.; but I think it would be pretty cool to start my own business in this kind of market.  Kinda be in charge of my own environment rather than listen to the corporate leaders:roll:. 

So, what would be the kind of courses that would help me out in to fulfill my idealistic future:D??? 

Much thanks to readers:wink:


Midterm Exam Week Begins....


Yup, Midterms started today.  I'm not totally nervous since most of my classes are pretty easy...except Algebra*I HATE MATH!!!!*  What's cool is that we get adjusted dismissal this whole week and that we have a day off on Friday for teachers to submit their grades*Fun weekends are going to be ruined next week:cry:*.

This is basically my exam schedule for the week:

Monday-Health *insanely easy:lol:* and then early dismissal*subbing for lunch*

Tuesday-Earth Science*easy:roll:* and then Honors English*kinda hard since it covers Homer's The Odyssey*

Wednesday-Spanish 3*easy:lol:*and World History*kinda hard since I don't remember all of the names and stuff:lol:*

Thursday-late arrival*sub for lunch:D*and then Algebra*after a month of getting 50s on quizes, I need a good grade*

Eh, what else to blog...

Heroes is back on:D!!!

I love this show, it's crazy and you all should check it out.  It starts at 9 eastern, so 8 pacific for the west coasters:lol:.

Cyber lippin'

Yup, definately a strange name for a level:lol:.

1 month anniversary on Gs coming soon

Yup, a whole year of "ROTFL-ing" and such.  I couldn't have developed a greater hobby:lol:

Check back for Feb. 19th for the official blog:lol:


Super New Games Blog Thing of Happiness!!!!

Yeah!!  I'm back with new games and stuff:D.  I went out today to exchange the copy of TP I got from my friend for Christmas *late present:P*.  So I went to Best Buy and exchanged it for Elebits, after like 3 hours of waiting at the Customer Service Line:roll:.  But while I was there, I noticed something shocking: PS3s.  Right there, on a shelf.  Like 10 of them.  I just stood there in shock for like 4 minutes:lol:.  After that, I went to my local Mall to head to EB Games to trade in some games.  I'm shocked that Final Fantasy X still fetches $8.00 while games that came out last summer got like $5.00.  While there, I used my trade in credit to reserve two games: God of War 2 *Best PS2 title of 07* and Crackdown *AKA The Game You Get With The Halo 3 Demo*.  And I used 2 gift cards to pick up a copy of Guitar Hero 2 and an extra Wiimote *no nunchuck:cry:*

Walking around with a lighter wallet is alright:lol:.


Calling All Wii Owners And Fanatics!!!!

So, I got a Wii for Christmas:D.  And I got 3 games for it: TP, Red Steel, and Call of Duty 3.  One of my friends gave me another copy of TP as a late present, so I'm planning on exchanging it for one of the following four games:

Rayman: Raving Rabbids

That Monkey Ball game:lol:


or Trauma Center

Which one would you reccomend getting??

PS: Can someone please take pity on my noobness and give me some tips on Bobbler Fishing in Zelda: TP???  I've been stuck on that part in the begining for like 2 days now and it's starting to get annoying:lol:

Peace until the next blog:wink:


Happy Holidays From Cyjak!!!

I hope that you all have a great time celebrating whatever holiday that you are associated with *Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa* and have a great time getting together with loved ones:D.  Also have a great New Year:wink:.

Seasons Greetings:lol:


Can Any Of You Guys Help Me Out???

I want a new sig to go with the recent Halo 3 commercial.  But the way I kinda wanted it might be too complex for some designers. Here's what I want:

This video in this pic:

With the text "Finish The Fight" and my name in it??  Please don't say "Go to a design union" most of them basically leave your requests hanging for months on end.  Could you please at least tell me a designer that is capable of making something like this??  Much thanks for those users that do.