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Zelda owns

Really, this is the saddest, and most pathetic attempt SOME cows and lemmings are doing to try to own Twilight Princess. Twilight princess is one of the best games ever made. It owns OWNS and keeps on even in your sleep. I`m not saying it. Everyone with 2 brain cells connected can notice it. Press loves it, videogamers need it and only some pathetic cows and lemmings try to deny it. Open your eyes to reality. The Twilight Princess stands for one of the best videogames ever made

Game informar gave 10/10. Quoting from the page "Without a doubt, Twilight Princess is a masterpiece." "this is unquestionably the greatest Zelda yet." The game is the best.

Matt from gave it a 9.5 with an Editor`s choice and a "this is the best zelda ever made. PERIOD". comment on the video review. In 1up The editor gave a 10 out of 10, Quoting this page: -->"Link's biggest adventure to date is also his best." -->"Truly fantastic. It's not a reinvention of the genre like Ocarina was -- but it's much better, because it takes all its predecessors' raw ideas, perfects them, and creates an experience that's at once new and familiar"

Gamers Mark a 9.6 review overall

Gamerz edge gave a 10 out of 10, calling it an instant classic

Gamespy gave 5 out of 5, again calling it an instant classic

Lawrence gave a 9.9 review with a "definitely one of the greatest videogame experiences of all time" comment

Game gave 4.5 out of 5 Quoting from the page "Still Twilight Princess stands out as one of Nintendo's more attractive games, thanks to its fabulous draw distances, breath-taking imagery, life-like animations, imaginative character designs and dramatic action sequences. Like the main character on Ugly Betty, its personality outshines its physical appearance, making it a soon to be beloved classic that everyone should play."

Just because one "dear" reviewer who going to bash no matter what the game gave it an 8.8 (which is not bad, remember that SMASH BROS MELEE GOT 8.9 AND IS possibly THE BEST MULTIPLAYER FIGHTING GAME EVER MADE), there are people who call it a flop. To all of you that is a desperate and sad, sad, SAD attepmt to try to own. Please do it with something else. This is a lost cause for all of you. The game rocks, and anyone who playes it will be automatically loving th game.


I already have 5 badges, but I want more and more... My first goal is old school. Then THE WORLD!!!

2nd blog post

after a 5 minute search :lol: I now am able to make the second blog post today. I´m very happy to see my rank  in 14 and  6  flags -how else do you name it???-  I always wanted to see that line full. I hope to have more and more . Anyone who read this, rememeber. New upgrades and blogs are on the way...

By the way. I sold my GC for like 50 bucks... No games or second control or memory card... This move has the wii as target. hehehehe...8)


Finally after a long  long effort I have more than a thousand  posts!!! It is hrd to me  to get so much. Hope to get sometime more posts!!!