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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Someone I've Known for a Long Time Has Gone Missing...

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I was very VERY surprised to hear that this happened. So I've known this guy named Jenner Roberts since 7th grade. He was always in some of my classes and we both really knew each other well but never really became friends because he was rather critical towards me. He was also kind of a strange guy, like two years ago he randomly stopped coming to school because he didn't feel like it for about 6 weeks and got home schooled instead. Then, the next year, he got home schooled full time and sometimes showed up at school randomly as if he still came here. And as of this school year, I saw him once, at a school football game, and said hi to him. I was pleasantly suprprised to see him. That was in early October. Anyways, I heard that after that at some time, he was sent to a facility of some sort in Provo, Utah and on the 22nd of November he ran away from there and is nowhere to be found now. It stinks. I wish I could help his family out but he ran off in Utah very under the radar. So for now my thoughts and prayers are with them. Here is his missing persons report. I hope he comes back...

I Am Now a Sony Gam4r 0___o

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Okayyy, to start this off, I went to my friends house a few days ago and he just got Guitar Hero World Tour for 360.  We played that for a few hours and I was very impressed to say the least.  I only had one major complaint though.  I have a very VERY good resume on past Guitar Hero games, especially GH3, but the WT engine felt so... different.  I can do one-hand trills and HOPO sweeps at crazy speeds on GH3 but when I attempted to do such playing manuevers on WT I missed notes left and right.  Oh well, because other than that I was satisfied with the overall gameplay, especially as a full band 8).  Secondly, I had an interesting Turkey Day and an even more interesting Black Friday.  Turkey Day was okay, I was expecting a riot of my mom's friends over at my house but a considerablly less amount of people showed up, which I didn't mind at all.  My mom recently got a PS3 (YEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!11) to use as a Blu-Ray player, but she also got Metal Gear Solid 4 (heckz yess) with it.  I popped it in there and started playing it and was blown away.  The graphics were friggin unbelievable and the overall gaming experience for the few hours I played was quite rewarding.  I am going to look forward to continuing playing that when I can get more time to do so :D.  After having an intense gaming session of that, I went to bed at about 1 AM and woke up at 4:30 AM so I could go to the mall to get muchas cosas para viernes negro (get a dictionario :P).  I wasn't surprised because the mall was packed, especially with 'soccer moms' and crazy shoppers.  I went with my sister and cousin and ended up waiting about 3 or 4 hours on them while they shopped for clothes...ugh.  Oh well, when it was my turn we headed to GameStop and I ended up looking like I worked there because I was telling a lot of the mommys there the best gaming deals they could get 8).  And while I was there I snagged the Force Unleashed to add to my PS3 collection (I would've gotten Assassins Creed too, but they check, and I'm not of age for another 3 months or so :( ).  So that was my Black Friday, and I'm going to look forward to the rest of the Christmas/Holiday season as I attempt to a) add to my PS3 collection and b) get some more goodies for others and maybe myself.

Feelin Asleep

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Yay, first level up in forever!  Seriously, it's been a long time, I don't really care though, I just thought I'd blog about it.


Oh yeah, 




Hooray!!!! 4 Now...

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w00t, school's out so that means an entire week off for Thanksgiving... I don't plan to do anything outta town which is kind of a bummer.  But I'll definitely enjoy the break since when I get back it's a solid 2 weeks until finals.... uggggghhhhh.  And in regards to my last blog, I've gotten a lot better.  I've come to accept that moving on is really my only option.  I'm not fully over it, and doubt I will be for a long time,  but I'm so glad that I've decided not to let this truly bother me any more.

I'm Back... Again, What's Goin' On?

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Ello everyone.  I've returned again.  I've been so swamped with everything so I thought I'd just schpeel what's been goin on in my life since May... and if you're iowastate, fishdalf, or an older guy I can trust, I'm in some need of some serious insight here.


-I'm semi-00ber at GH3 now.  The highest I've gotten on any song is 580K and my high score on TTFAF is 443K, and I've gotten 100% on 25-6 songs on expert mode... ya I'm a dork.

-The D-Land trip was bomb.  I couldn't blog about it though because it would've taken 3 hours which I didn't have because of finals.  

-I got my crappy Samsung replaced with a Blackberry Curve 8310... nice trade-off.

-I got to go river rafting on level 3 rapids and jumped off a 35-40 ft cliff.  Fun stuff.

-Didn't go to Warped Tour...dawwwww, oh well.  BUT, I got to see Journey, Cheap Trick, and Heart live on the 26th of September, that was an amazing night.  

-I'm a junior now. Yussssssss.  It's way cool, people start to notice when you're the big(ger) man on campus.  And status doesn't mean anything to me at all now, I have a bunch of cool, diverse friends that you wouldn't imagine togeher unless they were with me.  And, if I can get my PreCalculus grade up, I'll end the semester with a 3.8 or 4.0.  Yay.

-I GOT MY PERMIT!!!!  Finally!  And my mom is willing to let me drive her 2007 Mercedes C350 around. 

-I got to go live in Aurora, Colorado for about 2 weeks and also went down to New Mexico and up to Wyoming for a little bit.  Denver and Albuquerque were amazingly cool places to be.

 -Muahahahahahaha I've converted to the dark side now.  I've been a registered user of MySpace for 2 months now :P.

-Finally took a dip in Lake Tahoe.  It was like 40 degrees :P.

-I was Guy Faux aka V for Halloween.  It was friggin amazing.  I didn't trick-or-treat though :P.

