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Agreed. Leon's campaign sucked major balls for me,helena is a boring ass character and partner,she has an annoying attitude and just isn't interesting overall.But I wish that was the only thing sucking about this campaign,but it was covered by the OP.

My favorite was Chris's campaign simply because the 2 guys work much better then the constant "damsel in distress" of others(excluding ada),especially jake's,here's a drinking game,take a shot every time jake saves sherry.

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So I got this controller a few months ago,for those who don't know it's a wired controller,and everything was fine untill recently that it started randomly disconnecting and immediately reconnecting.

It never happends completely on it's own,but when you grab the controller from it's iddle position does it start doing that,once again completely at random but often,I've looked everywhere for a solution but was unable to find one.

I've tried connecting to an array of different USB ports,I've looked at the wire than connects it and it seems just fine,since I'ts a bit differently engineered than the ps3 and x360's wire,i.e better in my opinion,anyways,no faults there.There is absolutely NOTHING indicating the issue.

The only way I cope with this problem,is to try not move around while holding the controller

If anyone has experienced this,or found a solution that I haven't tried or that might work,please tell.

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Same here,I just got the game,my system specs exceed far beyond the recommended specs,but whenever I'm entering a new area that is behind a door or enenmies appear,I get this very annoying stutter for like 5 seconds untill it stabilizes again,but then again enemies spawn right after that or another behind a door area appears.Very annoying indeed

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Definetly get the game dude...It is dont have to be a RE fan to appretiate RE5...the game is just awesome....the thing I like the most is that you actually have a partner to help you out and shoot enemies with you...It's very fun.Buy it!!!

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Omg are u crazy ofcourse there are meteor pieces in the game those little rock things with pink aura around them u can hear them wearing black spidey suit

i play spiderman 3 i did not yet collected all 100 pieces but they exist and im pretty sure there is venom to unlock by collecting all of them becouse i`ve

checked many great cheat websites to find out and they all confirmed it.