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speed runs

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just uploaded my fourth speed run! if you watch them, i hope you enjoyed them (please comment me anything that could be inproved in my future videos)!

union, w00t!

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i'm finally a member (officer) of a union. hope it doesn't get disbanded.

Mum is at Spain Now

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My mum has gone to Spain now. For ten days, only MEN wil be in the house. I wish my brother would go as well, he's evil( :twisted: )just like every brother is to a brother


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Soon my mum (zebrazebra) will be going to Spain. It'll be me, dad and my bro.:D But my bro is evil! So she better be not long!:twisted:

Birthday Soon!!!

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My birthday is soon. I hope I get lot's of games and a Wii! Who knows:question: