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Been Ages

Wow havent been on GS for so long and havent been playing any games as well...this sux, need to get back to all this..miss my games and miss GS.

got lots of games lined up, im still in the middle of Skyrim believe it or not but i promised myself ill be playing it again this week...i feel so rusty

anyways just wanted to share this

Enjoy ur day everyoe:)

Playing them ALL

Been a while...i know i know...

Well been playing almost all the new games hehe..dont know why..i dont usually do this...i mean i started with farcry 2 but got bored...dont ask why..i didnt get into that much for some reason but ill get back to it soon...

then i started tomb raider..and im loving it..i got to the part where they show us why her house got i know:P hehe but i also stopped coz my cousins came from abroad and saw i have left 4 dead and went crazy,..soooo i started left 4 dead and its pretty cool...its repetitive but its fun...THEN!!!!!! my other cousin wanted to start fable 2 and i went ballistic...i said gonna start i did and now im hooked...i have like 4 families first husdand left me coz he caught my second husband and he left me and they took my baby away:(:( so i went and got married to a woman hahah...then this woman caught my second husdand but it all worked out...anyways its fun..i can do anything and everything i want..its hilarious..

so thats basically it...

Birthday Girl:)

I loved my birthday today:):)i got all sorts of games..yaay for me...

i got ninja gaiden, fable 2, left 4 dead, tomb raider, and i finally got the wireless adaptor for the xbox more crazy wires hehehe

sooo much fun, i dont know where to start and what game to go for playing farcry2 but i wanna start something else too...its soo exciting:)

Something New

ok im posting a new blog just coz i cant look at my old one anymore....hahah

mmm i dont have much to say honselty....ill just babble...whatever comes to my mind...

so im an officer in 3 of my favorite unions..yaay for me..its such an achievement for myself coz ive only been here for like 5 months or something..but its great:):) i feel loved

banner competitions...damnnn im a graphic designer but havent worked in my field for a while now so im kinda rusty in photoshop and im freaking out about making one yet im also tempted to try...

mmm my xbox is still red ringed dammit...but my bro called me up and told me hes sending me his elite sooo im excited about more red rings...i can finally get back to the gaming world:):) so many games i wanna of my head; tomb raider, portal, fear2, kill zone, unchartered, mirrors edge, i wanna start dead space all over again coz i was playing on pc and now i wanna play it on my yeah

uuummm, what trying to make this long so i wouldnt have to see the last blog...looool

work is is fine...nothing new..nothing big..nothing wow..i need to catch up on some of my series too like lost, desperate housewives, the L word, heroes, smallville,ugly betty, grey's anaotmy, private practice....i know im such a lsoer...thats all i series and play games...however this is sooo not my year for those things coz im not doing any:(:(

i think its long enough now.....right?????

Here u go guys...Answers


where are you from? Also, what country would you like to visit most?

I'm Half Kuwaiti half Lebanese, living in Lebanon now, the country id like to visit the most is Maldives


1) What's your favorite candy?

Starbursts (sour) yyuumm

2) Do you have a favorite game and if so what is it? (What a cliche question)

Yes, Bioshock/MGS

3) Why are you bored?

Coz work is slow and nothing to do and at the time my xbox was red ringed


What do your friends think of you being a girl gamer?

Well my girlfriends think im such a guy and they don't get why I even own an xbox, my guy friend love it coz now they have someone who is not complaining about them playing all the time


What annoys you?

When ppl get in my business and tell me what to kills me..i end up doing things just to piss them off


Do you love me ;_;?


what is your ambition?

My ambition is to make something out of myself and make money money money


If you were stranded on a desert island, what one Item and one person would you want with you?

Well if I have to be reasonable, id want loads and loads of water, but if theres already water, im not gonna say a game console coz theres no way id be stranded and all id wanna do is play be panicking. id get shelter, don't want insects crawling in..eeww. and 1 person would be mmm my ex coz we're on good terms and he's fun

Gen Warbuff

What do you think about Hugo Chavez's call to "Sink the British Navy" in retaliation Falkland Island War?

Ok to be honest had to look it up coz I didn't know much about it.. but what I think is..Falkland islan should be for Argentina, the British shouldn't have faught for it in the first place. Its not thiers. I've been through 2 wars, one in Lebanon and one in Kuwait and both are similar stories LAND

Ask Away

Since its soo in these days im gonna do it too coz im BORED...i've been seeing it on so many ppls blogs sooo Ask me Questions and ill answer them this way ull get to know me better:) and ill have something to do:P

PlayStation HOME

so i got an invite for the playstation home on my UK account, and im already addicted. i got my character to look like me, it was kinda hard but i got there. Anyways so the place looks cool even though its only a beta for now but its fun. You talk to people, u can play chess or droughts, u can also go into the bowling alley and play bowling, pool or archade games like echochrome, icebreaker, and some other game i dont remember. up until now i played echochrome and won the whole outfit of echochrome, its cool.

Now i have a sub account, i call it the USA account coz it has my address in the states and opened home from there...and to my surprise, its different there. the main area in the middle is different and blant. its bigger than the UK one but this one has no chess or droughts in the middle...tsk tsk, why would they do this???

anyways im enjoying it to the max, making loads of friends i can play with online, and meeting different people...

cant wait for the real thing:)

Major Crush on RAIDEN (Spoiler Alert)

I dont kno what it is about Raiden that puts a smile on my face when he shows up...aaah he's so cute. I'd have to say he's my favorite character in MGS. Is it normal that im sooo jelouse of Rose, I mean its just a game for gods sake...whats happening to me???? When he showed up at the end to help snake out....O...M...G, i jumped up and down my joystick flew out of my hand (bf freaked out thought i broke the joystick). poor baby was fighting with no arms :cry: i was soo devestated. HOWEVER his fight scene with Vamp...AMAZING, such a beautiful scene with amazing choreography, i mean who wouldnt want him ??? aaah i want him