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Starcraft 2 Diamond Leaguer Plays Halo Wars!

My buddy Chris Number 1 in his Diamond Division in Starcraft 2, as I'm sure you guys know, one of the most popular PC RTS games of all time, with complex timings and hotkeys and full use of the keyboard and skill.

So I made him play Halo Wars, a super simplified RTS for consoles, with an Xbox 360 controller and let's just say, he was definitely not thrilled by this experience, and thought it was pretty awful.

You can check it out, here! Maybe throw my YouTube channel a subscribe, or at least share the video if you liked it!

Add Me On Steam!

Hey guys!

Not sure how many people really look at my blog or anything like that, but I just got a new computer, that's actually capable of running decent games finally! So, I'll finally be jumping on the Steam train and playing a bit through there. So, add me if you like, I could use some friends on there.

Steam ID: Carmel_Chewy

See you online,

Profile Re-Design

So, I did some profile redesigning. If you take a look around you'll see a new profile picture, profile banner, a new blog header, a new signature on fourm posts, and changed my name to show up as purple on fourm posts.

I thought it was cool, something blog worthy because it's been so long. But yeah, Operation: Phoenix is my Machinima series taking place in Halo 4, after the end of the game, story spoilers for Halo 4 will be partially involved.

But hey its coming soon, if you want you can check out the trailer and be wary of the first episode coming out sometime next week. That link will be to my YouTube Channel.

Machinima (By Me), Ideas, Reviews, Coming Soon to My Old Home

Alright, it's really no secret that I'm pretty much as much of a stranger to this site as a creepy old man is to you walking down the street. But not so far away from the site, so it's more compairable to your mother and this creepy old man when they meet around the corner for there romantic evening and embrace.


Yes, I, the one who once visited every day at the minimum hasn't been on in months. Even the great must fall at some point. Yes, I know my Unions are in shambles and battered war torn remains if they are even still functuning. And yes I know everyone missed me.... Har Har.

So by deadzone I am obviously refering to what is left of my profile that is available still to my now forgetten and crippled knowledge of this newly reformed site. But as soon as I am no long unforgivably busy, aka Summer Break, and possibly Spring Break. I will be returning with shows of my Machinima and other various gaming videos as I am indeed now writing to take my stab into the arena. I like to think of it as pretty good stuff. But I'll wait for your unbiased opinions.

Slight mention here, upon my full return with Summer Break I will attempt to reform my Unions. (Yes, please spam my inbox about it) and will also be writting reviews about recent games I've played. Not those crappy little ones I have now that I wrote in two seconds while spazzing out and smashing my face against the keyboard. Legit, lengthy, well put together reviews. I really want to get back to contributing.

But, back onto the Machinima thing. Me and my friends are putting together one of the few attempts at Serious Machinima. If you have any questions at all, would like to get involved or however, like designing us some poster art or something, ideas, like to voice a role, whatever it may be, about this serious machinima or our side videos about like random glitches, previews, reviews, and all that good stuff. Please, please, please, drop me a message at.

With a name like that you know it's still pending, but most likely that'll be it. I will get back to you as soon as physically possible, within the next two days at most.

Inconclusion, if anyone is really reading this, get excited! Get pumped! PREPARE! I will be coming back, I will be bring more useful contributions then every before, and it's going to be awesome. No more, quote something funny in off topic and a Lol. It'll be pretty much everywhere.

And it's gonna be hot.

OpenFeint, Plus+, and Steam. You should add me

OpenFeint: Carmel Chewy

Plus+: CarmelChewy

Steam ID: Carmel_Chewy

I have like no friends on these gaming networks and its lonely. Haha so add me if you want, I'd appreciate it. For Xbox Live my friends list is full of my actual friends and such, so don't bother adding me on live but Playstation Network you should also hit me up, even though I'm almost never on it.

PSN ID: Carmel-Chewy

I've kinda stopped using this site, but I really want to start using it again =/

I Return? I Missed You All


Let me start off saying, damn it has been awhile. I haven't even signed in in so long. And I kinda missed this place, it really grew on me over the years I've used it. Mainly because of the awesome people I have met though this site. but anyway, yeah, I last logged in at level 28. Now I'm 30? Okay, cool. Although I hate this level, as it is the level the Great HoDo was banned. Worst day on Gamespot, ever.

On to more Gamey things. I have recently become addicted to Starcraft. Some kid brought it into my Guitar class at school installed in on like every computer in the room. And now we all play that instead of our Guitars. Its a pretty awesome game, that I've really started to like. I'm going to pick up all the parts to the Second Starcraft as they release. My avatar, is also a picture, of one of the main characters, infested Kerrigan. All in all, its a fun game, but really old, so I would highly recommend picking it up for its cheap price, or just finding it for free in the internet slums. Which ever.

My 360 got the RRoD, and I will be sending it in soon and getting my 3rd 360 back. Ugh.
In the mean time, I created a new PSN ID to pass the time, and as you might have Guessed, Its Carmel Chewy, wait, maybe Carmel-Chewy. Lmao I just completely forgot, its one of those two.

Speaking of new games, the newest game out I really want to get right now is Assassin's Creed II. Not MW2, Call of Duty, sucks.I plan on never purchasing MW2.

Anyway, I really liked the first one, and I will get the second one as soon as my 360 returns. As I have the first one on 360, so it would be stupid to get two on the PS3 >_>

So, its late, and I've written enough for a return, eh?
I miss you all, expect me to be slightly more activenow. Which isn't saying much because not to long ago I didn't even sign in. Comment this and I'll comment you back, and do some catching up.

Good day.

Made A Facebook =|

I don't really like it, and way more of my friends have a Myspace. So it doesn't really amuse me. Comparison as I have over 210 friends, I actually know on Myspace, and about 20 on Facebook. But i just made it this morning so, meh.

Add me if you want. (Incase link fails)

EDIT: Neither links work, and I'm not sure what to go with. So my E-mail is, search for it.