-Just today I spent 11 hours in a car because my friend and I tried to go to Magic Mountain, but it was closed due to some crazy fires going on down in LA County.  


I know.  Life sounds great for me right now, doesn't it?  The truth is (WARNING: I'M GOING TO BE BLATANTLY HONEST HERE), I've never felt so... dead in my life before.  Why?  So, just before school started, I met this girl.  She's sooo cute, sweet, awesome, etc.  I won't go into too much detail but, I really liked her and all and started to notice her more and more every day.  Then, one day in late September I decided to do something about it so I asked her to Homecoming.  She did the craziest thing I could imagine... she very, very happily accepted.  Then I got her number, some flowers for her, and started talking to her more.  It turned out she couldn't go to HC because of some school issues but that sincerely didn't bother me.  We continued talking anyways, hung out a lot, and less than 3 weeks later, I asked her out.  It wasn't quick or hasty, though, because we already felt like a couple for over a week at that point .  She also happily accepted here and things were going better than well, they were going absolutely perfect... we hung out, dated, etc.  I don't think I ever felt so sincerely happy about anything.  Then, about three weeks ago (from today) she just out of nowhere told me that we weren't "connecting" and felt uncomfortable around me, and to top it off she broke up with me on the spot.  I didn't do anything to cause it, she just told me that.  And now she pretty much won't even talk to me anymore and I think she hates me for no apparent reason.  So the reason it absolutely sucks is because I was really attached to her and spent a lot of time and money for her and she pretty much abandoned me.  To make it worse, I see her around sooo much.  She goes to the same school and youth group as me and even lives on the next street down.  The reason I need help is because there's only one way out of this, and that's to put her behind, which is going to be one of, if not the hardest thing I've ever done.  I seriously hope I can get over this horrible situation...  :cry:



I Ain't Gonna Have Nothin' But a Good Time!

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Thought I'd have a Poison reference there...

I'm gonna be gone all weekend, again. Why?


I've NEVER been so excited. I haven't been there since September 1998, almost ten years. The bus ride's gonna be fun too. Leave at 7 AM so we can beat the LA traffic on Interstate 5 at around 5-ish PM-ish. Satruday morning when the park opens I'm wind sprinting to Space Mountain, California Screamin', and Soarin' Over California. Oh yeah, after that, only two weeks of school left not counting finals week. If having fun was illegal, I'd be on death row right now!

NO (no) SLEEP (sleep) Till Reno!!!!

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This is why jazz band trips are fun 8). I'm leaving for the University of Nevada in Reno to show off my skillz. The best part? I'm waking up tomorrow at 3:45 AM to leave. There will be many bands, many cute volleyball girls, many ways to lose your money, but only an elite few can go home calling themselves a champ. Missing school shouldn't be this fun :P!

Not Bad For Their Genre

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Awesome...another week in the books. Five more till summer and eventually junior year.

Anyways, as I have been for the past 2 years or so now, I've been checking every band I've heard of out. Recently, a friend in one of my classes told me about this metalcore band called Killswitch Engage. Eventually, I saw they had a pretty sweet song of theirs on GH3, so I gave them a listen. They basically pwn every other band in their genre (metalcore) that makes so-called "music". They're pretty sweet, check 'em out if you haven't heard of them already, unless your ears bleed when you hear some screaming :P.

My 5 Things (When You Were Young Edition)

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I wasn't tagged (yet), but I just felt like sharing 5 things you didn't know about me from my somewhat recent past (around 1997-2000).

1. From as early as I could remember to about when I turned 5 or so, I was the proud owner of an NES system. I remember playing classic Mario, Paperboy (as in Level 4), the Simpsons and a few other games for it. When I was 5, my parents didn't want me to play it anymore because they wanted my focus on school :cry:. Their mindset has obviously changed now, though. I haven't seen it since, but it was because it broke.

2. I was completey reckless and lost when I was younger. I couldn't go to kindergraten the first week (around August of '97) without my mom :oops:. I grew fine without her though :D.

3. Sometime when I was 5, I was almost kidnapped. The doorbell rang and without a jolt of hesitation my parents told me not to open the door. I looked out the window and two of the creepist people imaginable were at my doorstep. It weirds me out to this day (thankfully, I don't live there anymore).

4. I LOVED some of the old school anime shows that were on around then, like Pokemon, Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon (YES, I just said it), etc.

5. My half-brother used to be around back then. He is 20 years older than me and dropped out of Chico State when I was born and worked as a truck driver and was a HUGE video game and Star Wars junkie. I remember watching Episode I with him back in '99. He'd always hang around the house and play with me, but I haven't seen him in 8 years now...

I KNEW It Would Happen!!

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Happy April Fools Day everyone!

Anyways, yesterday I was thinking, what would be an epic April Fools prank for tomorrow? Then I thought about YouTube and all of a sudden I was thinking that if they RickRoll'd all their video links that would be the craziest thing ever. Funny thing is when I came back from school today, I went to j00t00b's home page and ALL of the Featured Videos were autolinked to three and a half minutes of Rick Astley pwnage. I must be Nostradamus or sumpthin'... If you checked the comments, they averaged about 2-3 new ones every SECOND. It was insane. I think they're still doing it right now, so if you haven't, you should check YouTube out right now, it's crazy!

edit: I you don't care at all for that, I HAVE to get Rock Band PSP as well as that new Guitar Hero game with songs only by Satch, Steve Vai, Dragonforce, Malmsteen, and Dream Theater. Sounds like arm-swelling fun!