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Hey guys i think im going to do a random update since its been a while. I dont know if i ever stated that i was now attending a community college, so there it is. Last semester i got a 3.65 (3 As and a B+). This semester i am taking a course in recording and i also take an after school program for recording too. I been using Pro Tools and so far have learned how to manuever in Pro tools and chop beats up. Yesterday i finished up my first beat ever! Granted its not amazing but hey its my first beat ever. I never though i had the musical inclination to be able to compose a beat, so to know i could is an amazing feeling! Hey Foolz incase your reading just wondering when you compose beats do you set up a click track? Thats what i been trying to comprehend and learn a bout tempos and click tracks/metronomes blah blah blah.

Anyhow i got some ideas up my sleaves just seeing how it pans out. Ill get back to you if i ever get an update.

2012 the New Year !

Wow its been a while since i last blogged! Well happy 2012!

This Year i really want to be more happy, about myself. I always live life like i have 9 lives like a cat. But the fact is i only have 1 life and i need to stop worrying and focus more on having fun, you know live life to the fullest. I often want to do something but then start thinking of scenarios and have ideas bounce back and fourth in my mind and don't do what i want and regret it. I just need to live more carefree, so im going to try to live like i don't give a fook.

Some things i want to do this year is to get up earlier, the past a couple weeks i been getting up 3 in the afternoon and going to bed at like 4 at night! I need to stop all that nonsense and get on a good schedule.

I also want to call my grandmother on my mothers side because i don't get to see her a lot only on holidays and i really should keep in more contact with her. Also, probably spend more time with my dog and give him more walks because i haven't really done that.

I want to workout and actually keep with it, i got to stick with working out and get a good biuld.

I also want to take my music to another level and have more fun with it and be more open minded with it. I got to start jotting some ideas down with that.

Get back into my spirtuality and faith in God.

I hope you guys have a good new year, 2011 was tough and i only can hope that 2012 will be better.

Halo Reach B00k ReVieW 1

This was really an amazing book although very confusing at times esspecially with the big wordding lmfao but that could just be my problem :). I guess i should state - SPOILERS

But i doubt this is stuff you guys don't already know lol.

Dr. Hasley is a very smart and creative scientist for ONI ( Office of Naval Intelligence ) who played the lead role in the Spartan-11 project. Oddly enough their were Spartans before but they all died. Dr. Hasley would choose 75 kids out of 150 that fit the requirements she needed. She would be interviewing and studying 5-6 years old, one who was John which was the opening scene in the book. After Dr Hasley decided who she wanted she would recruit or in reality abduct and steal these children, which is why this project had to be kept secret for so long.

The children would be brought to the planet Reach for military training. The children would then be trained by Cheif Mendez, and learn about everything needed by AI Deja who was their teacher and in charge of education, they would also go through dangerous surgies to be genetically modified to be more stronger (many would die from the experiments).

The whole point of the Spartan-11 project was to produce elite soldiers through training and augemenatations. The biological augementation process would actually kill about 35 of the 75 soldiers it was indeed the most risky and dangerous step.

The covenant were introduced after the glassed the Planet Harvest. At this point not much of them were known just that they weren't friendly.

Captain Jacob Keys was a war hero who would go down in History during the battle of Sigma Ocatvias IV for a maneuver called the "Keys Loop". Basically in order for the humas to destroy a covenant ship they would have to out number it 4-1. Because the covenant technology was so much better and ahead. Captain Keyes found himself in a situation where he was outnumbered 4-1 by the Covenant which pretty much met it was impossible for him to win. Ontop of that he had no AI on the ship.

What Captain Keyes would then pull off is what would make him famous. He initiated a manever which was nicknamed "The Keyes Loop". Keyes had the ship(Iriquous) go on a direct collision course with a big Coventant ship. So he really was flying right into the ship the was much bigger then his which would obviously lead to his ship blowing up.

While he sent the trip to a way one trip to hell the two other Covenant ships fired plasma missiles, Keyes then turned on the emergency thrusters which accelereated the ship to miss the missles. But the missles had a tracking device of some sort and continued to follow the Iroquos. Captain Keyes then unleashed a nuclear warhead that seemed to have went in the wrong direction.

At the last minute with PERFECT calculations Keyes simply gazed the Covanents ships shield and moved out the way in one piece. With the other Covenant missles left crashing right into the big Covanent ship. Keyes theory if our weapons are not strong enough to take them down we will then hit them with there own weapons. The other two ships then followed the Iroquous. Now that was floating was a million pieces of the big Covanent ship. So Keyes lead the two ships right into the warhead Nuke which the covenant ships couldnt see on there motion sensors because there was millions of pieces of metal. So the nuke activated and blew the two ships up. Leaving the last covenant ship to run.

