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Prince of Persia Sands of time

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I'm now going to finish up Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Just didn't get that far the first time. It's seems much easier this time. :)

Completed KOTOR II

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I has taken me many hours, but I Have finally completed KOTOR II. I felt a little disappointed with the ending. A little twist. The game has its strengths, but I still like KOTOR better. Nonetheless, it was a great game. I'm ready to move on to something else! :D

Happy V-Day!

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I delivered 21 Tulips to my wife's work this morning before she got there!!! ;) Huge bonus points!!!! :D

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

PS If you don't have a significant other, call your mom and wish her a happy Valentines day! She'll love it!:)

Superbowl: down with the perfect season!

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Like many other I mostly watch the superbowl for the commercials. I didn't really care who won, although seeing a history making perfect season would have been nice. I, however, don't really like the Patriots, Bellachick or whatever he's called, and Tom Brady. So this low-scoring, highly-defensive game suddenly got interesting in the last five minutes. Baby face Eli Manning pulls out a game winning touch down seconds before the game's over. The patriots and Bellechick (sp?) rudely leave the field with one a second left on the clock and no one to finish the last play. Needless to say that was one of the greatest upsets and greatest superbowl's in recent history. It just goes to show you--no team is invincible. It gives me some hope for my team next year!:D

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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I just finished reading the 7th and last book:( of the Harry Potter series. I must say it was a brilliant read with the climax of the plot tying almost everything together. How touching:oops: I'm sad there is no more books in the series. The books were well written, easy to read, captivating, had strong character development, intriguing, mysterious, and a complete story. Good overcoming evil. It had all the necessary themes, like redemption, that made it great. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Just don't let the whole magic thing go to your head. I don't advise anyone to go around cursing others :twisted: Read it for literature sake and your personal fulfilment.:)

New Gamespot Badges

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Hey everyone,

Check out my new badges!!:D I just acquired neighborly... I guess I'm friendly afterall:lol: And I got a tagger flirt...which i assume relates to tags I add to each blog post. I wondered if I woul ever get any of these and two in one day, must of hit the right milestone.

Does anyone know how these badges and others work exactly?

Dan in real life

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This last weekend I saw a very funny and realistic movie... Dan in real life.

I liked several things about this movie.

First of all, it was realistic. For the first half of the movie I could feel the tension of liking someone and not being able to do anything about it, and fearing that you might lose her. The movie created this tension very well.

Second, the family situation of a single guy raising three teen girls and the parenting struggles he faced I could identify with.

Third, it was funny. I found myself laughing throughout the whole movie. My favorite line was by his teenage daughter, "You're a murderer of love!"

Fourth, your family always knows you best. They know when you are acting strange. Being in love does strange things to people.:) They can tell, when you are with the right person.

Steve Carell is a great actor... office space, bruce almighty... what else can I say?

Wii Tennis can lead to sore muscles

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Have you guys ever played Wii tennis and ended up with sore muscles. Yep you know what I'm talking about:D Sunday night I played a bunch of wii tennis... its great exercise by the way and the next day my right tricep and back were sore. The wii kicked my butt so to speak ;)

Finishing Games I Never Finished

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Can you guys look at your stacks of games and count how many you have never finished? I have a bunch of those. I have decided to go ahead and just work through them and finish them. It will take sometime, but some of these old games have great endings that I have never actually played through. So this is my new mission.;)

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