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Gamespot revisited

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Whew! After a long year of absence, I've finally opted to log-in and well, checkout again gamespot. Woah, is this really gamespot? It's so compressed! I'm not feeling the same anymore here... nah, just my PoV. Well, I've not been able to go back because of my uber busy college life dammit. Haha. Oh and another thing, I noticed unions are getting less active...? Hmm, maybe I need to join other cooler unions huh? Oh well, it's nice to be back. 97%!!! Some more posts or whatever and tada! Yeep!! 28!

Great! Level 24!

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Phew finally (like what we always say...) I just reached level 24!!! But I was so stupid for not reaching it sooner because last week, I already had 99%... It's because I'm not that active anymore but, at least I'm 24 now!!! Yay!!!

Just got to Level 23!! :D

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It must have been sooner or later but it's just later. I'm not really that wordy or anything (probably not spamming :lol: ) but I guess my hardwork really made me reach this level... What am I saying?!?:? I hope I won't leave gamespot that's it. :)

And to all my friends, I hope someone still talk to me.

Just got back from a severe sickness...

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Hello people.. It's me back from 1 week confinement in the hospital....

Hard to describe but, it sure wasn't fun to be there. Lots of medications and many don'ts... I hate that life... Anyways just got back home and starting my life here in GS again. The sickness or should I say the fever I got is called "Dengue". I hate that very much. It's a very severe fever which can be got by mosquito bites... Good thing I didn't needed Transfusion (Transferring of Blood Cells). I still don't like mosquitos (They sure get on my nerves!!:lol: ) What is important is that I'm still alive... Haha :).
Though  I shouldn't be laughing at my state.

See ya later! Can't stay long and is still recovering. Just don't let those dang mosquitos bite you!!

Just got some new games

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It was so long ago since I got a new game (I think about 5 months or so) but this time, I've got few more of them.

 (PAL Release/Version)

I truly believe I won't be able to play all of them at the same time, but I will try to find time to play some of them. See ya! :D

Annoying medicines...

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Uhh... Actually, I don't have an ill or fever but I take medicines because of my stupid sneezing... I really get annoyed by them... I take them about 3x everyday and another 1 every morning.

Lots of things to do!!

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This day is such a very, very busy day!! Lots of researching and pasting of papers!! Soldering circuits and lots more... I bet I couldn't do all of that in one day! Maybe, I could:P.

Well, I just need to do all the things I need fast, and this day would be an easy day... Time really runs so fast when you mind it... :|