The Funnest weekend i had in a while!

Yooo so as you guys know i been struggling with some depression and all this crap. So this weekend i finally felt free and had a good time, on Friday i went to my cousions house and she had friends over and i got home at 5:30! I woke up at 7 in the morning lmfao and me and my friend Jimmy went to the batting cages and played mini golf. Then after that we all went out for lunch and drove around for like 3-4 hours! Then that night i went out with them and didnt get home till like 5 again and then i woke up at 10.

Then the REAL fun started i went with my sister and cousion to her college to go see KID CUDI! I am going to post some videos of it up for you guys! Let me say it was the best concert ever haha..there was 4,000 people and we managed to get in the third row almost touching cudi! It was definatly the best concert ever, the last one he did, he was on drugs and **** and was kinda crappy and only performed for 40 minutes. THIS TIME he performed for 2 hours..he played alot from Man on the Moon 1 and 2 and even went back to his mixtape and performed Man On The Moon! The only thing was there was lots of fights and you were so jammed you couldnt even lift your arm up without elbowing somebody. So it was very confusing and annoying at the same time.

So after the concert we go outside and what not and we hear, "USA, USA!!". Turns out we found and killed Osama Bin Laden !!! To be honest i almost forgot about him and was so shocked to hear that i was like WTF!? Then the next night we chilled at the college and then my parents came up and we went out to dinner and this Mexican restraunt and it was pretty good!

Just thought i'd share!!

Havent blogged in a while

Whats up guys its been a while i've been going through some of the worst times in a while..my sister had gotten skin cancer but she is now fine and cancer-free! =) Im still locked in a depression i am now going to a therapist but i guess i shouldn't blog on the negatives(i feel like thats all i do).

First off i had a dream about gamespot and it was scary! I had a dream that i got banned from Gamespot..it felt so real and i was crying haha because all these blogs and what not are like passeges of my life recorded and if i got banned all of that would be erased. I mean were talking since 2006! Thats 5 years that i have recorded my life and its funny to look back and see the things i've over came and how much i have matured. Anyhow i thought i share that it was kind of funny. I was freaking out trying to figure out a way to reactivate it going on google typing in gamespots number...hmm...i wonder if gamespot has a number haha.

I am reading the first installment of the Halo Novels, its Halo : The Fall Of Reach. Very good book so far! POSSIBLE SPOILERS I GUESS

Its funny when you read the book you learn alot of things you never knew like...there was a planet called Harvest and that was actually the first planet destroyed by the Covenant..i thought Reach was. I cant understand why they made Halo Reach(which im currently playing) and not a Halo Harvest lol since it was the first planet destroyed? Any thoughts?

But yea i highly recommend reading it! There are 3 books that i know of!

My 18th Birthday!!!

Whats up fellas!? So yesir i am now 18 for some reason i keep wanting to type 20 years old i think its because its on the 20th, also the first day of Spring! Today we went to my cousions work its a pizza place where she waitresses it was pretty good for appetizers we got wings, calamari, and for my meal i had a burger. I also went in the back of the kitchen to talk to the guy about getting a job inwhich i already applied there and i got hired! He said like a week after he gets his liquor lisence which will be this Tuesday, basically as soon as things starts to pick up. After that we came home to watch the Uconn game in which we won and were advancing to the 16th rank or something like that :P.

I just got a laptop charger and money, my mom said something else is coming in the mail who knows what it will be i doubt anything big but oh well lol.

Some things i want to do is get rippppppppppppppppppped you feel me ! Lol, get my music going onnnnnnnn and be more sociable lol thats it!


Whats up guys so i been working hard at my training with my trainer! Im on my third week! Still in the condionting faze where you lift light to medium and do alot of reps. Its been going pretty good so far im excied to when i get into the power lifting as thats where your going to gain your muscle mass and what not.

Im on a diet too, to get gain muscle and take in alotttt of protein and its REALLL HARD! Ill show you what i have to do!

9 A.M - Have a weight gainer shake with 2 percent milk


10:30 - RIGHTT after you work out take a Creatine shake

11:00 - When i get home have a protein shake and have a meal of protein or what not.

2:00 - 2 omlettes, 8 egg whites

6:00 - DINNER
8:00 - yogurt

10:00- 2 omglettes, 4 egg whites

I been doing pretty good at it though..ALSOOOO my dog hasnt had an accident in 8 days! We been doing the new "routine" and its been working! I never thought anything would have ever worked!

Getting this dog trained!

