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My Recent UFO Encounter

In late July,while riding through Arlington,Texas with my friends,my dad said he saw something in the sky. We looked up and saw an object that looked like it was hovering in place.It was shaped like a box connected to a smaller box.It looked like moving very slowly, if not it was standing still, which was very didn't look a bird, plane, baloon, or helicopter.....We didn't get the chance to take a picture(the encounter only lasted about 4-10 minutes, and I don't think we had any cameras in the car).....But, it was a very exciting experience.........


As a lot of you probably noticed, I've been declining a lot of union invites..The reason is I'm trying to remake one of my old unions..It was called the All Out Random Union...So I've decided to tell you guys the improvements that will be made- First of all, its going to be even more random than before..Its going have all kinds of things including:Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Naruto, Resident Evil, Godzilla, comic books, Indiana Jones,Pokemon, Yugioh, and many more....I will have the union up soon...Once I do I will post blog about all of it's features.

Hey I'm back

Sorry I haven't been around in a while.I've been busy lately.I've been traveling, seeing freinds, going to theatres, taking care of my dog...Which brings me to the point of this blog...Ever since I got my dog last November, she's been eating human food...And I'm trying to get her to eat her own food again.......So I was wondering maybe I was using the wrong kind of dog food...I thought maybe you guys could help and tell me what I'm doing wrong...The kind of dog food I use is- Purina One....Is there something else I should be using instead??????

I'm Back

I'm finally back from a long vacation.And a lot of things have happened since last time I posted a blog.So I've decided to tell you guys about it..O.K., so here's what happened-The day after my last blog, I was in a car accident, and I admit it was kind of scary..But on saturday it got better because I got to see the movie''The Fourth Kind''.This one's my favorite, my grandmother bought me a puppy....And then, earlier this tuesday, my girlfriend finally dumped me.......Well, that about sums everything up....Sooooo yeah.....bye.....

What's your story?

Have any of you ever had any experience with something you can't explain?For example have you ever had a ghost sighting or seen a cryptid..If so tell us your story..All you have to do is post a comment with your story so everyone can see it...But, it has to be something paranormal or something you can't explain, and it has to be something that happened to you..So what's your story??

I made a new union.

Yes, it's true I made a union.It's called the All-Out Random Union.In it, we talk about anything Godzilla, Naruto, Pokemon, Yugioh, Jurrassic Park, and more.......However, the union is not quite ready yet, but it will be soon......;)

Just Noticed

I have 36, (no 37) blogs.. And nobody ever looks or comments on any of my early blogs....I only have a few blogs that have comments on them....So could someone please comment on some of my early blogs...examples-the one about jurrassic park,the rant on pets, etc. P.S. Not all of them have tags like this one.

Bird Watching...

You most likely didn't know this, but I'm a bird watcher.And lately this year I've seen a lot of beautiful birds.So I figure why not post a blog about each different bird that I see, that I like.I'm not talking about every single one I see.I'm talking about all the ones I see, that I think are cool...So that's it...

How To Get A Girl To Like You

For those of US, (Including Me), who know a girl that they like, if you want her to like you, you need the following-Hygiene, Respect, Good Posture, Be Yourself, Correct Body Language....

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