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10 levels and 99 tries later...

Am sure u dont wake up thinking,"i wonder how gaming in africa is fairing these days?".well honestly,it is and isnt and i for one plans to do something about it.four scores and several decades ago,africa was just like the africa in far cry 2,however due to the numerous warlords and rebels lack of micro-management and battlenet,wars had to come to end,and now no one has anything to do,except gaming!!!sounds like heaven?right?alas,the reality is even sadder.people are missing gen upon gen of gaming cus of stiff taxes and duties charged on imports(yes,on even memory cards and second hand cds).shameless?yes.can u blame the government?always.but,some brave deluded gamer has to have the cahonies to do something?or die trying in the blaze of glory.well, after tryin to organise a local tourney in my neighbourhood,i realised the scope of the void left by the lack of games in the community, and the do i stay at home and enjoy my priviledged life of games or do i share this withas many people as i can?i ask u....yes u....wat do i do?btw,this is my first official blog so pointer are very welcome.