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This board is kinda dead? I started my account in GS a long time ago, and since the redesign started, a lot of users are gone. I remember seeing threads appearing and disappearing because of a huge forum activity. Now threads stay for weeks in the same place and replies are scarce. Is it just me or do you feel what I feel?

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Love making would be my first option.

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I cannot answer the original question. Real Badass women are not owned. I cannot sat whose girl is it...

But as far as who...? Maybe I'll side with Morrigan Aesland.

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One extremely bad quality does not make you a bad person.

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3 reported dead including the shooter and 4 injured. Happened today around 11:15am.

Geez, it seems like this stuff is way too common now and it barely shocks people.

Well.. I live in mexico, and the amount of killings due to cartel problems have become a running gag. There is a show which tells the number of people killed every day: It is called the "executo-meter". But, that is drug cartel settling scores: in the US it is crazy people doing crazy s#1t! I don't get it.

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As you know, nothing literally does not exist. Not in any form. simply because something exists and nothing doesn't exist.

Can zero really be classified as a number when it isn't a real thing?


Oh my god... Really? REALLY?? Welcome to mayans. Like, seriously. You are on the "discover math" like a millenia and a half behind.

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@m0zart: Fox news and science. This oughta be hillarious.

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Socialism messed you up bro.

Nice argument, here, brah

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@VaguelyTagged said:

lol @ those who make it look like it's about the parents and their love for heir offspring. it's the most selfish reason on which you let a human being enter this world and suffer for the rest of their lives.

And yea, this too. Some people just can't bring themselves to admit it, but having down syndrome is hugely disadvantageous. It also makes the child prone to bullying and an extremely hard life.

And most of times, they are dependent on the father or mother for the rest of their lives...

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I don't think that it will be good. Really, this will be a lifeless, emotionally dead sequel just made to cash money.

Nothing could be more lifeless than the prequels.

Defy the producers, you should not. A way there always is.