So it has been 4 years and my dog still is not potty trained, its almost un heard of to hear a dog that old not potty trained! Thanks to some OT post from a topic i made i got some ideas. Now this is going to be a very hard process i been at it for two days and haven't got much sleep.

First off we got our dog groomed all fresh and what not, then i cleaned all the crap outside so he wont step in it and get all smelly and what not, then i put a garbage can out there and everytime he craps i just toss it in there. So it doesnt pile up and create a HUGEEE mess like it has many of times.

Then we just bought my dog a new cage because the one he had probably had so much crap and pee scent on it. We then put the cage upstairs in our family room(before we had him in the basement) i thought maybe a new cage and area would be better, why? I dunno but my dog is a companion dog and should be on the "main floor" anyhow.

For the first day of the hardcore training every like 2 hours i would bring him and out and what not. We put him in the cage but hes not used to it and hates it right now and barked for 1 hour straight i got so annoyed i just put him in my bed. At 3 in the morning i brought him out for a half hour and he crapped and peed then we went back to bed. I only got like 3 hours of sleep :/.

So the next day he got through the day and i put him back in the cage for the night at like 10ish. He barked for over an hour it was REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL annoying man let me tell you that. I didnt get up in the middle of the night to bring him out and woke up to some turds :X. GRRR anyhow...

So i had to clean that crap this morning at 6 in the morning, but besides that he got through the day..We called a pet store and we got some good news we were actually feeding our dog too much food we were giving him 2 to 2 1/2 cups a day and is only supposed to have 1 cup. So this is good because now i shouldn't have to get up in the middle of the night to take him out.

Only thing is.......we didnt find this out till later so i already fed him a full cup in the morning so today he took 1 1/2. So hopefully im bringing him out at 11 after Jersey Shore :P(does anybody watch iT??). If he doesn't go crap outside i guess ill have to get up at 3!

Its been hard too because i been training in the morning at 9:30 everyday so im not really getting my proper sleep. Hopefully hell make it through tonight and the rest will be golden! Ill let you guys know!


So the past day hasn't been better until now! So you know how i guys said i had a trainer right? Me and my friend were doing a deal paying 50 dollars each and we'd get trained at the same time. But my friend at the last minute bailed so that means i would have to pay 100 dollars a week! Way too much and esspecially because i dont have a job right now so my parents are helping me out. So i was soooo mad i couldnt do it no more, he used to date my aunt so he gave me a discount lol i would normall have to pay 150! So i could i ask him to go down from 100 to 50? Thats a 100 dollar difference. So today i told him how i couldn't do the training and what do you know he said hell help me out and do it for 50 dollars! This impossible happened!

It was real hard to get this trainer now i got to work real hard at it! I start monday right now im just making a journal of what i normally eat and then show it to him,

Getting through the darker days

What up guys its been a while huh? I been pretty depressed lately it seems like im forever stuck in this depression here. Its just that so far i havent done any recordings or anything, music hasnt tooken off, i have nothing to do at all i overal just feel like useless i serve no purpose i am nothing. Thats how i been feeling but im going to still try to pull through, actually thats why i haven't been writing blogs cause i have nothing to tell you guys, all i can say is that i been depressed. I couldn't even get myself to write anything i tried two times and ended up deleting everything.

This is something that im sure will get me out my funk i got a trainer i want to get some six pack abs going looking like the Situation! aha im going to do a 16 week program so thats 4 months and am going on a strict protien diet. Im starting this Monday if i go from now to Summer i will definately be alot bigger by then and im hoping by summer to have a 6 pack! I got to put on some muscle mass, get everything buff.Hopefully this will allow me to feel more cofident and better about myself..i have been working out for 3 months faithfully and i can now curl 35 pounds! For bench pressing the most i can do is 135 and thats only like 3 reps with out any help haha.

So yea with that going on in acouple of months im going to tan(real tanning with the actual sun!) just have to wait till winter leaves us up here in New England. So i should be looking pretty good aha i hope! Im also job hunting again i applied at the Vets which i have applied at 4 times already lmfao. Oh well :/. Im hoping by atleast in 1 to 2 months i can get a job i never had a job before, it will give me something to do and it will be nice to make money for once. Well thats it guys i will blog to you guys after my first training session.

Oh yea and with my music i am supposingly starting up March 1st with this manager, who knows he always keeps putting me off so im not really getting my hopes up. In took 4 months just to get him to listen to my song :0.This weekend imma head up to his bar to meet KSR-1 im really not a fan lmao so im bringing my friend who is. It will give something to do and allow time for some talking! Alright guys God Bless!